Top 7 Outdoor Makeover Tips for Better Outdoor Living at Home

Spring is here, and summer will be here before you know it. It’s time to throw open your doors and get outside. Americans spent more than $3.5 billion on outdoor furniture last year. 

Are you ready to give your backyard a makeover and get outside for the spring and summer? There are so many great backyard makeover ideas that include more than new furniture. 

Keep reading for seven outdoor makeover tips for a fun season of outdoor living. These tips won’t break the bank, but they will make outdoor living more pleasant.

Define the Space 

Before you start, decide what you want from your space. Are you looking for an easy barbeque spot or mini-kitchen area? Do the kids need a place to play?

Defining your spaces is important and adds visual interest to the finished makeover. Once you know what you want, mark out the areas for each space and make sure you have enough room. 

Decide on a budget and go from there. 

1. Build a Small Patio or Deck

Are you handy and have a few willing friends? You can build a small deck or patio in a weekend.

A deck doesn’t need height to be attractive. A small deck built only a few inches above the ground adds charm and definition to your backyard space. 

If you’re looking for a hard surface but don’t want to pour concrete, try bricks or concrete pavers and create a small patio. 

2. Add a Pergola

A pergola adds interest, charm, shade, and privacy. It’s the perfect backyard makeover idea. 

Pergolas come in a wide range of sizes, types, and prices. There’s something for everyone’s budget. 

Do you already have a patio or deck? Put the pergola on top. Add a beautiful outdoor rug on the floor and hang curtains from the cross beams. 

Now you’ve got the ideal outdoor living room. 

3. Add a Vertical Garden

Is your backyard on the small side? Do the kids need room to play, but do you want a beautiful herb and spice garden? No problem!

Add a vertical garden on the fence. Stand some old pallets on end and secure them to the fence. Hang terracotta pots from the wood crossbeams. 

One pallet holds about 10 pots. Plant herbs, spices, and small colorful plants. You’ll have your garden without taking up any yard space. 

Leave the lawn for the kids and you’ll have some happy campers! Don’t forget to mow twice a week during the lawn’s growing season to keep it looking good. If you don’t have time, there are many great lawn care services

4. Outdoor Dining

Outdoor eating is one of the pleasures of summer. No worries if the kids spill a drink—just hose down the patio!

If you don’t have the budget for outdoor furniture, get creative. Nail together some sturdy plank boards. Sand them down and stain them. 

Pick up a couple of large wooden wine barrels and place the plank across the barrels. Now you’ve got a table and a conversation piece!

Pick up some chairs at a garage sale or flea market. Add some pizazz by painting the chairs in complementary bright colors. 

5. Include Plenty of Seating 

If your backyard makeover is about entertaining, make sure you include plenty of seating. Allow yourself some creativity. 

You can make furniture out of old pallets. Look on the internet for pallets in your city. Most places won’t deliver unless you’re buying a truckload.

Pallets are inexpensive, costing only about $5 each. A standard pallet is 48″ x 40″. Sand the pallets and stain or paint them. Stack two pallets and screw them together so they won’t move unexpectedly. 

Put an oversized cozy cushion on top to sit on. Add some pretty throw pillows on top, and there’s room for two to sit. 

Do you have any old chairs you no longer want? Make them over with a coat of paint and a pretty cushion and put them outside with your pallets. Now you’ve got a functional and fun space. 

6. An Outdoor Fire Pit

Now that you’ve got a bunch of seating in the backyard and you’re ready for guests, how about a fire pit to add to the fun? You can buy one at your local home improvement store or build one yourself.

Check with your local fire marshall before you build and make sure your pit is up to code. 

7. Water Feature 

There are many simple water features that won’t bust your budget. Water features are great for a meditation garden or to level up your outdoor seating. 

You can make a potted bubble fountain yourself from a couple of ceramic pots. There are plenty of DIY directions on the internet. 

Another fun fountain is the waterfall chain. Hang a chain of loops from the patio eave. When it rains, watch the water as it runs between the loops. 

If you’re a bird watcher, try a simple birdbath for a nice touch to your outdoor living space. Watch the birds as they gather on the edge for a drink or bath. 

Have Fun With These Backyard Makeover Ideas

There are many great backyard makeover ideas. It’s time to give your yard a new lease on life so you can enjoy outdoor spring and summer living. 

Build a small patio or deck or add a pergola to the yard. Try a vertical garden to keep a big lawn space. 

Looking to entertain? Add an outdoor dining area or lots of comfy seating. Throw in a fire pit and make the neighbors wish it was their backyard. 

Are you looking for something more soothing? Try a water feature. There are so many ways you can inexpensively transform your backyard. 

It’s time to get to it! Looking for more great ideas? Keep reading the blog!

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