What to Expect After Botox Treatment: Botox Before and After

Are you considering getting botox?

Botox is even more popular than most people know. In 2016 alone, 7 million people had botox injections. Most of these were to get rid of wrinkles around the eyes, mouth, and forehead. In fact, the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery estimates botox is the most popular cosmetic procedure. 

But if it’s your first time getting botox, there are a few things you should know about in advance. Below, we’ll get into everything you should expect with botox before and after your procedure. Keep reading to learn more and prepare yourself for your botox injections!

Before: Knowing If You Need Botox

Determining whether you need a botox treatment is an essential part of being satisfied with your results.

Botox is no longer a procedure only older adults are using to appear younger. Instead, people in their 20s are also making their way to the clinic to get a treatment done.

A wide variety of ages can benefit from botox. If you already have wrinkles on your face, botox can smooth them out. It can also prevent younger people from getting wrinkles. Yet, some doctors may refuse to treat a younger person before their wrinkles appear. 

To know whether you should get botox, speak with a qualified professional. Explain your concerns and situation, and they’ll tell you your best course of action.

After: Bruising and Fewer Lines

Immediately after your treatment, you might experience some bruising. This is 100% common, so don’t get alarmed. 

You might also feel some tightness or experience a headache. The headache should disappear within a few hours. If it persists for longer than 48 hours, contact a physician. 

You will see fewer lines, but not right away. In fact, the full botox results can take 3-5 days. After a few days, you should expect some immobility.

You shouldn’t do strenuous or hot exercise after your procedure.

Before: Do Your Research

Don’t book a session with the first practitioner you find. Instead, you should do some research into the people who offer botox treatments. 

Like all cosmetic procedures, practitioners can botch botox. A person who is skilled in their work won’t, though. So, look for someone who has the right certifications and rave reviews.

You should also compare costs. The price of botox treatments can vary, so you’ll save money by doing some digging!

Start choosing a botox clinic today!

Botox Before and After: How Long Until Your Next Treatment

A botox treatment doesn’t last forever. In fact, the most you’ll get out of it is 3-5 months. So, save this article to remind yourself what botox before and after treatment is like!

During these months, though, you can expect to look noticeably younger and more vibrant. If you want better results, contact your practitioner to see if you can alter the treatment in any way.

Want to Know More?

Botox before and after results can make a great difference in your confidence.

Many people return to a botox clinic because they love their life after botox. The effects of botox make them feel a greater sense of self-esteem because they see their natural beauty in a crystal clear fashion.

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