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What Will They Think of Next?! 10 Weird and Wonderful Homes

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Whether you live in a quaint cottage on the New England coast or a sprawling estate in the French countryside, your home is the ultimate expression of your personality. You’ve probably spent hours picking out paint colors, arranging furniture, and fussing with art and curtains and the perfect arrangement of books on a shelf in an effort to make your house perfectly you.

Unique Homes for Unique People

Since there are some seriously singular people in the world, it makes sense that they have unusual and unique homes! Check out this list of ten weird and wonderful places around the world people call home.

1. The Malibu House Straight Out of Bedrock

This iconic home, designed by architect Phillip Jon Brown, didn’t come into being because of any particular love for the Flintstones. Dick Clark (yes, that Dick Clark) had about 23 acres of land right next to the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy. The Conservancy wasn’t thrilled about anyone building a permanent structure so close to their turf.

But Dick Clark would not back down. His architect came up with the brilliant idea to design a house that blended into the surrounding landscape, and the Conservancy relented. Clark passed away in 2012; his widow sold the property in 2014.

2. A House to Make the Little Mermaid Jealous

Architect Eduardo Ocampo built this seaside getaway in 1994 as a vacation spot. It’s become a bit of a local legend on the Mexican island of Isla Mujeres, and among weird-shaped houses worldwide!

Casa Caracol, or The Shell House, lives up to its name. And you can see the unique home for yourself. Though the architect no longer lives on the property, he and his wife now rent their shell-shaped dwelling to interested vacationers!

3. A Different Kind of Frontier in Colorado

Space. The final frontier.

Steve Doman has made a project out of what used to be a one bedroom cabin in Colorado. So far, he’s added seven new rooms to the structure– all Star Trek themed.

Doman’s been working on the project for nearly twenty years, spending winters designing and constructing the space one room at a time. In 2015, he estimated it would take him another four years to finish renovations.

4. A Livable Sculpture Made of Shipping Containers

Shipping container homes are hugely popular among the environmentally conscious. This unusual home takes the concept of recycled build materials a little bit further, using shipping containers to create an architectural work of art.

Architect James Whitaker designed this home in the California desert to resemble a sort of starburst emerging from the ground. Each arm of the house provides breathtaking views of the landscape, and a minimalist interior highlights the beauty just outside.

5. Life 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Ever dreamed of living at the bottom of the ocean? US Submarine Structures can make that dream come true with their H2ome design. These submerged homes let you live in a sort of reverse aquarium– humanity in the tank while sea life goes about its business all around.

The company will help you choose your ideal marine location and install a prefabricated home for the reasonable price of $10 million. If underwater living sounds fun for a little while but not for the rest of your life, US Submarine Structures is working on an undersea hotel off the coast of Fiji.

6. In a Hole In the Ground There Lived a Hobbit

The village of Tomich is an idyllic community nestled in the Scottish highlands. Visitors can enjoy hiking, fishing, and all manner of outdoorsy activities in this fairytale-like location.

Since 1980, Stuart Grant has lived just outside Tomich in a fairytale home of his own. Grant’s house is a proper Hobbit hole, J.R.R. Tolkien style. The small cottage is moss-covered and rustic on the outside, cozy and warm inside.

The grounds also feature a greenhouse, pond, and small water mill. Feel free to drop by any time — Grant enjoys touring guests through the unusual home and its surroundings.

7. A Rose-Colored Bubble

The Palais Bulles, located in Th?oule-sur-Mer, overlooks the picturesque bay of Cannes. Its pink facade gives the home its name; rounded walls rise and fall in a manner reminiscent of bubbles. The Bubble Palace is the most expensive piece of residential real estate in Europe.

The sprawling estate also boasts a number of swimming pools and its own amphitheater. Current owner and fashion designer Pierre Cardin often hosts fashion shows and other events in the showstopper space.

8. Good Things Come In Small Packages

You might have to hold your breath to fit inside Warsaw, Poland’s Keret House. Built in 2012, the building is only 122 centimeters across at its widest point.

Though it might seem odd to wedge a new edifice in the almost nonexistent space between two other buildings, Keret House’s location is deliberate. The house straddles the historic boundary between Warsaw’s large and small ghettos during World War II. The modern architecture serves as a bridge between the city’s war-ravaged past and its future, only a few steps away from the former location of a physical bridge between the two ghetto districts.

Keret House serves as a temporary residence and creative space for artists. The first resident of the space was Israeli writer Etgar Keret, who also led efforts to bring the architectural statement to fruition.

9. Hanging in the Urban Jungle

Earth N Us Farm is situated on 2 acres in the middle of Miami’s Little Haiti neighborhood. Not that you would know it from the pictures — the permaculture farm sits surrounded by lush greenery and animal life. The farm’s non-human residents include emus, cats, chickens, goats, and pigs.

The curious can experience this slice of country life in the big city for themselves. The farm offers overnight stays through AirBnB, and you can even stay in a treehouse!

10. Never Lose Track of Time Again

This tri-level penthouse in the heart of Brooklyn would certainly appeal to the punctual. It’s inside the city’s historic Clock Tower building at 1 Main Street. Each of the four 14-foot tall clock faces is glass, allowing sunlight to flood through the ultra-modern living space.

The translucent clock faces and additional windows offer breathtaking views of Brooklyn and Manhattan just across the bridge. The exclusive home also boasts premium kitchen appliances, for those who enjoy entertaining guests, and a private elevator.

Home Sweet Home

People make proud declarations of personality and style with their unique homes. Take some inspiration from these houses to make your own house a personal statement!

If you’re not sure where to start, explore our blog for tips on creating the perfect style for your space.

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