Top 10 Most Popular Online Dating Sites 2018 – Premium & Free

It is our firm belief that we all created in pairs. Some have already found their matches while some are still experiencing the struggle of finding a right one for them. For those single and ready-t-mingle people, we have listed the top 10 best online dating sites that are top trending in 2018.

Most of these sites have launched their mobile apps to provide ease and comfort to their users and update them about their perfect matches directly to their cell phones. These sites either ask for your details or ask you to attempt some MCQs to make some recommendations for you. Either, they will be requiring your friends’ suggestions for you, or they’ll provide you matches based on your locations. These are being used by millions of users and billions of messages have been sent and received on these sites daily.

10 Most Popular Online Dating Sites in 2018 – the mix of Premium & Free:

1. Match – Free Trial Best Datting Sites
The king of all dating websites is none other than “” which has been connecting hearts of numerous couples from 25 countries since 1995. It is available in more than 8 languages and has offices located in Hollywood, Tokyo, Beijing and also in other regions. This online dating service was once criticized due to a controversy that happened in between 2011 and 2014 when a man misused it by contacting women and raping them when they meet him. Still, the owners fought against all the criticism. In 2014, they introduced their app known as “Stream” which matches individuals according to their locations, displaying their pictures.

2. OkCupid – Free

OkCupid Best Datting Sites
Here we have “OkCupid” which asks you to attempt some multiple choice questions in order to extract a perfect partner for you from the large pool of members. “Cupid ”, the God of Love is the basic idea of this website which means that He makes the pairs and will bring them together in this world someday. It is financed by multiple ads and the payments made by the users who avoid seeing advertisements on the website. You may send emails, direct messages to the people you’re interested in. In 2007, the Time magazine mentioned OkCupid in “Top 10 dating websites”. It was launched on 19th January 2004 and is still being used by millions of people

3. eHarmony – Premium

eHarmony Best Datting Sites
Founded on 22nd August 2000, this site asks you to follow 4 simple steps in order to find a perfect match for you. Firstly, you will be telling some basic information of yours, secondly, some other questions will be asked to access the harmony and compatibility. Thirdly, you’ll be given some profiles related to your preferences and details and in the end, you’ll be connected to that person of your choice by means of communication. eHarmony uses a special concept to match the singles depending on the similarities and that is known as “29 Dimensions Model”.

4. Plenty of Fish – Free

Plenty of Fish Best Datting SitesPlenty of Fish Best Datting Sites
Served in Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, USA, UK, Australia & Brazil, this awesome dating app was launched in 2003. Presented in 9 languages, they expose creative advertisements through which they earn lots of revenue. In a month, a billion texts have been sent by the users to each other. Every day, 70,000 new users sign up for this impressive site. All they’ll ask you is your date of birth, gender, country, and ethnicity and you’ll be spending a great time hooking up with the boy/girl of your dreams.

5. Zoosk – Premium

Zoosk Best Datting Sites
The diversity of this dating service is remarkable. Used in above 80 nations and accessible in 25 different languages, Zoosk is one of the best choices of people. Since 10 years, it has been serving people with outstanding services and by 2013 generated a revenue of 178.23 million USD. On a daily basis, 3,000,000 messages have been sent and total 40 million singles are currently getting the advantage of this phenomenal app. Bits of Advice for memorable dating and suggestions for a strong relationship can easily be found at Zoosk. You can follow their official pages on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as well.

6. Elite Singles – Premium 

Elite Singles Best Datting Sites
Elite Singles is one of the websites you’ll find most satisfying and soothing. The best thing is that it disappoints no one, whether a Jew, a Muslim, a lesbian or a black, no one will go dissatisfied as Elite Singles has the solution to your relationship issues. For the people over the age of 50, this platform has matches for them as well. In fact, if you’re having a tough time getting over the past, this helpful website will provide you with some useful advises from experts. Also, you can download the app and can find someone who is meant for you.

7. Mysinglefriend – Free

Mysinglefriend Datting Sites
Let’s know something about this interesting free dating site. If you’re lonely & single and searching for someone special, then you should sign up for “” today. All you need to do is just enter your gender, the gender you’re interested in, the age of the person you’re looking for and here you go!! The most interesting part about this website is that your friend can provide you suggestions as they know about you and your likes/dislikes more than you. The creative title is the major reason, people choose to experience it. Your friend will be creating your profile and in short, he/she will be choosing a partner for you.

8. Tinder – Free

Tinder Best Datting Sites
Released on 12th September 2012, Tinder has been winning the hearts of numerous couple worldwide. If you’re looking for someone special to hook up with, you either need to visit the website or download tinder app to start a new and special journey of your life. The app has been created with Java, Objective-C & C#. When you sign up, multiple photos of users will appear and you’ve to swipe either left or right in which right means “you select it” while left means, you want to look for more options. This quite interesting dating platform has resulted in numerous successful and happy relationships.

9. ChristianMingle – Premium 

ChristianMingle Best Datting Sites
For the Christian singles who are heavily breathing by looking at the couples cuddling with each other, the Spark Networks has a solution in form of “ChristianMingles”. The ready-to-mingle Christians don’t need to worry about their loneliness as this outstanding dating platform has provided numerous people with a romantic and beloved relationship. Currently, ChristianMingle is being used by 16 million people. It was also being honored by receiving the Webby Award 5 years ago. The app of the same name was introduced in 2014. They also started facilitating homosexual relationships. The ratio of women users is higher than that of men.

10. Jdate – Premium 

Jdate Best Datting Sites
Launched in 1997, this dating website is meant for the single Jews who are looking for a soul mate. This award-winning site is being immensely visited by Jewish people seeking romance and looking forward to a well-settled family with a great life partner. From one corner, a Jew guy can now find his perfect match at the other corner of the world. Jdate has successfully resulted in millions of relationships since its foundation. The whole Jewish community around the globe is thankful to the founder and the team for facilitating their friendships and romances.

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