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    The Top 10 Most Beautiful Women In the World 2017

    Michelle Keegan most beautiful women in the world of 2017

    Ageless beauty can never be forgotten even after decades. With the arrival of this year, we’ll be disclosing the top 10 world’s most beautiful women in 2017.

    These pretty women belonging from different profession, nationalities, and ages are the focus of attention this year as we’ll be defeated in finding any replacement of them. Whether we talk about their faces or their figures, everything about them is something we can praise 24/7.

    The media talk about these beauties, write about them, display their beauty on TV, magazines, social media and other means in order to grow their business. Their irresistible beauty is a threat to their rivals.

    Julia Roberts has been named as the most beautiful woman of 2017 by People Magazine!

    Check out the sexiest ladies of these forthcoming year and enhance your knowledge about these beauty divas. want to know who is the 10 prettiest women right now from our picks? Here is the answer.

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    1. Michelle Keegan

    Michelle Keegan most beautiful women in the world of 2017
    The 29-year old Michelle Keegan has been amusing her fans since 9 years almost. Her magical beauty is something that can’t be described in words, we feel speechless. It’s almost impossible to look her for a while, we can’t help ourselves from gazing at her. A few days back, she disclosed her beauty secrets to Glamour Magazine and obviously, the ladies have a great platform to follow those instructions and take advantage of it. How lucky is Mark Wright to be the life partner of such a lovely lady. You’ll soon come to know why she’s ranked on the top. Her tempting loveliness will give you the answer.

    2. Kendall Jenner

    Kendall Jenner most beautiful women in the world of 2017
    Blessed with natural beauty, Kendall Jenner too young to defeat other beautiful actresses & supermodels at the age of 21. Her tall height and graceful figure astonished the audience where she put on light white makeup for a fashion week. This is not the first time that she surprised the people, but this is just a piece of cake for this princess. She’s among those who seem flawless, even without makeup. Being simply gorgeous & eye-catching, Kendall is ready for various photo shoots & projects in the approaching year.

    3. Emilia Clarke

    emilia Clarke most beautiful women in the world of 2017
    The 30-year old Emilia Clarke is another prominent name among the beauty girls of 2017. Popular for her role in Game of Thrones, Emilia is not just a gorgeous woman but also her figure is highly appealing. Actually, Emilia is one who can’t be ignored whenever we talk about beauty and charm. The actress has great potential to prove herself with her brilliant acting skills and her fabulous on-screen appearance. Let’s see what this beauty queen will bring for her lovers this year. The beautiful and charismatic lady never misses any opportunity to amaze us.

    4. Behati Prinsloo

    Behati Prinsloo most beautiful women in the world of 2017
    Cheers to Adam Levine for being the husband of this beautiful angel. From head to toe, she’s a natural beauty. Her flawless skin, her diet plan is the supporting factor of her fitness and charm. Her small innocent face with slim built and 5”10 height makes her even more graceful. Her light brown hair with a combination of her hazel eyes seem extremely fascinating to the viewers. The thing that distinguishes her from other models is her million dollar smile. Apart from show business, she also loves sports especially basketball. Also, her stunning photos were published on the covers of numerous magazines.

    5. Morena Baccarin

    Morena Baccarin most beautiful women in the world of 2017
    This 37-year old beauty queen is busy in making guys mad for her. She’s going to celebrate her 5th Wedding Anniversary this November with her beloved hubby Austin Chick. Her light brown eyes & dark hair are not lesser than a dark romantic night. Since 2001, Morena has been entertaining us with her talent & fine looks. Her big and beautiful almond-shaped eyes are her weapon to fight her rivals in the industry. She frequently talks in Brazilian Portuguese & spent her childhood & teen era in New York City.

    6. Margot Robbie

    Margot Robbie most beautiful women in the world of 2017
    The blonde lady is confident with her extreme beauty and charisma she possesses. Margot Robbie’s remarkable blue eyes are sufficiently hypnotizing for her fans. This spectacular woman did her first movie in 2008 and then, keeping in view her prettiness & fascination, she was offered many more films. No matter what dress she wears, no matter what is the hairstyle she always wins the game. Whether in a movie, or some award show, Margot is the focus of attention for everyone out there. Girls dream to look like her and guys seek to date her. But poor they! Tom Ackerley is there on the way to her heart.

    7. Bar Refaeli

    Bar Refaeli most beautiful women in the world of 2017
    The very beautiful and multi-talented Bar Refaeli is actually an Israeli by nationality who has the experiences of several professions including modeling, TV Hosting, business as well as acting. How can someone be so perfect like her? Many tried to conquer her heart, but now this princess has given her heart to Adi Ezra, a businessman. There’s a long list of her ex-boyfriends in which Leonardo Di Caprio is the one whom she dated twice. OMG! Now you may imagine how desperate Leo used to be for being with this elegant lady.

    8. Anna Kendrick

    Anna Kendrick most beautiful women in the world of 2017
    We hope that you haven’t forgotten Jessica from The Twilight Saga. No one can. Although, she is shorter than average, but her killer looks are up to the mark. Her light brown hair & blue captivating eyes are more than enough to slay anyone. The 31-year old actress is actually the first to initiate the ‘Pink Trend’ on the red carpet these days. With this, we may conclude that even celebrities follow her style and admire her fashion sense. She initiated her profession when she was just 10 and since then she has devoted herself to her fans and followers.

    9. Yvonne Strahovski

    Yvonne Strahovski most beautiful women in the world of 2017
    Popular for her character of ‘Sarah Walker’, Yvonne Strahovski has Athletic build and tall body which makes her even more sophisticated & elegant among others. The 34-year old actress has Polish lineage and is still single. Currently, she’s dating actor Tim Loden. She has been amusing us since 2004 and initiated performing in her school era. Her routine doesn’t include any exercise or workout, she just sustains her figure with outdoor activities. The reason behind her fresh and glowing skin is her healthy eating habits.

    10. Ellen Hoog

    Ellen Hoog most beautiful women in the world of 2017
    This pretty hockey player is a 30-year old and since 2002 she has shown her talent to the world. She’s eye-catching and stunning in a unique way which can’t be described in words. This blonde sportswoman is not only beautiful but also very brave and courageous as she managed herself after his father passed away. With this grief, she moved on and now is an inspiration to us.

