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Top 5 Practical Tips to Help You Manage Anxiety

Are you struggling with anxiety? So are many other people.

Around 40 million people in the United States over the age of 18 live with an anxiety disorder.

But, you don’t have to lose yourself to your anxiety. Let’s go through the best answers to, “how to manage anxiety”.

1. Practice Breathing Exercises

Different breathing exercises can help you cope with your anxiety and relax before panic starts to set in.

For example, try sitting down, and getting comfortable. Breathe in slowly through your nose, and exhale deeply out through your mouth. Focus on your breathing, rather than on things that are external. Continue the exercise until you feel your anxiety start to decrease.

2. Talk To Someone

A mental health counselor or therapist can be very helpful with anxiety. You can talk through triggers for your anxiety, and figure out coping mechanisms.

Working with a professional trained in mental health can also help you recognize negative thought patterns so you can work on rerouting them.

If you don’t quite feel comfortable talking to a mental health professional, try starting out by talking to a member of your family or a friend about your feelings. This can also help you cope with anxiety when you’re struggling.

3. Distract Yourself

Different methods for distracting yourself can help you shake off the dangerous patterns that make your anxiety worse. Go for a walk or run out in the world. Yoga or other forms of exercise can also be a good, healthy distraction.

If you feel like it would help, try making plans to do something with friends or family members. 

Consume some of your favorite media, like your favorite movie or television show. Read a book that you have previously read or enjoy.

However, it’s probably best to stay away from social media or news sources for the time being, which can make anxiety much worse.

4. Work Through Your Thoughts

Writing down your feelings and thoughts can be beneficial for your anxiety. It can provide some catharsis, and allow you to work out why you feel certain ways and what might be causing your anxiety at a given moment.

If you’re not a writer, there are other ways for you to get your thoughts and feelings out. Try making a voice memo. Work out your anxiety through making art, like drawing or making music.

Getting out your thoughts can stop you from getting stuck on them, which can really help with anxiety.

5. Try Out Cannabis

Many people use cannabis to manage their anxiety. Studies have shown that CBD, one of the chemicals in cannabis, can help reduce the symptoms.

In some states and countries, cannabis is now fully legal. In others, it is legal for medical use. In those areas, you can get your marijuana card for anxiety so that you can utilize it legally.

How to Manage Anxiety? Now You Know

Now, you should be well on your way to answering the question, “how to manage anxiety?”

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