The Pros and Cons of Buying a 9mm Gun

If you’re new to guns and seeking suggestions, there’s a good chance that the 9mm handgun comes up a lot in recommendations. 

The 9mm gun is by far, the most popular handgun of choice in the United States. These models make up approximately 43% of the pistols manufactured domestically. 

There are many reasons people enthusiasts swear by the 9mm, and other reasons that people pass on it. Learning the pros and cons will give you a balanced approach as you shop around. Here’s what you should know if you’re in the market for a 9mm gun. 

The Benefits of the 9mm Gun

Make no mistake – the 9mm is a quality gun. The popularity of the 9mm surged after World War I and it received several improvements during and after World War II. 

Here are some reasons that the 9mm handgun always makes “Best small firearms” lists:

9mm Magazines Have Larger Capacity

The 9mm handgun comes with a larger capacity magazine compared to similar caliber models. Larger capacity magazines mean that you can fire off more rounds, and have more opportunities to protect yourself or hit your target. 

You’ll get more bang for your buck when you purchase boxes of ammunition, and won’t have to reload often. 

They’re Trusted, Reliable Firearms

Many law enforcement agencies, military units, security agents, and other professionals rely on the 9mm handgun. They’re standard-issue in many organizations, largely because of the magazine capacity. 

The 9mm is also known for its reliability, which is a big reason for its universal appeal. You can click here to learn more about the different types of 99mm models on the market. 

Recoil Is Low and It’s Easy to Handle

The 9mm handgun is also popular because they’re easy to wield. They don’t have a large recoil, so the 9mm handgun is less intimidating and easy to aim. 

It’s an excellent small handgun to own if you’re new to guns and want to practice your mechanics and fundamentals. 

The Cons of the 9mm Gun

If you’re going to buy a gun, you have to also understand the negatives of any model. There are tradeoffs with any firearm that you purchase. 

Here are a few reasons that some gun owners pass on the 9mm:

They Don’t Carry as Much Energy

Low recoil means easier handling, but it also means that the gun outputs less energy. The 9mm might not get the penetration that you’ll get from stronger calibers. 

Expect to lose even more energy if you’re firing from longer distances. 

The 9mm Handgun Is Known to Jam

Though 9mm handguns are reliable, they’re not without hiccups and defects. They’re prone to jamming, so you have to learn how to clear a jam if you intend to own a 9mm gun. 

Keep your 9mm clean and choose high-quality gun ammo to avoid jamming. 

They Can Get Complex

The 9mm gun also has a lot of moving parts compared to other firearms. All of these parts can confuse a new gun owner. Familiarize yourself with each part of the 9mm after a purchase. 

Enroll in a new owner’s course, and put in an hour at the range at least once a week. 

Shop for the Best Firearms 

A 9mm gun is a favorite of many, but it’s not without its imperfections. The points above explain the pros and cons of the 9mm gun, so you can decide for yourself whether it’s the right choice. Reach out to a gun shop that can answer any questions that you have. 

Rely on us when you want more advice on gun ownership, home protection, and other life tips. 


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