The Magic Behind the Hits: How to Become a Songwriter

The music industry is a crazy and cutthroat business but many people still want to become a songwriter. A career in music can be fun and very rewarding. No two days working in the music industry will ever be the same. 

But are you an aspiring songwriter just starting out and wanting to break your way into the business? 

It is a long process where you must be very dedicated. If you have the talent and drive, then you can become a songwriter.  

Keep reading for our complete guide on how to become a songwriter. 

Writing Songs Makes You a Songwriter

Many people feel like they need more talent or need to be paid to be considered a songwriter. But actually anyone who writes songs is considered a songwriter! So if you’ve got a few songs already written, then you are a songwriter. 

And if you don’t have any songs written yet but still want to be a songwriter, then start! You can write short songs, long songs, songs with or without words, whatever type of songs you want.

You may be thinking, “But I have no idea how to write a song!” Well, there are a few steps you can take to write your first song. 

Plan Out Your Song

Before you start writing there is a bit of a planning process. You need to figure out what kind of mood and feel your song is going to portray. You also may want to decide what your song will be about right off the bat. 

When planning you will also want to pick an instrument to start off with to help you get a good melody. It is usually the easiest to go with a guitar or piano for the songwriting process. This blog post can help you with your musical composition. 

You will also want to get somewhere you feel comfortable to write. If you are uncomfortable trying to write a song around people, then make sure to find some alone time. It will be easier for you to be creative if you feel comfortable. 

Think Through the Lyrics

When coming up with the lyrics for your song they will usually be answering a question. You can ask several questions and answer them all throughout your song. Another way to think about it is by putting the questions and answers right in your song. 

Don’t stress over finding the exact thing to say. You want your lyrics to flow with your instrumental, so think more about what sounds good together. 

Lastly, every good song portrays some type of emotion to the listener so you want to add emotion to your song. This is the part that will really come from your heart. Engaging music is genuine, conveys emotion, and is heartfelt. 

Start With a Rough Draft

You’re not going to come up with your best song within minutes of writing. It is going to take a lot of trial and error and several rough drafts before you even really start to like it. Make sure you’re not being too hard on yourself especially when you’re just starting out. 

If you don’t have anything in mind right away, then just start playing and humming. You don’t want to force words but rather let them come to you. 

Your rough draft is going to be your guide to your song. Don’t start writing parts right away because they might not fit in as a whole. 

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Writing songs is going to take a lot of practice so don’t give up. Practice your song over and over again and develop changes as well as improvements along the way. 

The more you listen and practice the song you wrote, then the better you can make it. Your first few songs may not be your favorite but at least you’re writing. Writing songs makes you a songwriter!

Another great tip is to not quit halfway through a song. Even if it goes through several drafts keep pushing until you have something that you like. This will make you a better songwriter overall. 

Share Your Songs

Once you have a completed song, then share it with anyone who wants to listen. Pretty much everyone likes music so try to get some constructive feedback from your listeners. 

When you’re just starting out you may want to be very selective with who you share your songs with. Pick people you trust and know will be able to give you constructive criticism but can also appreciate the time and effort you put into songwriting.

Promote Yourself  

After you’ve created several songs that you’re proud of, then it is time to promote yourself. Try to find people who enjoy the kind of music you’re creating and then share it with them. Hopefully, they will share your music with their friends and you will begin to build an audience. 

Another great way to promote your music is to perform it live. There are many different options for new songwriters who want to gain more of a following.

Contact your local bars and see if they are looking for people to perform. You could also enter into live music competitions to get more people interested in your songs. If you now someone who throws parties often, then ask them if they would like you to perform. 

The best way to get your name and songs out there is to ask and do live performances. This way more people will hear your music and possibly be interested in it. Word of mouth is an awesome way for songwriters to get more free promotion. 

How to Become a Songwriter

When you’re learning how to become a songwriter you will go through several rough drafts of a song before making something you like. Writing songs can be challenging but as long as you have the determination and drive, then you can do it. 

And just remember, if you’re writing songs, then you’re a songwriter! 

If you want to learn more about how famous people started, then check out our blog for some inspiration. 

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