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    The Top 10 Most Beautiful Women in Hollywood

    Hollywood can be referred as the standard of style and advancement to another show biz industry. But what about the leading faces of Hollywood? Can you really imagine what those people have done to be on the top of the list? All they attain are their gorgeous, stunning looks that seem unforgettable to millions of folks. Let’s just talk about the top ten beautiful ladies of Hollywood who really deserve to be praised and appreciated for their fine looks. These ladies are not an ideal for the US or European countries, but other countries and show biz industries as well. By this year 2016 you must be well aware of those leading names of Hollywood. Below are the names the top 10 of the most beautiful women in Hollywood

    Top 10 Most Beautiful Women in Hollywood

    Jennifer Connelly

    most beautiful actresses

    Jennifer Lynn Connelly (born December 12, 1970) is an American film actress who began her career as a child model. She appeared in the magazine, newspaper and television advertising before she made her debut role in the 1984 crime film Once Upon a Time in America. Connelly continued modeling and acting, starring…Read More

    Elisha Cuthbert

    Elisha Ann Cuthbert (born November 30, 1982) is a Canadian actress and model. She became known in the role of “Kim Bauer” in the series 24; later, in 2004 she achieved mainstream recognition for her role of “Danielle” in the teen comedy film The Girl Next Door, later she also starred as “Carly Jones” in…Read More

    Emma Watson

    Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson (born 15 April 1990) is a British actress, model, and activist. Watson rose to prominence as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter film series, appearing in all eight Harry Potter films from 2001 to 2011, previously having acted only in school plays.The franchise earned Watson…Read More

    Scarlett Johansson

    most beautiful actress

    Scarlett Johansson (born November 22, 1984) is an American actress, model, and singer. She made her film debut in The North (1994). Johansson subsequently starred in Manny & Lo in 1996, and garnered further acclaim and prominence with roles in The Horse Whisperer (1998) and Ghost World (2001). She shifted to adult roles with her performances in Girl with a Pearl Earring (2003) and…Read More

    Emma Stone

    most beautiful actresses

    Emily Jean “Emma” Stone (born November 6, 1988) is an American actress. She made her feature film debut in the comedy Superbad (2007). In 2010, Stone starred in the comedy Easy A, for which she received a nomination for the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Musical or Comedy. In 2014, she…Read More 

    Megan Fox

    most beautiful actresses

    Megan Denise Fox (born May 16, 1986) is an American actress and model. She began her acting career in 2001, with several minor television and film roles, and played a regular role on the Hope & Faith television sitcom. In 2004, she made her film debut with a role in the teen comedy…Read More

    Eva Mendes

    Eva Mendes (born March 5, 1974) is an American actress, model, singer, and designer. She began acting in the late 1990s, and after a series of roles in B movies such as Children of the Corn V: Fields of Terror (1998) and Urban Legends: Final Cut (2000), she made a career changing appearance in Training Day (2001). Since…Read More

    Salma Hayek

    most beautiful actresses

    Salma Hayek Pinault (born September 2, 1966) is a Mexican-American film actress, director, producer and former model. She began her career in Mexico starring in the telenovela Teresa and went on to star in the film El Callejón de Los Milagros (Miracle Alley) for which she was nominated for an Ariel Award. In 1991, Hayek moved…Read More

    Keira Knightley

    most beautiful actress

    Keira Christina Knightley (born 26 March 1985) is an English actress and model. She began acting as a child on television and made her film debut in 1995. She had a supporting role as Sabé in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace (1999) and her first significant role came in the psychological horror…Read More 

    Kate Upton

    most beautiful actress

    Katherine Elizabeth “Kate” Upton (born June 10, 1992) is an American model and actress, known for her appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.Upton was named Rookie of the Year following her first appearance in 2011 and was the cover model for the 2012 and 2013 issues. She was also the subject…Read More

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    The Top 10 Most Beautiful Women Of All Time

    Kate upton Top 10 Most Beautiful Women Of 2016

    This year you need to look at the top 10 most beautiful women of all time, globally. Women are reflected as the charm to this planet earth and a woman when fascinating and amazingly seems to be more attractive and striking. You must have a look at the change in trend; how the beauties of last year are taken over by the newcomer gorgeous ladies of the current year. These temptation icons have made their place in millions of hearts with their charming talents either with the power of acting or with the command on singing. These ladies are well known for their stunning looks.

    Shailene Woodley famous for her role in “Fault in our stars” is the leading lady among all the sizzling divas. Nevertheless, according to People Magazine Jennifer Aniston is most beautiful women of 2016. Furthermore, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, and Katy Perry are prominent with their outstanding looks and captivating voices while Deepika and Priyanka are also counted in the list with the mix of Asian beauty and unbeatable talents. Moreover, Angelina Jolie, ‘Beauty Queen’ is obviously completing the list with her presence and some other famous females are also there.

    They are attractive with sensuality, good looks, and hotness in their figures. They are dream girls to many and they’re not just loved within their nations, but globally their fan following exists. Their looks with their feminine postures and gestures make them extremely wanted and they’re a threat to their rivals. Some are too young that they may be replaced by others, but some have taken their positions and are retaining them consistently since years.

    These women are most searched and followed by their fans and followers in the millions and they’re influential in their own way. Their dressing styles are modern and are adopted by numerous girls. They’re sensational and always have something different Want to know more about them? Have a look at the list below and know why these women have retained their positions on the top level and have amazed the whole world with their style and appeal.

    In 2016, we started rolling out some more erotic lists in which you gonna certainly enjoy, women are really dominating the world by their elegance, sense, humor, and powerful mind because they know men get captivated by their grace. so here we give you more to know about who’s hottest women and the most beautiful actresses and their pictures.

    Here are the Top 10 Most Beautiful Women of all time

    Shailene Woodley

    Shailene Woodley Top 10 most beautiful women of 2016

    Shailene Woodley is leading the list with her prettiest face and extremely charismatic appearance on screen and off screen as well. The 24-year-old young girl in a very short span of time competed with her rivals and managed to reach the top of all. Her adorable smile and mesmerizing outlook can easily inspire others. She has been cast in recent release ‘Snowden’ with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. This beauty queen is also working as an activist, a perfect combination of inner beauty and gorgeousness.

    Amanda Seyfried

    Amanda Seyfried Top 10 most beautiful women of 2016

    Let’s meet the beautiful blonde babe, Amanda Seyfried. 30-year-old stunning Amanda is undoubtedly one of the best-looking ladies of 2016 that have amazed the world with their magnificent looks and beauty. She started her career as a model at a very early age and soon the lady was well known for her fascinating looks and distinctive facial features. She has also modeled for various photo shoots.

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    Taylor swift

    Taylor swift Top 10 most beautiful women of 2016

    Taylor Swift is charismatic, mesmerizing and pretty and with her successful career, the girl seems more adorable and wanted by many. Taylor has been listed on 100 most powerful women by Forbes in 2015 She’s a dream girl to guys and the sparkling eyes of the 26-year-old are like a deep ocean where each of her lovers wants to drown. The lady’s deciding to take a rest after her world tour and may not be releasing an album this year.

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    Katy Perry

    Katy Perry Top 10 female Celebrities who don’t wear underwear

    What a perfect combo is a wonderful face and melodious voice? This combo can be seen in our very own Katy whose concerts, performances and music videos are full of amusement and entertainment and this is not the end of the story but Katy is always ready to amaze us with her hot and sexy appearances. She’s among the most famous and successful Hollywood singers.

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    Kate Upton

    Kate upton Top 10 Most Beautiful Women Of 2016

    23-year-old beauty queen in a very short time has proved her excellence with her talent and striking looks. Kate Upton with her tall height is a prominent figure of not just Hollywood, but globally renowned for her bold beauty and sexy looks especially her facial features drive people wild. She also shares details of her beauty for her lovers.

