When Exactly Is the Best Time to Visit Colorado?

Almost 87 million visitors came to Colorado in 2019. So The Centennial State receives over three times the amount of tourists as Canada.

It’s no surprise that so many people visit this breathtaking patch of land. There are endless things to do in Colorado. From the vibrant streets of Denver to the quiet Garden of Gods, there’s something for everyone.

But depending on what you hope to get out of your time here, you must learn the best time to visit Colorado.

You can do so. All you need to do is keep reading this article until the end!

Best Time for Enjoying the Weather

The weather is an essential factor for every vacation. And it should be a priority when planning a trip to Colorado since it has an average temperature range of 67°F. 

July is the hottest month of the year. The average temperature is over 75°F. It’s the perfect time to explore the outdoors and cool off in one of the many lakes.

If you enjoy kicking your way through the snow, visit Colorado in January-March. The state turns into a winter wonderland with temperatures plummeting to around 6°F. 

If you enjoy exploring cities, visit in April or October. Temperatures are pleasant, so you can enjoy heading in and out of stores. 

Best Time to Avoid the Crowds

Colorado has two busy seasons throughout the year. The busy summer period is June-August, when tourists come to explore the four national parks.

The winter season is from December to early January. That’s the skiing season, and Colorado is famous for having some of the best ski resorts in the world. 

To avoid the herds of tourists, it’s best to visit in the mild shoulder months. They range from April to May and from the end of September to November.

Best Time for Deals and Prices

Colorado has two busy seasons. So the price of your stay will fluctuate throughout the year. Short term rentals, airlines, and cafes offer deals to entice customers to spend money.

Like in every city, visiting during the weekdays will save you lots of money. You’ll have more money to spend on fun activities such as the Denver Art Museum or the Colorado Railway Museum.

During the off-season, you’ll find the lowest prices for visiting Colorado. But if you want the best deals and value for money, try planning a trip in May or September. 

Best Time for Special Events

Colorado is home to endless festivals and events. There are music events to food festivals, and everything in-between. There truly is something for everyone.

The Great American Beer Festival is one of the most sought-after in the state. It takes place in October, and you can judge from over 100 beer styles and find the best in the country.

Aspen Film Festival takes place in April. Well-known celebs come to experience the festival and party in town when the sun goes down. 

Food lovers should visit in September to experience The Taste of Denver Festival. You can sample almost 300 artisan vendors and relish the best of Colorado’s food and culture. 

Best Time to Visit Colorado

No matter what time of the year you visit Colorado, you will have an unforgettable experience. But to get the most out of your traveling preferences, you should visit during a specific time of the year. 

Now that you know the best time to visit Colorado, it’s time to book a holiday rental and start planning a trip!

And if you want to learn more travel tips and tricks for your adventure, keep reading our blog for free!


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