What’s the Rub? How Do Fat Burning Pills Actually Work?

Whether you’re a frustrated life-long dieter or have just decided you want to shed a few pounds, you’ve likely considered using weight loss pills before. While there is much skepticism around the idea that a pill can magically cause weight loss, science has proven that it is indeed possible.

It depends on which pills you choose, of course, but the right ones can help you on your journey to healthy weight loss. Here’s exactly how fat burning pills actually work.

Fat Burning Pills that Alter Your Body Functions

Some of the most popular weight loss pills out there work by completely altering how your body processes food. Popular brands such as Orlistat and other top weight loss supplements work by paralyzing lipases in the gut.

These are the cells that are responsible for absorbing food and either storing it in the body as fat or processing it in your bloodstream. This means that the food that you eat will not be turned into fat, but will rather simply pass through the body.

As long as you take the right dose, it won’t stop all the food being processed, meaning you’ll still get the vital nutrients you need to stay healthy.

Pills that Speed Things Along

A glance over popular weight loss pills reviews will probably flag the words “caffeine” and “pyruvate” up quite a lot. This is because these are hugely popular ingredients for quick weight loss, as they essentially speed up the body’s processes.

Caffeine will help your body absorb and digest food more quickly. This makes it less likely to be stored as fat. Meanwhile, pyruvate is actually produced by the body naturally, but can also be taken as a supplement.

The body produces it when breaking down sugar, so it’s believed that taking more of it will help break down foodstuffs more quickly. This is why pyruvate supplements are recognized as some of the best OTC weight loss pills around.

Pills that Fill You Up

Some fat burning pills actually operate by simply making you feel more full, thus curbing your appetite. Popular supplements include Glucomannan, a fiber supplement which works by absorbing water in the gut in order to make you feel more full.

Similarly, one of the best weight loss supplements for men in recent years has been recognized to be conjugated linoleic acid. It works to increase metabolism and increase feelings of fullness.

It’s a type of fatty acid found mostly in beef and dairy products and is proven to help burn through calories at a faster rate.

When shopping around for these kinds of weight loss pills, be sure to read the directions on the back. Some of them might say something like “please take with two large glasses of water”, meaning the pill probably doesn’t work.

They’re just trying to make you feel full by filling your stomach full of water. This is neither safe nor recommended.

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