What Are the Different Types of Roofs and the Best Material to Use? Your Ultimate Guide

different types of roofs

One of the most exciting milestones you will ever reach is buying your first home. Since we can remember, we’ve always known exactly how we wanted our dream home built.

From the tiles in the kitchen to the paint in the living room – most people have a general sense of the way they want their house built.

But what about your roof? Whether you’re thinking about owning your own home or are currently residing in your dream home – we all know that the roof is one of the most important aspects of a home.

What are the different types of roofs? Which is the best material to use? Let’s talk about it.

What Are The Different Types Of Roofs?

When it comes to choosing between the different types of roofs, quality is always going to be better. The roof of your home protects you and your family from harsh weather and unwanted visitors. Here are the best materials to use for your roof.

1. Asphalt

The lifespan of an asphalt roof is about 5 – 10 years. It’s not recommended that you use asphalt for the roof of your home because of it’s short lifespan. But if you are planning on completing your own DIY project for a small shed, asphalt will be the best option.

2. Composite Shingle Roof

When shopping around for the different types of roofs, a composite shingle roof should definitely make it to your list of options. Because it’s average lifespan is 15-50 years, you won’t really have to worry about inconvenient repairs like you would with asphalt. Composite shingles are undeniably the most popular because they are cheap to purchase.

3. Corrugated Metal

Corrugated metal has become one of the most popular materials for different types of roofs. Because it’s both durable and lightweight, it posses the perfect qualities for a long-lasting roof. In addition, it provides a distinct look because it’s pronounced look and metal panels.

4. Clay Roof

One of the benefits of a clay roof is the extremely long lifespan. Out of the different types of roofs, a clay tile roof is one of the only ones known to last around 100 years! In addition, because of it’s Spanish-styled feel, you’ll find a lot of these kinds of roofs in places from Spain to Miami.

5. Slate

Out of all the different types of roofs, a slate roof is probably going to be the most expensive. Because it’s lifespan is estimated to be around 100 years, families who own estates and older homes are more likely to purchase a slate roof for endurance.

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