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    Emma Watson

    Emma Watson Most Beautiful Hollywood Actresses of 2016-min

    The very young, sweet and cute Emma Watson is again a very sweet and good looking girl included in the list. The 26-year-old started her career since childhood and was trained as an actress, but also blessed with fine looks and an innocent face. Emma Watson, the ‘Beauty’ of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is ready to appear in the respective movie in 2017.

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    Deepika Padukone

    Deepika Padukone Top 10 most beautiful women of 2016

    The one and only Deepika is not just known for her beauty within India or Bollywood but the fame of her looks and talent has crossed the international boundaries. The tall, elegant lady with her sweet dimples has been mentioned in various lists and is considered as one of the most beautiful Asian women. She’ll soon be seen with Vin Diesel in an upcoming movie ‘xXx: The Return of Xander Cage’. Deepika looks flawless in both eastern and western avatars.

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    Gal Gadot

    Gal Gadot top most beautiful women of 2016

    The most desirable Gal Gadot is among the dream girls of 2016 that have gained much fame and popularity due to her sensuality and pretty looks. The 31-year-old Israeli actress has proved her talent and showed her beauty in the eyes of millions and has received positive responses from many of her lovers. Gal has been among top ten highest earning Israeli fashion models. With lots of beautiful Instagram stuff, Gal has been followed by and has inspired many people.

    Candice Swanepoel

    Candice Swanepoel Top 10 most beautiful women of 2016

    The South African supermodel Candice has been loved and admired because of her mesmerizing outlook and fascinating gestures. She is charismatic and with her deep beautiful eyes and blonde hair she has reached the top of the leading ladies in terms of good looks and allure. She always has something captivating for her fans.

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    Jennifer Lopez

    Jennifer Lopez Top 10 most beautiful women of 2016

    46-year-old Jennifer is one of the leading singers of Hollywood that don’t just have a melodious voice but captivating looks and sexy fit figure. Jennifer has up till now been listed on various lists as one of the most good-looking singers and women and obviously she is the deserving one. Jennifer usually reveals her beauty secrets and tips for her followers.

    Extra Edition

    Priyanka Chopra

    Priyanka Chopra Top 10 most beautiful women of 2016

    Priyanka is one of the leading actresses of Bollywood but its injustice to call her the queen of Bollywood only as the lady has been admired across the globe. She’ll soon appear in an upcoming Hollywood film “Baywatch” and expectedly with Dwayne Johnson, she’s going to do some wonders.

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    Angelina Jolie

    Angelina Jolie Most Beautiful Hollywood Actresses of 2016-min

    The sexiest women still alive, I bet a list can’t be completed without mentioning Angelina’s name. The lady’s beauty can’t be expressed in words, but can only be felt and seen with the eyes and the charisma she acquires is beyond imagination. Angelina is a dream girl to many people and still preferred over young and fresh talent. The ‘Maleficent’ Angelina has also been working as a humanitarian since the past years.

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    Top 10 Beautiful Women In History

    most beautiful women in history

    Beauty has always been praised and appreciated in all eras. In old times, people used to be more sensible about their beauty. As time passed confidence, intelligence and other skills took over the element of beauty, but still beauty cannot be denied or ignored in any term. In ancient times, many beautiful and pretty ladies have passed in the form of queens, monarchs, and temptresses. Their fine looks accompanied their leadership skills and escorted their inspirational personalities which somewhat made them look more beautiful and attractive. These beautiful ladies will never be forgotten as they provided the perfect standards of beauty and gorgeousness to the upcoming generations. Following are the titles of the top 10 beautiful women in the history of the world:

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    Neferneferuaten Nefertiti

    Beautiful Women In History

    Neferneferuaten Nefertiti (ca. 1370 – ca. 1330 BC) was an Egyptian queen and the Great Royal Wife (chief consort) of Akhenaten, an Egyptian Pharaoh. Nefertiti and her husband were known for a religious revolution, in which they worshiped one god only, Aten, or the sun disc. Akhenaten and Nefertiti were responsible for the creation of a whole new religion which changed the ways of religion within Egypt. With her husband, she reigned at what was arguably the wealthiest period of Ancient Egyptian history.

    Marie Antoinette

    most beautiful women in history

    Marie Antoinette born Maria Antonia Josepha Johanna von Habsburg-Lothringen (2 November 1755 – 16 October 1793), an Archduchess of Austria, was the fifteenth and penultimate child of Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor and Empress Maria Theresa. In April 1770, upon her marriage (at the age of 14 years and 5 months) to Louis-Auguste, heir to the throne of France, she became Dauphine of France.

    Helen of Troy

    most beautiful women in history

    In Greek mythology, Helen of Troy, also known as Helen of Sparta, was the daughter of Zeus and Leda, and was a sister of Castor, Pollux, and Clytemnestra. In Greek myths, she was considered the most beautiful woman in the world. By marriage, she was Queen of Laconia, a province within Homeric Greece, the wife of King Menelaus. Her abduction by Paris, Prince of Troy, brought about the Trojan War.

    Cornelia Africana

    most beautiful women in history

    Cornelia Scipionis Africana (190 – 100 BC) was the second daughter of Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus, the hero of the Second Punic War, and Aemilia Paulla. She is remembered as a prototypical example of a virtuous Roman woman.


    most beautiful women in history

    Cleopatra VII Philopator (69 – August 12, 30 BC), known to history simply as Cleopatra, was the last active pharaoh of Ptolemaic Egypt, shortly survived as pharaoh by her son Caesarion. After her reign, Egypt became a province of the then-recently established Roman Empire.

    Julia Berenice

    most beautiful women in history

    Berenice of Cilicia, also known as Julia Berenice and sometimes spelled Bernice (28 AD – after 81), was a Jewish client queen of the Roman Empire during the second half of the 1st century. Berenice was a member of the Herodian Dynasty that ruled the Roman province of Judaea between 39 BC and 92 AD. She was the daughter of King Herod Agrippa I and a sister of King Herod Agrippa II.

    Nur Jahan

    most beautiful women in history

    Nur Jahan ( (31 May 1577 – 17 December 1645) born as Mehr-un-Nissa, was Empress of the Mughal Empire as the chief consort of Emperor Jahangir. A strong, charismatic and well-educated woman, she is considered to be one of the most powerful and influential women of the 17th century Mughal Empire.


    most beautiful women in historyDelilah is a character in the Hebrew bible Book of Judges, where she is the “woman in the valley of Sorek” whom Samson loved, and who was his downfall. Her figure, one of the several dangerous temptresses in the Hebrew Bible, has become emblematic:.


    most beautiful women in history

    Phryne’s real name was (“Commemorating Virtue”), but owing to her yellowish complexion, she was called Phryne (“toad”). This was a nickname frequently given to other courtesans and prostitutes as well. She was born as the daughter of Epicles at Thespiae in Boeotia but lived in Athens. 


    most beautiful women in history

    According to the Hebrew Bible, “Bat Sheva,” more commonly known by the anglicized name Bathsheba “daughter of the oath was the wife of Uriah the Hittite and later of David, king of the United Kingdom of Israel and Judah.

