The Signs That Indicate You Need to Go to Rehab for Alcohol Addiction

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It is reported that an estimated 14.4 million Americans suffer from alcohol addiction in the United States. Most of the addicts have attempted to go to rehab and found themselves relapsing days to weeks after leaving the rehabilitation program.

Some people don’t even realize that their addiction has gotten out of control, meaning that they don’t think they need to seek help. You must notice the signs that could point out that it’s time to ask for help.

There is nothing to be embarrassed about in actuality reading through this information means your taking the steps necessary to address a potential problem that you may have.

Health Problems Due to Alcohol Addiction

Prolonged alcohol abuse can affect a person’s physical health in many negative ways. Alcohol addiction can cause irreversible or fatal liver damage, hear damage, iron deficiency leading to anemia, brain deterioration, and numerous cancers.

Abusing alcohol can also cause problems with preexisting mental health issues that you may have, such as depression and anxiety. If you’re experiencing any of the problems listed above, then it may be time to seek alcohol treatment services.

Experiencing Alcohol Withdrawals

Withdrawal happens when your body has emptied itself of the alcohol and begins to react. Symptoms of alcohol withdrawal are nausea, headaches, shaking hands, excessive vomiting, insomnia, and cold sweats.

If your addiction is severe, it could be dangerous for you to experience withdrawals on your own. And you would be advised to seek a medical professional to ensure that you can detox safely as it can be fatal.

You Have Injured Yourself or Someone Else While Intoxicated

When under the influence of alcohol, one’s inhabitations may be lowered, making the risk of participating in dangerous activities more likely. The more alcohol that is consumed, the more likely a person is to make poor decisions such as driving while under the influence.

Not only could you get a DUI while driving, but you could also cause injury to yourself and others and possibly take someone’s life in the process.

Go To Rehab

If you have participated in an alcohol rehabilitation program, then you clearly understand that alcohol plays a negative role in your life. And you should continue to receive treatment if the alcohol addiction has not gotten better.

Often times, people that are in the depths of addiction have attempted to climb out of those depths before and been unsuccessful at doing so.

Blacking Out While Drinking

A blackout is when you consume more alcohol than the body can handle at one time. When a person blackouts, they are unable to recall memories from minutes to hours during the blackout.

This can increase your risk of injuring yourself and others that may be around you during this time.

Get Help 

Admitting that you have a problem and need to go to rehab is the first step down a path of getting your life back. We want to help you get back the life you once had while helping you achieve a brighter future.

Visit our site today and let us help you get the help that you deserve.

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