The Ultimate Disney World Packing List

It’s that time of year again: Vacation time!

You’ve already decided that this year you’re taking a trip to Disney World. But before you get on that flight to Orlando, you have to think about what to pack for your family excursion. No worries; here’s your ultimate Disney World packing list.

Disney Apparel

Sure you can buy Disney-themed items at your favorite Disney park gift shop. After all, Disney is it’s own small economic empire, with billions of dollars in revenue per year.

But you can have just as much fun (and spend half as much dough) if you bring your own Disney gear. Tee shirts, cups,, and even luggage with the Disney logo is available from any major retailer. Also, you can purchase Mickey Mouse merchandise anywhere credit cards are accepted. He’s the world’s most recognizable cartoon character, after all.

Bring your own Disney apparel and you will instantly fit in.

Necessary Medication And ID’s

Does anyone in your family need medicine on a regular basis?

If so, don’t forget to pack it for your trip. In fact, whenever you plan a trip that will take you out of state, the medication should be the first thing you pack.

Here are a few possible essentials to jog your memory when it comes to medicine:

  • Insulin for a Diabetic child
  • Blood pressure meds for your elderly parent
  • CPAP device for the family member with Sleep Apnea
  • Your birth control pills
  • Your husband’s migraine medication

Write down a list of medications that each family member needs, and then check off each item as you pack it. This will ensure that you keep track of all meds in one place.

Also, make sure to pack any necessary ID documents for each family member. State-issued ID’s, passports, and health insurance cards are a must.

Disney World Packing List For Small Kids

If you’re going to Disney, chances are you’re traveling with a small kid.

If so, half of your packing list will probably be occupied by what the baby needs.

Here are some essentials you can’t forget:

  • Diapers
  • Multiple onesies and tee shirts per day
  • Bottles (even if breastfeeding; emergencies happen)
  • Baby Wipes
  • Baby’s favorite blankie and toy
  • Diaper rash cream
  • Disney-themed sippy cup
  • Stroller

Make sure that your baby and toddler essentials are easily accessible while you travel. The best option is to pack all of the above in a separate diaper backpack or carry-on so that you can easily grab what you need during your flight or while on the road.

Other Family Essentials

Aside from your Disney gear and little-kid essentials, there are some important items to pack for every member of your family. Fortunately, these items are communal, so you can pack them in bulk.

  • Snacks (especially if it’s a road trip)
  • Sunscreen
  • First aid kit

Each of these items will keep your family safe and comfortable, so don’t leave them behind, thinking you can buy them at your destination. Though there’s shopping galore at each Disney location, convenience items are overpriced. Also, in case of an emergency, it’s better just to have these essentials on hand so you don’t have to hunt around for them.

Are You Ready For Your Trip?

We hope this Disney World packing list makes your vacation planning a bit easier. Now, all that’s left to do is get to Disney and have lots of fun!

In the meantime, browse around our site for more fascinating facts and tips. Come back daily for interesting posts like this one.

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