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    10 World’s Most Expensive Watches for Women

    Richard Mille Caliber RM 019 Celtic Knot Tourbillon Watch Most Expensive Watches for Women

    Women have always desired for expensive and precious accessories whether it comes to have a good piece of jewelry or makeup. For such ladies, these 10 world’s most expensive watches are something they dream to have or very few of them can afford them because their high prices are not affordable for everyone.

    Some prominent watchmakers including Patek Philippe, Cartier, Rolex and other dominant industry rivals have set the market on fire with these giant products in terms of customer loyalty and high sales. They’ve also been purchased by noble families and celebrities as well.

    They are luxurious because they are studded with rare metals and precious diamonds. Gold, platinum and other unique stones can be seen on their dials which make them magnificent and glorious. Their bracelets are beautifully created keeping in view the softness and subtleness of women.

    But apart from that, we can also see some complicated watches with the technical mechanism and by seeing those timepieces you won’t be able to say that they’re meant for the female segment. You will see dark colors instead of funky touch with some flowers or blossoms.

    1. Richard Mille Caliber RM 019 Celtic Knot Tourbillon Watch – $465,000

    Richard Mille Caliber RM 019 Celtic Knot Tourbillon Watch Most Expensive Watches for Women
    Here comes the top most lavish watch a lady can have. Influenced by the tri skeleton, this precious product is the outstanding creation of Richard Mille. If you want a woman to scream out of her lungs, just tell her that you’re going to gift it to her or just show it to her. The diamond dotted appearance of the watch is highly attractive. The technicality and detailing of its structure makes it beautiful while the fixed Black Onyx has taken its value to the peaks.

    2. Patek Philippe Twenty~4 Watches – $285,500

    Patek Philippe Twenty 4 Watches Watch Expensive Watches for Women
    In 1999, Patek Philippe introduced a legendary product for the female customers in the form of “Twenty~4 watches”. It is made for the ladies who want to wear a wrist watch all the time in every event or gathering. The bent outline of the item feels to be a subtle cuddle for the women’s delicate wrists. It’s three different versions of white gold, cool steel, and rose gold have been immensely bought by the customers as they emit the excellently scorching magnificence of diamonds.

    3. Cartier La Dona Watch – $137,000

    Cartier La Dona Watch Most Expensive Watches for Women
    The dial of the watch has roman numbers and is water resilient by 30 meters. The rose gold model has some diamonds on the grooved ring and is resistant from any type of cut or scratch. It is mostly mentioned among the most popular ladies’ luxury watches and is highly reliable. People perceive its price suitable for the product and value they are receiving in return. They have been bought online as well as on the retail outlets and usually receive outstanding feedbacks.

    4. Cartier Pasha de Cartier Small Model Watch – $123, 000

    Cartier Pasha de Cartier Small Model Watch Most Expensive Watches for Women
    The round-cut diamonds of this magnificent item have no replacement. The 8 mm thick steel case is made up of 18k white gold ornamented with fine diamonds. It is small in size but heavy in cost because of the high-quality materials used in the manufacturing and also the consistent customer delight reflected by the users. The sophisticated presence of the brand is enough for the ladies when it assists their personality. It has the influence to enhance the beauty of any wrist.

    5. Parmigiani Fleurier Toric Retrograde Perpetual Calendar Watch – $116,800

    Parmigiani Fleurier Toric Retrograde Perpetual Calendar Watch Expensive Watches for Women
    Michel Parmigiani established this watch making company in 1996 in Switzerland. The fact that distinguishes this brand from others is all the wrist watches are made manually and each item consumes 400 hours to get completed. Parmigiani Fleurier Toric Retrograde Perpetual Calendar Watch is one of the wonders created by them. This lavish product is manufactured using expensive metals and rare stones. Annually, only a few thousand units have been produced by the organization. The classy container is extremely eye-catching.

    6. Rolex Datejust Ladies Watch – $109,350

    Rolex Datejust Ladies Watch Most Expensive Watches for Women
    Rolex is among the best watch brands with higher sales every year. In 1945, they launched “Datejust” proposing a substantial range of elements, classes, and colors to select from that ensemble your personality. The Lady Datejust is a lavish product that looks best when worn by a woman in every form including gold, diamonds, pearl or silver. It is available in different sizes so that no girl will lose the chance of honoring her hands with this magnificent item. Made up of strong materials, this is a dream gift for a lady.

    7. Cartier Ballon Bleu Small Model Watch- $106,000

    Cartier Ballon Bleu Small Model Watch Most Expensive Watches for Women
    You will definitely realize the worth of this expensive watch brand when you’ll come to know that it has been worn by Kate Middleton and also Michelle Obama has been observed wearing this timepiece on her wrist. The reason behind its uniqueness is the sense of stylishness attached to it. There is a huge variety available on the online official site of the brand with different colors and all of them contains precious materials like gold and diamonds.

    8. Cartier Tank Française Small Model Watch – $105,000

    Cartier Tank Française Small Model Watch Most Expensive Watches for Women
    Cartier manufactured this product in 1917 and presented it after two years. The appealing structure of the watch is immensely eye-captivating. This iconic watch has a silver dial and a sapphire crystal on it. The steel wristlet and the tiny sparkling diamonds of Tank Française are extremely jaw dropping that a person can stare at them for a long period of time. It just doesn’t make the hand look beautiful but more sensual and delicate. It is one of the best creations of Cartier.

    9. Cartier Tank Américaine Small Model Watch – $101,000

    Cartier Tank Américaine Small Model Watch Most Expensive Watches for Women
    The well-known jewelry manufacturing company “Cartier” is one of the ancient organizations of France that was formed in 1847. The brand is the symbol of ambition, prosperity, and royalty. They have been the supplier of the French nobles as well. For women, they have 15 sophisticated models with different physical features that have been bought by women according to their preferences. Tank Américaine has a rectangular form with curved ends. The cut-diamonds of the watch are breath taking.

    10. Patek Philippe Ladies Complicated Watch – $98,000

    Patek Philippe Complicated Watch Most Expensive Watches for Women
    Among the most popular watch brands for women, stands Patek Philippe Ladies Complicated Watch. The unique idea of this time piece is that the watch is not typically designed keeping in view the vulnerability and delicacy of women but the fact that women nowadays are becoming smarter than before and like complicated structures, result in its making. It was introduced in 1916 and is considered as an innovative product. This gives the women a feeling of power and smartness that drive them to buy it.

