What Should You Do With Your Old Tech? Recycle, of Course!

cleaning of old computer equipment for recycling

Do you need to dispose of your old tech?

Every year we can expect a new version of a smartphone or laptop available in the market. It’s an opportunity for us to upgrade our old tech to a better version. When we get a new model of our favorite gadget, what do you do with the old one?

There are some who do throw their old tech gadgets away. Doing this leaves a lot of hazardous materials in landfills, which can harm the environment and the people around them. This is why it’s best to recycle your old tech, as it makes sure the materials in your old gadgets get used again or properly disposed of.

To help you with proper gadget disposal, read what we have below. Learn the best ways to get rid of your old electronics today!

Trade your Gadget

Recycle your gadget by trading it for another electronic or cash. There are websites and companies that do this so you can resell or recycle your device. 

Take Amazon as an example, they have trade-in services that accept almost every gadget that’s surrendered to them. It’s a great way to ensure someone takes your gadget off of your hands without any hassle.

Sell your Electronics

If you want to gain profit from your old device, selling them is the way to go. Sell your phone in online listings like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or eBay. These platforms are safe and secure, ensuring that people on them will be legitimate and trustworthy, allowing you to earn a profit from your used iPhone.

Donate it

If there are no recycling centers near you, consider a mail-in donation as an option. Organizations like Dell have a mail-back program that aims to make recycling easy for you. This program recycles for you, refurbishes your old tech, and sends it to a charity that needs it.

Return it to the Manufacturer

Recycle your gadget by returning your old gadget to the manufacturer. Companies like Apple and HP also have a recycling program to take in your device and recycle them for you. By doing this, you’re given a gift card or credit that you can use when you buy a new device.

Recycling Programs

Take advantage of Google’s recycling program. They work with third-party companies to recycle electronic devices manufactured by Google. Unlike other recycling programs, they don’t offer any trade-ins for your electronics.

However, they will still take electronics off your hands so you can save space for a new gadget. Request for a free shipping label then you can return up to three of your old devices.

Recycle Your Old Tech Today!

Proper waste management is one of the modern problems we are still trying to resolve. Recycle your electronics and old tech properly and that’s a way you can contribute to the effort. Take advantage of recycling programs to handle your old tech with care.

Do you want to know another of recycling your old tech? Check out our other articles and learn how to make a green choice today!

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