What Kind of Boat Should I Buy?

Do you enjoy spending your time out on the water? Dream of being able to spend your weekends and vacations on the water boating? You are probably ready to make that big boat purchase. 

Just like buying a car or a recreational vehicle, there are so many choices and options. The first step is to decide what kind of boat should I buy?

Read on to learn more about boat types and factors to consider for deciding what kind of boat you should buy.

 How Do You Plan To Use the Boat?

The first factor in deciding what kind of boat to buy is to think about how you hope to use the boat. 

If you hope to throw in the fishing poles and tackle box to spend the day casting for fish, you obviously want a boat made for fishing. But do you plan to do freshwater fishing or saltwater fishing?

Maybe you are a water sports enthusiast and hope to use your boat for tubing and waterskiing. If you like the quiet that comes with being out on the water, then boating with the winds on a sailboat is the right fit for you. 

If your perfect day out on the water means cruising from port to port, having friends aboard, you might want a powerboat cruiser. Depending on if you plan to do day trips or overnight trips, will depend on the size of your cruiser. 

If you are looking for a true luxury boat experience, check out this article for more ideas about yachts and big cruisers. 

What Kind of Boat Should I Buy? Consider Your Options

Once you have narrowed down how you hope to use your boat, it becomes easier to look at that category of boats. Still, you’ll find a plethora of options and choices within each category. Here are some of the main categories of boats to consider. 


This is a type of powerboat that usually has some size. As the name implies, it can go out onto the water for some real cruising. Usually, cruisers offer a place for overnight sleeping and a galley. They have some power and the ability to move from port to port. 

Fishing Boats

There is a big range in the fishing boat category. This can range from the simple aluminum boat you can drop in a variety of lakes to the larger saltwater vessels. First, consider where you hope to spend your time fishing, freshwater or saltwater. Then decide whether you want to change water sources or always fish from the same lake. 

Pontoon Boats

This is a freshwater lake staple. Many small lake dwellers use their pontoon for cruising their small lake and sometimes even for watersports. Boaters will use this type of boat on smaller bodies of water where its for day use and not likely to experience many big waves.


A runabout is a general term for a motorboat that is used for daily purposes. These are typically small speed boats that can be used in fair weather where they won’t experience any larger waves or challenging conditions.


Sailboats are for a unique set of boaters. Sailboats require a set of skills to navigate by the wind. Sailboats can vary from simple one-person vessels to large boats made for big bodies of water that have many sails. No matter the size, sailboats are the environmentally friendly version of boats.

What Boat is Right For You?

There is nothing quite as fun and relaxing as spending the day out on the water. How can you beat that? By spending the day in your own boat. Get ready to start your boat shopping and dreaming about what kind of boat should I buy?

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