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    50 Most Beautiful and Hot Photos of Yami Gautam

    Yami Gautam is the most talented and jack of all trades from Indian entertainment industry. We have been covering plenty successful actresses and models’ beauty these days and no doubt Yami is one of them. Being as Himachali girl, she has raised in Chandigarh. She comes with the same film background as her father is the director of Punjabi films so her sister is an actress. Before coming into Hindi films, she worked in few Punjabi, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada movies. Also, she has appeared in various leading TV shows. Yami Gautam first film Vicky Donor made the commercial hit in Bollywood since then she played notable roles in such movies like Action Jackson, Sanam Re, Kaabil, Badlapur and Sarkar 3. Yamis’ pretty smile and beautiful face have been admired extensively. She has a perfect body with seductive butts and boobs and each attire looks perfect on her. We will be sharing 50 most beautiful and hot pictures of Yami Gautam, including her jeans, suit salwar, t-shirt and top pics. So, brace yourself and enjoy each photo of sexy Yami Gautam.

    50 Most Beautiful and Hot Photos of Yami Gautam

    Yami Gautam Beautiful Pic (48)

    Yami Gautam Beautiful Pic (47)

    Yami Gautam Beautiful Pic (46)

    Yami Gautam Beautiful Pic (45)

    Yami Gautam Beautiful Pic (44)

    Yami Gautam Beautiful Pic (43)

    Yami Gautam Beautiful Pic (42)

    Yami Gautam Beautiful Pic (41)

    Yami Gautam Beautiful Pic (40)

    Yami Gautam Beautiful Pic (39)

    Yami Gautam Beautiful Pic (38)

    Yami Gautam Beautiful Pic (37)

    Yami Gautam Beautiful Pic (36)

    Yami Gautam Beautiful Pic (35)

    Yami Gautam Beautiful Pic (34)

    Yami Gautam Beautiful Pic (33)

    Yami Gautam Beautiful Pic (32)

    Yami Gautam Beautiful Pic (31)

    Yami Gautam Beautiful Pic (30)

    Yami Gautam Beautiful Pic (29)

    Yami Gautam Beautiful Pic (28)

    Yami Gautam Beautiful Pic (27)

    Yami Gautam Beautiful Pic (26)

    Yami Gautam Beautiful Pic (25)

    Yami Gautam Beautiful Pic (24)

    Yami Gautam Beautiful Pic (23)

    Yami Gautam Beautiful Pic (22)

    Yami Gautam Beautiful Pic (21)

    Yami Gautam Beautiful Pic (20)

    Yami Gautam Beautiful Pic (19)

    Yami Gautam Beautiful Pic (18)

    Yami Gautam Beautiful Pic (17)

    Yami Gautam Beautiful Pic (16)

    Yami Gautam Beautiful Pic (15)

    Yami Gautam Beautiful Pic (14)

    Yami Gautam Beautiful Pic (13)

    Yami Gautam Beautiful Pic (12)

    Yami Gautam Beautiful Pic (11)

    Yami Gautam Beautiful Pic (10)

    Yami Gautam Beautiful Pic (9)

    Yami Gautam Beautiful Pic (8)

    Yami Gautam Beautiful Pic (7)

    Yami Gautam Beautiful Pic (6)

    Yami Gautam Beautiful Pic (5)

    Yami Gautam Beautiful Pic (4)

    Yami Gautam Beautiful Pic (3)

    Yami Gautam Beautiful Pic (2)

    Yami Gautam Beautiful Pic (1)

    Yami Gautam Beautiful Pic (1)

    Yami Gautam Beautiful Pic (1)

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    30 Of The Most Beautiful Guys of All Time

    Ian Somerhalder Most Beautiful men of all time

    In the world in regards to beauty, we never discuss about men.. beauty is something else for a human. Attraction can happen on any object whether its flowers, place or women etc..  But a man has something which we consider as hotness. On this edition, we will discuss men’s beauty, like how they look like, what they do, what they have done to be a part of our beautiful men list. They are conquering the world by their great aptitude. Some of them left early, some them still alive, some of them get old and some them are still young but age or time is nothing in front of them from being the most beautiful men of all time It’s now our honor to make them honor here. Scroll down to see one by one.

    here are another lists from the site – Top 10 World’s Hottest Guys 2017 and Top 10 Celebrities with Most Beautiful Eyes and also dont forget to see Top 10 Celebrities With Most Beautiful Smile.

    The Most Beautiful Men of all Time

    1. Michael Jackson

    Michael jackson most beautiful guy of all time
    With the most photogenic face, Michael Jackson is the top in our picks. He has the look with eyes, lips and above all the most beautiful smile. We have shared enough to this man. Let’s come to next men.

    2. Paul Newman

    Paul Newman Most Beautiful men of all time
    The list is incomplete without the most handsome man in the history of the world. Paul is better known for his performance in the film The Color of Money.

    3. Marlon Brando

    Marlon Brando Most Beautiful men of all time
    Talented, handsome, and the biggest star of the film industry, best known for his role in the world’s best movie The Godfather.

    4. Rob Lowe

    Rob Lowe Beautiful Guy of all time
    His eyes are enough to make his presence in the most beautiful men’s list. This good-looking guy is perfect in all features.

    5. Alain Delon

    Alain Delon Beautiful guy of all time
    Well-known for his appearances as the sex symbol on the screen in the 1960s. Very handsome and incredibly talented, still look dashing in old age.

    6. James Dean

    James Dean most beautiful guys of all time
    No one can ignore his hot appearance around. he looks decent with charm avatar. James has won many awards for his outstanding roles in Hollywood films.

    7. Ian Somerhalder

    Ian Somerhalder Most Beautiful men of all time
    Ian can make any girl down on the knees because he’s beautiful and perfect from all side. Such a jaw-dropping features if one has ever got is Ian.

    8. Jensen Ackles

    Jensen Ackles Most Beautiful men of all time
    Have you seen his smile? If not, you missed something very precious. He’s very good looking along with his heart melting smile.

    9. Robert Taylor

    Robert Taylor Most Beautiful Guys of All Time
    Our generation truly missed his strong and enthusiastic performances in the history of cinema, but his hot attendance is still active to this list.

    10. Elvis Presley

    Elvis Presley Most Beautiful Guys of All Time
    The humblest and kindest and most generous philanthropist handsome man. Although he was the sexier than being handsome. Above all, he was the truly shine start of 21st century.

    11. Gary Cooper

    Gary Cooper Most Beautiful Guys of All Time
    The best actor from silent movies to the golden age of classical Hollywood films. Without saying a single word, he won the millions of hearts around the world. His existence says it all.

    12. Andrea Casiraghi

    Andrea Casiraghi Most Beautiful men of all time
    Humble, kind and soft spoken person. Please don’t call him Andrea, call him handsome or beautiful because he has everything which makes man perfect.

    13. Chace Crawford

    Chace Crawford Most Beautiful Guys of All Time
    Chace is so beautiful and thanks god he’s alive. He’s so cute and very innocent and we all love him for his work in the films such The Covenant and Twelve.

    14. Montgomery Clift

    Montgomery Clift Most Beautiful men of all time
    No wonder we have the list of beautiful men and Montgomery is one of them. It’s sad he’s no longer with us as he died at the very young age of 45.

