Why Earth Based? 4 Reasons Your Skin Is Begging for Natural Makeup

Did you know that each day, the average women uses 12 products containing over 160 ingredients?

The level of exposure to potentially harmful ingredients cannot be brushed aside, especially in places like the United States when government regulations on these products are few and far between.

While the personal care and cosmetic industry would like us to believe that what goes into our makeup products doesn’t matter, that is far from the truth.

That all considered, more and more women are making the big switch to natural makeup that products numerous benefits compared to its traditional counterparts.

These natural alternatives have improved enormously over the past few years, as women are demanding change with their wallets.

Read on to learn four reasons why choosing natural beauty is more important than ever, and how you can make the shift.

Why Choose Natural Makeup?

Women shouldn’t have to sacrifice their health to look good. The reality is we should be questioning what we coat of skin with each day, and reading up on the ingredients within these products.

Check out these four reasons great makeup doesn’t have to be filled with unpronounceable chemicals. 

1. Better for Sensitive Skin

Natural and organic makeup can significantly less harsh ingredients, which means it is can be a better option for those with skin that is easily irritated. 

Typically, traditional makeup contains all sorts of perfumes and fragrances that can cause redness because manufacturers don’t even have to disclose which chemical it is. 

2. Avoid Potential Toxins

The biggest reason to choose safer makeup is the toxic chemicals often found in conventional options.

These are usually filled with endocrine disruptors like parabens, the precursor to formaldehyde, dioxane, and PEGs.

It isn’t any safer to put these on our skin than to eat them, as much of what we apply to our bodies actually bypasses our natural filtration systems and enters the bloodstream.

While there is only a small amount in the makeup you use, exposure can add up over time.

Moreover, the side effects of this exposure can present itself differently in different people. 

Nonetheless, the best option for your health is to choose natural beauty products, as anything you come in contact can cause dysfunction in both the long and short-term.

3. More Eco-Friendly

Products that are better for you also tend to be better for the Earth, as they require less processing and less petroleum-based ingredients.

As well, because natural beauty companies tend to be more socially conscious, they tend to have more programs in place to decrease or offset waste and emissions.

Many companies in the organic natural space also are vegan-friendly, which avoids the environmental detriment that is modern animal farming

4. Skin-Loving Nutrients

Because natural cosmetic products tend to be produced from nutrient-packed plants, they can be much better for your skin.

Companies such as esmi make an effort to include ingredients like aloe vera juice, coconut oil, and fruit extracts to promote clear and wrinkle-free skin.

Make the Change for Your Health

In the modern world, it is simply up to us to choose health over disease through our own research.

We cannot completely rely on what the conventional companies market to us, or the government to protect us from toxic products.

Therefore, choose natural makeup as part of your investment in your health, and out of self-love. 

Otherwise, you risk exposure to harmful chemicals that could negatively impact your skin and bodily health. As well, natural beauty tends to have more nutrients and eco-friendly practices, making it the clear choice.

Want to learn more about the biology behind the health effects of endocrine disruptors? Check out our article on how to check your hormone levels when they are out of balance. 

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