What Is an OTF Knife and Why Would a Single Traveler Need One?

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When you travel, you can’t pack the world with you so you consider what you should and shouldn’t bring by weighing your options. Out-of-the-front (OTF) knives are ideal to bring because of its practicability. There are many functions and advantages the attractive blade has to offer. 

Never heard of it? If you want to learn more about what an OTF knife is and how it’s especially beneficial for travelers, keep reading. 

What Is an OTF?

An OTF knife is a sliding knife that deploys with the touch of a button or switch. There are three main types: single-action, double, or dual action. Most people look at an OTF and think of it as a pure weapon that’s illegal statewide. 

So, can you bring a knife in a checked bag? yes

In actuality, many states allow the sale, ownership, and travel of OTF knives. When you are traveling with it, you must know the difference between open carry and concealed carry for each state.

Open carry is the legality of carrying an OTF without concealing it. With concealed carry, it’s the legality of carrying it in a concealed way. 

Benefits an OTF Offers for Solo Travelers 

There are two main reasons you should consider an OTF knife during travel. If budget is a concern, you can find a cheap auto knife online without compromising quality. 


OTF knives are one of the many legal self-defense weapons you could get to protect yourself as you travel. Oftentimes, an OTF works as a great visual defense and backs any potential attacker when they see it. Most attackers won’t target those who have a defense weapon. 

In the event you need physical defense, the compact knife is also helpful for close encounters. Depending on the size of the blade you get, you can inflict damage without concern the injury will be fatal to the attacker. 

Sharp for Everyday Multi-use 

OTF knives are also durable and sharp enough for daily use. You can take it with you on a camping trip, for example, to cut your meat in clean slices. Outdoor enthusiasts will find it perfect for every journey. 

Even if you plan on staying indoors, you can use it for the same or open containers when you don’t have the right equipment. No matter what type you get, OTF knives are a wonderful investment.  

A Travel Essential You Didn’t Think of 

OTF knives are also known as switchblades most useful for those who are in law enforcement, the military, or work as first responders. Most people avoid purchasing them because of belief they are completely illegal and are considered as weapons. 

While there are a few exceptions, you can own and travel around with an OTF around the US. All travelers, particularly women and solo travelers, are able to use it in and outdoors for simple tasks like meal prepping and opening containers. Most importantly, anyone can use it for self-defense when needed. 

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