    15. Sebastián Rulli

    Sebastián Rulli Most Beautiful men of all time
    Sebastian is the guy who has the beautiful face along with physical appearance. We haven’t seen such handsome model ever. Hmmm…. Perfect man.

    16. Matt Bomer

    Matt Bomer Most Beautiful men of all time
    What if somebody has good smile, eyes and hair style as well as the appearance? Yep, we all consider him as the perfect package of beauty. Matt is one of them.

    17. Michael Fassbender

    Michael Fassbender most beautiful guys of all time
    With all great features, he’s the most handsome man in our generation. Ops.. forgot to mention, He’s genuinely sex symbol of the current era.

    18. Jason Priestley

    Jason Priestley Most Beautiful men of all time
    Nothing can stop him being sexy, he was sexy, he is sexy, he will be sexy. One more thing to add.. as the day passes he’s sexiness grooming.

    19. Michael Ealy

    Michael Ealy Most Beautiful men of all time
    Let’s just not talk about the race here. We see the beauty by man’s nature, personality and attitude, and Ealy has enough features to make him on this edition that’s it.

    20. Ryan Reynolds

    Ryan Reynolds The Most Beautiful Guys of All Time
    No tight custom would be looking better on anybody, but we are okay with Ryan tight suits. By the way, have seen Ryan in a red tight sexy suit?

    21. Jared Leto

    Jared Leto most beautiful guys of all time
    Talented and the most handsome man from TV industry. Well, he’s not only TV personality, he’s much more than Hollywood films. Best known for Fight Club, Suicide Squad… okay let’s put a full stop here, otherwise, the list will go on and on.

    22. James Franco

    James Franco Most Beautiful men of all time
    Super-hot comedian and action movie star, James will make you fall in love by his acting skills. He looks magnificent in the shirt with a tie.

    23. Tyrone Power

    Tyrone Power most beautiful guys of all time
    While adding most beautiful men, we can’t ignore the true beauty of Tyrone. Tho, gone too soon but left dozens of great movies for us. Thank You, Tyrone!

    24. Logan Lerman

    Logan Lerman Most Beautiful men of all time
    Simply cute and young man. He proved that age is nothing in the matter of being talented. Although, he looks younger and pretty in short hair.

    25. Laurence Olivier

    Laurence Olivier Most Beautiful men of all time
    The most beautiful man alive. In case you want to find more his sexiness go watch his TV shows and movies. Let us know which your favorite movie or show.

    26. River Phoenix

    River Phoenix Most Beautiful men of all time
    Why beautiful and talented people die so early? Maybe god later realizes how beautiful men these are. The river is one of them.

    27. Tony Curtis

    Tony Curtis Most Beautiful men of all time
    Tony hair is way more sexier than any girl ass…. Sorry, but it is true. He is extremely talented and beautiful by nature.

    28. Henry Cavill

    Henry Cavill most beautiful guys of all time
    Every girl wants this superhero. Tho, he saves people life but his appearance kills women around the world.

    29. Jeffrey Hunter

    Jeffrey Hunter most beautiful guys of all time
    God must have been taken more time than an average to build Jeffrey’s eyes. His eyes are enough or should we continue…?

    30. Jonny deep

    Jonny deep Most Beautiful men of all time
    talented, philanthropist, full of great features such as eyes, lips, hair, body, length. We think it’s enough to make any guy beautiful.

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    Top 10 Most Beautiful WWE Divas of All Time

    April Jeanette AJ Mendez Brooks Most beautiful divas from WWE

    Today, we’ve left all those beauties from movie fraternity and came up with the fresh list from the sport. We’ve already been covered up almost all bombshells around the world but it has not been finished yet. yet other beauties from our all favorite sports WWE and this time, not the hottest figures but the beautiful ones. We all have been watching this sport from our childhood, ranging from oldest to new starts, we all get excited to see them fighting, especially when woman wrestlers get smashed. Seeing their tits, cleavage, bikini bodies with the perfect figures, always been a pleasure. These talented women have gone through many hard times then they reached to become the pure divas. Most of them are still active and winning the new titles and records but few of the are inactive due to injury problems and out works, but we hope they will join the ring soon and we are waiting for them. Leaving you with those the top 10 most beautiful WWE divas of all time. Check out.

    We’ve mentioned their real names along with the ring names. have a look at the most beautiful WWE Divas of all time:

    1. Danielle Moinet as Summer Rae

    Danielle Moinet Most beautiful divas from WWE
    The most versatile wrestler, Rae, is an American former football player and wrestling manager as well. She is still under the contract with WWE from the Raw brand. she was the main casting director of Total divas TV reality show, also the part of the movie called The Marine 4: Moving Target.

    2. Saraya-Jade Bevis as Paige

    Saraya-Jade Bevis Most beautiful divas from WWE
    The very first hottest diva comes in my mind is Paige (ring name). She has been quite a famous for her sensual avatar in this industry and has won numerous titles including NXT Women’s Champion. She has done several movies as well like Santa’s Little Helper, Surf’s Up 2: WaveMania and Scooby-Doo! and WWE: Curse of the Speed Demon. Paige also holds the record of the youngest champion to win the Divas Championship in her debut match. Before joining the ring of WWE, she was the part of WAW, run by his father.

    3. Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace as Nikki Bella

    Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace Most beautiful divas from WWE
    Stephanie Nicole, also known as Nikki Bella, is an American model, actress, and wrestler under the SmackDown brand. She is the twin sister of Brie Bella, known as The Bella Twins, who were nominated for Slammy Awards for Divas of the Year, 2013. In 2015, Nikki Bella won the Slammy Awards for Diva of the Year. She has won various awards and titles over the year along with her sister. Nikki has appeared various films and movies, including Meet My Folks, Ridiculousness, Total Divas and so on. Several internet media outlets have been named her one of the hottest divas of all time. Though she was disappeared half of 2016 but in august, she was the part of SummerSlam with the tag team partner of Alexa Bliss and Natalya and won her first match of 2016.

    4. Ashley Elizabeth Fliehr as Charlotte Flair

    Charlotte Flair Most beautiful divas from WWE
    Charlotte Flair has been performing for WWE since 2012 under the Raw brand and holds the Raw Women’s Championship tag for four times. Flair’s childhood had been surrounded by WWE stars while his father and sister-brother was from the same profession. Charlotte is one of the finest wrestlers from our generation and holds a number of Championships and titles such as inaugural of Women’s Champion and NXT Women’s Champion. Also, she is the first woman to win the title of ‘Feud of the Year’ by Pro Wrestling Illustrated.

    5. April Jeanette Mendez Brooks as AJ Lee

    April Jeanette AJ Mendez Brooks Most beautiful divas from WWE
    AJ Lee has been a quite small and good journey as the wrestler, started from 2007 to 2015. Lee started her career as a professional wrestler on the independent circuit in 2007 and signed WWE in 2009. But she made her main roster debut In 2011. Lee also has been won three times Divas Championship and held that record for 406 days. Throughout the career, she has been won various titles and awards, including twice Slammy Award for Diva of The Year and voted three times Women of The Year (2012 -2014) by users of Pro Wrestling Illustrated.

