Why You Should Definitely Hire a Party Yacht for your Next Event

Group of smiling young people toasting at boat party during sunset. Men and women enjoying at a boat party.

As the economy opens up once more and things return to normal, you might be looking to book that long-delayed party. Perhaps you have a welcome back party for your office planned. Perhaps a belated bday bash is high up on your list of priorities. Perhaps you just simply wish to celebrate your life with your friends and family.

Whatever the occasion, you’ll want your next party to be one to remember. That’s why you should take to the high seas by renting a party yacht for an unforgettable all-day fiesta. If you’re on the hunt for party ideas, here is why hiring party boat yachts is always a good idea. 

1. Make a Statement with a Party Yacht

If you want to throw a party that instantly grabs the attention of your invitees, then a cruise is the way to go. Hiring a yacht is all about making a powerful statement. It screams fun, good taste, wealth, exclusivity, and freedom. If these are the kinds of messages you want to send to your loved ones, then it’s time to throw a boat party.

2. All-Day Entertainment 

When hiring more “traditional” venues for entertainment and parties, you can find the constraints to be somewhat limiting. You might only be able to rent a bar or ballroom for a couple of hours. There might be strict noise limits. The venue might impose a dress code. With a yacht, none of these concerns exist. You can party all day long at sea, however you want to do it.

3. Newfound Love for Your Home City 

While hiring a yacht is a great way to explore and get moving, it is also a powerful way to kindle a newfound love for your city. For example, you can party on a yacht in Chicago by sailing from the shores of Lake Michigan and taking in the heart-stopping Chicago skyline as you pop a bottle of champagne with your loved ones. It doesn’t get much better than that. 

4. Open-Air Partying 

Given the events of the past year, it is understandable that more and more people are opting for outdoor forms of entertainment, which might feel safer than cramped, indoor parties. If you and your nearest and dearest with to party en plein air, then you can simply hire and yacht and enjoy all that the fresh sea breeze and open waters have to offer. 

5. More Affordable Than You Might Think

Finally, it is worth dispelling a persistent myth about yacht parties. Since many yachts are the preserve of millionaires and billionaires, most normal people think they are out of reach. However, hiring a top-tier luxury yacht for the day costs substantially less than you might think. When you and your friends all chip in on the price, you will find that you’re paying less than the price of a room at the Holiday Inn to hire a 5-star yacht. 

Essential Party Hacks at Your Fingertips 

Now that you know exactly why you need to hire a party yacht for your next shindig, it’s time to learn more about celebrating the right way in 2021 and beyond. For this, we have got you covered. Make sure to consult our expertly-curated party Hacks for more tips on living your best life in the year ahead. 

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