Tooth Pain? 5 Warning Signs You Need a Root Canal

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Let’s be honest, nobody ever wants to schedule a root canal with their dentist.

It’s not the most fun way to spend your time, it takes up a full day of your schedule, and you need to spend time resting and recovering afterward, too. 

With that being said, avoiding a trip to your dentist can cause major issues, some of which can be much worse than a root canal. 

So what are some signs you need a root canal? What do you need to look for?

We have the answers in this article! Keep reading to learn more.

1. Constant Pain

If you’re feeling constant pain from your tooth, odds are that a root canal is going to be in your immediate future.

In fact, constant pain is the biggest telltale sign that you need to get a root canal, so don’t put off a visit to your dentist if you experience it.  

2. Sensitivity to Heat and Cold

While it’s not as bad as constant tooth pain, sensitivity to both heat and cold can be another sign of serious tooth issues.

The inability to eat or drink hot and cold things will make your diet very limited. And only treating that pain is putting off a major issue, which again, is never a good idea.

3. Tooth Discoloration

Believe it or not, tooth discoloration is another tip that should tell you that you need to visit the dentist in the near future. 

Why? Well, tooth discoloration can be a sign of an infection, which should be treated as soon as possible to prevent spreading.

It’s possible for tooth discoloration to be caused by other issues that can be treated by means other than a root canal. But regardless, if you’re experiencing some tooth discoloration, a trip to your dentist is recommended. 

4. Swollen Gums

Swollen gums, especially when combined with pain in the tooth itself, is another big sign that you may be scheduling a root canal soon.

Again, it’s not an absolute guarantee that, if your gums or swollen, you’ll need a root canal. But like dental implant failure or any other major oral issue, you need to check with a doctor, if only to be sure.

5. Damaged Tooth

Last but not least, a damaged tooth could also need to be corrected via a root canal.

This includes any tooth that is chipped, cracked, or loose, as all of those injuries can expose nerves or cause them to die.

5 Signs You Need a Root Canal

Well, there you have it! Those are 5 signs you need a root canal that you should look out for, should you notice any problems with a tooth in the future.

If you’re currently dealing with any of the problems we mentioned in this article, don’t hesitate to book an appointment with a dentist today.

Doing so will prevent the issue from getting worse and protect you from any major health issues that can come from avoiding the procedure.

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