    6. Mercedes Kaestner-Varnado as Sasha Banks

    Mercedes Kaestner-Varnado Most beautiful divas from WWE
    Sasha Banks is a profession wrestler of WWE under the Raw brand. Sasha has gotten three times the title of Raw Women’s Champion and former champion of NXT Women’s. She is also known Chaotic Wrestling with the title of Women’s Championship. The kind of achievement she has achieved on the professional career of wrestling, very few of the female wrestlers has reached on it. Banks well-known for the first women ‘s longest running ‘Iron Man match’ against Bayley at ‘NXT TakeOver: Respect’. Banks is the first woman to win the title of ‘Feud of the Year’ by Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine.

    7. Rebecca Quin as Becky Lynch

    Rebecca Quin Most beautiful divas from WWE
    Quin plays for SmackDown but before coming into WWE, she was the part of the independent circuit. Quin won many Championships around the world, along with World Queens of Chaos Championship. Quin has wrestled for world’s top wrestling promotion, including Germany’s German Stampede and England’s One Pro. Rebecca has also held the championship of SuperGirls inaugural record for 10 months and 2 days. She also held the record of SmackDown Women’s Champion for about three months. Quin is one of the wrestlers who has been part of the playable character in WWE 2K17 video game.

    8. Brianna Monique Danielson as Brie Bella

    Brie Bella Most beautiful divas from WWE
    As mentioned above The Bella Twins consider as the hottest divas from WWE. Although Brie has not been holding the records as many as her sister does but without Brie the tag team name is incomplete. Although Brie has semi-retired the ring of WWE but serves the company as an ambassador. In the journey of wrestling in WWE, she is one-time Divas Champion.

    9. Lexi Kaufman as Alexa Bliss

    Lexi Kaufman Most beautiful divas from WWE
    Alexa signed the agreement with WWE in 2013, under the SmackDown brand. She won her first Championship of SmackDown Women belt in 2016 and still holds it. Bliss considers as the youngest wrestler currently. But she is the part of many sports and games including gymnastics, track, softball, and cheerleading, since the age of 5. Bliss also suffered from eating disorder in her childhood period but that letter cured by bodybuilding act.

    10. Pamela Rose Martinez as Bayley

    Pamela Rose Martinez Most beautiful divas from WWE
    Bayley is new to WWE, started from 2013 and performs under the Raw brand and still holds the Raw Women’s Champion belt in 2017. She also performed on the independent circuit and former champion of NXT Women. At the very beginning, she has adopted by various internet media outlets and TV channel as one of the sexiest women from WWE.

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    So, this is how we have made the list of a beautiful female from wrestling. Although it’s only from WWE, we will add more lists related to this after getting your reviews that who are your favorite ones.

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    The Top 10 World’s Hottest Women of 2017 (So Far)

    Hottest women of 2017

    Every year, new fresh chicks and sex kittens gain much attention and focus. Considering the fresh talent, these top 10 world’s hottest women of 2017 have cleared the confusions as their enticing hotness is clear evidence of it.

    The rivalry is threatening for every player. Some get consideration every year, some get never. Based on luck and efforts, these get women have conquered their places and have ensured their fame in the upcoming year.

    Whether a model or an actress, a dancer or a television personality, these desirable ladies has previously done so well that the new year is an opportunity for them to gain a more fan following and publicity. Now let’s see whether they meet the high expectations we have from them or not. They’re being discussed for their incredible sex appeal and we hope that these hot girls won’t disappoint us.
    Without wasting a single second, let’s have a look at these top bombshells of 2017. (even tho, Hailey Baldwin crowned as Maxim’s sexiest woman of 2017)

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    Top 10 Hottest Women in the world of 2017 (So far):

    1. Aly Raisman

    Aly Raisman Hottest women of 2017
    This 22-year old Gymnast has blown away the minds of millions of people with her tempting hotness. She actually belongs to the Brestyan’s American Gymnastics club. But the question is what makes her body so healthy and sexy? Her sleep timetable, the stronger selections she made in terms of water and food, mental games and most significantly, she evades negative thoughts and always stays positive. People are curious about her magically tempting figure and this is how she revealed the secrets. Now at least people can try to adopt this instruction what this hot acrobat has revealed.

    2. Charlotte McKinney

    Charlotte McKinney Hottest women of 2017
    This American model and actress is well known for her striking boobs and curvy features. Having 32F bra size, her Instagram pictures and videos are highly famous among the people nowadays. Because of her irresistible hotness, this girl has signed agreements for various projects with certain magazines. Her debut film was released in 2007 and since then, she has come into focus. McKinney is a yoga lover and never misses her workout wherever she travels. Her diet plans are pre-defined and she never compromises with them. Her poses for the photo shoots are awe-inspiring. Recently, she appeared in Hollywood with a strapless untied dress. She was looking mind blowing.

    3. Adriana Lima

    Adriana Lima Hottest women of 2017
    This 35- year old Brazilian bombshell is 5 ft. 10 inches tall. This world’s most curvaceous Virgin is multi-racial and has a long list of boyfriends in which the Canadian vocalist Justin Beiber is also included. Her blue eyes make her look more provocative and she’s famous for her erotic body. Having 32B bra size, Adriana has been working for Victoria Secrets Angels since 2000. Being the mother of two cute kids, Adriana has still the hottest figure.

    4. Kelly Brook

    Kelly Brook Hottest women of 2017
    This 36-year old charming lady showed she’s still a spicy hot date as she showed off her unbelievable curves in her fresh calendar. This English actress has been dating several guys since 1997 which shows that it’s not very easy for the man to steal this lady’s heart. Her light brown eyes and dark brown hair are overwhelming. Her well-formed body and panting voice distinguish her from others. Having 34E bra size, Kelly is famous for her character in Piranha 3D. She’s also a great time manager who manages her time to sleep, eat, using gadgets and this has a great impact on her health and fitness.

    5. Nina Agdal

    Nina Agdal Hottest women of 2017
    The sexy girlfriend of Leonardo Di Caprio, Nina Agdal was found celebrating her boyfriend’s birthday with his mother. The 24-year-old hottie is a Danish model. With slim built and tall height, Nina is perfectly sexy from head-to-toe. The level of her sex appeal and bikini photo shoots are something, other models can’t reach that easily as she did at such a young age. Having 32B bra size, Nina made her first film in 2015. She does the cardio workout and apart from that she also spends her time in weight lifting.

    6. Amy Willerton

    Amy Willerton Hottest women of 2017
    Amy Willerton is currently 24 years old and her distinguishing characteristic is her voluptuous figure. Having bra size of 34DD, Amy was declared at Miss Universe in 2013 on behalf of Great Britain. With the influence of her family background, she loves gyms, workout and other fitness-related activities. She initiated her modeling career when she was just 15. She has dark blonde hair color and hazel eye color. Apart from modeling, she loves to cook and travel the world. The beauty of incredible curves is more enhanced in a bikini.

    7. Genesis Rodriguez

    Genesis Rodriguez Hottest women of 2017
    Having slim build, this 29-year old American actress is another prominent bombshell among the eye-catching hotties of 2017. Genesis Rodriguez is renowned for her great figure and is reflected as a gorgeous brunette. Having 30D Bra size, this sexy artist is well recognized for her main character in Telemundo. Her first movie was released in 2012. Also, her brilliant performance can be seen in another movie, including Dame Chocolate, released in 2007. Her sexy leg has a tattoo on it making it more attractive.

    8. Nadia Forde

    Nadia Forde Hottest women of 2017
    This superb Irish model is 27-year old and also sings and act. Having 34B bra size, Nadia is known for her good-looking body by most of the people. No doubt her acting and singing skills are not questionable, but still, she’s a master in catching guys with her strong sex appeal. Her hazel colored eyes are mesmerizing and have won the heart of a sportsman, Dominic Day. Her debut was released in 2015 in which she played the role of ‘Honey’. The name suits her a lot by the way. She’s ready to amuse her fans in a more exciting way.

    9. Julianne Hough

    Julianne Hough Hottest women of 2017
    With the slim and flawlessly toned figure, Julianna Hough is a multi-talented American performer who can professionally act, dance and sing as well. Having 32B bra size and blue eyes like a deep blue ocean, Julianne never compromises with her workouts. In fact, she has hired Astrid Swan McGuire as her personal trainer, who continuously guide her how to build and maintain the fitness of the body. These endless efforts are actually making Julianne look even more seductive.

    10. Alessandra Ambrosio

    Alessandra Ambrosio Hottest women of 2017
    This 35-year old Brazilian is the mother of 2 beautiful children from her husband, Jamie Mazur. Alessandra Ambrosio is declared as the world’s hottest lady by certain critics in certain articles and magazines. Having 32B bra size, this gorgeous hottie never misses a chance to kill people with her astonishing sex appeal. Living a happy married life for 8 years, Alessandra has been admired for her talent, beauty, and incredibly hot curves.

    Revealed the top 10 world’s hottest women of 2017 – Take a look:

    1. Aly Raisman (US)
    2. Charlotte McKinney (US)
    3. Adriana Lima (Brazil)
    4. Kelly Brook (UK)
    5. Nina Agdal (Denmark)
    6. Amy Willerton (UK)
    7. Genesis Rodriguez (US)
    8. Nadia Forde (Ireland)
    9. Julianne Hough (US)
    10. Alessandra Ambrosio (Brazil)

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    Top 10 Most Beautiful People In The World

    Michael Jackson Most beautiful People in the world

    There are more than “7 billion lives on the earth” and every human has their own perception and numerous of ways to look at the person or the thing. I see the things differently and you see the things differently, so from my perspective, I have chosen the beautiful people by their look, not by their work or persona. In the world looks matter, you have often observed that a good-looking guy will always get the warm treat and cherish. Discrimination with unattractive soul and lookism still exist. Anyways, this is not our topic of concern, only wanted to clarify that the list is based on physical attraction and what they have contributed to the universe.

    Let’s say if we talk about Michael Jackson he was the most Impenetrable person that the world ever witnessed, his contribution to the planet is unbreakable and his physical appearance made the world crazy. India is the most populated country after China with over 1.5 billion people and in that certain zone Aishwarya rai, considered as the most beautiful woman, that undisputedly should be in this edition. So let’s find out the top 10 most beautiful people in the world and the most attractive human on the earth ever.

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    Michael Jackson

    Michael Jackson Most beautiful People in the world
    We’re speechless towards this man. Born in 1958 to forever. His smile and eyes are so beautiful that we could not stop us to mention this guy on the list. Michael Jackson has not only the outer beauty but also his inner beauty ranked him number one on the list of most beautiful people in the world ever.

    Aishwarya Rai

    Aishwarya Rai Most beautiful People in the world
    Indian Bollywood actress
    Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is the most beautiful woman on the earth, no doubt her blue eyes and facial featured still manages to make an appearance on Indian cinema at age of 43 with a leading role. Aish often refers as the most beautiful woman by a number of magazines. Millions of girls around the world inspired by her beauty and try to intimate her in fashion approach at some point of the level.

    Channing Tatum

    Channing Tatum Most beautiful People in the world
    The stripper Tatum, is third on the list, has wonderful eyes and lips. Channing has done various genre movies and has been featured numerous magazines as the hottest. In 2011, Elle magazine has published the list of “American’s beautiful people”, where Tatum introduced as first out of 51 Americans.

    Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift Most beautiful People in the world
    Taylor swift is the highest paid singer and the most attractive woman around the world. This girl has so many girls fans more than boys and frequently refer as a cute girl by her fans. You can see in the pics and videos, how beautiful smile she has. Swift always experiments with her hair and dresses, which makes her more pretty than ever. She is soon coming with her new album, in which she is working on.

    Julia Roberts

    Julia Roberts Most beautiful People in the world
    This romantic woman, Julia has potential to make you down on the knees and instantly you will fall in love intensively with her. Julia has done a couple of romantic movies, by which you can presume how gorgeous she is. Roberts also has been featured more than 10 times on the list of “50 Most Beautiful People in the World” by People magazine.

    Henry Cavill

    Henry Cavill Most beautiful People in the world
    Superman or handsome man? Anything you say! eventually, he’s the hottest and good-looking man. Girls really love to die for him, he looks perfect when he gets into superman avatar. The Henry handsome has recently finished the movie called ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’, where he can be seen as Superman.

    Hilary Rhoda

    Hilary Rhoda Most beautiful People in the world
    The article would incomplete without this gorgeous American model, who had been the part of the American brand Estée Lauder. She has many fans around the world who praise her beauty and mesmerize fine look eyes.

    Emma Stone

    Emma Stone Most beautiful People in the world
    Emma stone is the most astonishing actress of our generation. This blonde lady has been named as beautiful and hottest by various magazines and organizations. Her eyes and hair are enough to express her beauty. Emma has been working since her childhood and so far, she has done very big and hit movies such as ‘Easy A’, ‘Birdman’, ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’, and much more.

    Ryan Reynolds

    Ryan Reynolds Most beautiful People in the world
    The Canadian actor Ryan, who just being famous from his last movie ‘Deadpool’, has broken all the men’s records in sexiness, and come up with the hottest appearance in the red ass. The prepossessing Ryan has done more than 50 movies in his vocation with the nomination of Academy awards for his tremendous role Deadpool.

    Alexandra Daddario

    Alexandra Daddario Most beautiful People in the world
    You just don’t need to see her figure, you will fall head over heels in love when you see her eyes. We believe that Alexandra has the utmost stunning eyes in the world that can attract any man in the world. Daddario is coming with her upcoming movie ‘Baywatch’ in 2017 with the actor Dwayne Johnson.

    So here we have finalized the lists of most beautiful people on the earth. Maybe your choice would differ from us, but whatever you think should be on the list, Please feel free to write on the comment.

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