These Are Worlds Most Beautiful Women 2017 – Top 10

Ageless beauty can never be forgotten even after decades. With the arrival of this year, we’ll be disclosing the top 10 world’s most beautiful women in 2017.

These pretty women belonging from different profession, nationalities, and ages are the focus of attention this year as we’ll be defeated in finding any replacement of them. Whether we talk about their faces or their figures, everything about them is something we can praise 24/7.

The media talk about these beauties, write about them, display their beauty on TV, magazines, social media and other means in order to grow their business. Their irresistible beauty is a threat to their rivals.

Julia Roberts has been named as the most beautiful woman of 2017 by People Magazine!

Check out the sexiest ladies of these forthcoming year and enhance your knowledge about these beauty divas. want to know who is the 10 prettiest women right now from our picks? Here is the answer.

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1. Michelle Keegan

Michelle Keegan most beautiful women in the world of 2017
The 29-year old Michelle Keegan has been amusing her fans since 9 years almost. Her magical beauty is something that can’t be described in words, we feel speechless. It’s almost impossible to look her for a while, we can’t help ourselves from gazing at her. A few days back, she disclosed her beauty secrets to Glamour Magazine and obviously, the ladies have a great platform to follow those instructions and take advantage of it. How lucky is Mark Wright to be the life partner of such a lovely lady. You’ll soon come to know why she’s ranked on the top. Her tempting loveliness will give you the answer.

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2. Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner most beautiful women in the world of 2017
Blessed with natural beauty, Kendall Jenner too young to defeat other beautiful actresses & supermodels at the age of 21. Her tall height and graceful figure astonished the audience where she put on light white makeup for a fashion week. This is not the first time that she surprised the people, but this is just a piece of cake for this princess. She’s among those who seem flawless, even without makeup. Being simply gorgeous & eye-catching, Kendall is ready for various photo shoots & projects in the approaching year.

3. Emilia Clarke

emilia Clarke most beautiful women in the world of 2017
The 30-year old Emilia Clarke is another prominent name among the beauty girls of 2017. Popular for her role in Game of Thrones, Emilia is not just a gorgeous woman but also her figure is highly appealing. Actually, Emilia is one who can’t be ignored whenever we talk about beauty and charm. The actress has great potential to prove herself with her brilliant acting skills and her fabulous on-screen appearance. Let’s see what this beauty queen will bring for her lovers this year. The beautiful and charismatic lady never misses any opportunity to amaze us.

4. Behati Prinsloo

Behati Prinsloo most beautiful women in the world of 2017
Cheers to Adam Levine for being the husband of this beautiful angel. From head to toe, she’s a natural beauty. Her flawless skin, her diet plan is the supporting factor of her fitness and charm. Her small innocent face with slim built and 5”10 height makes her even more graceful. Her light brown hair with a combination of her hazel eyes seem extremely fascinating to the viewers. The thing that distinguishes her from other models is her million dollar smile. Apart from show business, she also loves sports especially basketball. Also, her stunning photos were published on the covers of numerous magazines.

5. Morena Baccarin

Morena Baccarin most beautiful women in the world of 2017
This 37-year old beauty queen is busy in making guys mad for her. She’s going to celebrate her 5th Wedding Anniversary this November with her beloved hubby Austin Chick. Her light brown eyes & dark hair are not lesser than a dark romantic night. Since 2001, Morena has been entertaining us with her talent & fine looks. Her big and beautiful almond-shaped eyes are her weapon to fight her rivals in the industry. She frequently talks in Brazilian Portuguese & spent her childhood & teen era in New York City.

6. Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie most beautiful women in the world of 2017
The blonde lady is confident with her extreme beauty and charisma she possesses. Margot Robbie’s remarkable blue eyes are sufficiently hypnotizing for her fans. This spectacular woman did her first movie in 2008 and then, keeping in view her prettiness & fascination, she was offered many more films. No matter what dress she wears, no matter what is the hairstyle she always wins the game. Whether in a movie, or some award show, Margot is the focus of attention for everyone out there. Girls dream to look like her and guys seek to date her. But poor they! Tom Ackerley is there on the way to her heart.

7. Bar Refaeli

Bar Refaeli most beautiful women in the world of 2017
The very beautiful and multi-talented Bar Refaeli is actually an Israeli by nationality who has the experiences of several professions including modeling, TV Hosting, business as well as acting. How can someone be so perfect like her? Many tried to conquer her heart, but now this princess has given her heart to Adi Ezra, a businessman. There’s a long list of her ex-boyfriends in which Leonardo Di Caprio is the one whom she dated twice. OMG! Now you may imagine how desperate Leo used to be for being with this elegant lady.

8. Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick most beautiful women in the world of 2017
We hope that you haven’t forgotten Jessica from The Twilight Saga. No one can. Although, she is shorter than average, but her killer looks are up to the mark. Her light brown hair & blue captivating eyes are more than enough to slay anyone. The 31-year old actress is actually the first to initiate the ‘Pink Trend’ on the red carpet these days. With this, we may conclude that even celebrities follow her style and admire her fashion sense. She initiated her profession when she was just 10 and since then she has devoted herself to her fans and followers.

9. Yvonne Strahovski

Yvonne Strahovski most beautiful women in the world of 2017
Popular for her character of ‘Sarah Walker’, Yvonne Strahovski has Athletic build and tall body which makes her even more sophisticated & elegant among others. The 34-year old actress has Polish lineage and is still single. Currently, she’s dating actor Tim Loden. She has been amusing us since 2004 and initiated performing in her school era. Her routine doesn’t include any exercise or workout, she just sustains her figure with outdoor activities. The reason behind her fresh and glowing skin is her healthy eating habits.

10. Ellen Hoog

Ellen Hoog most beautiful women in the world of 2017
This pretty hockey player is a 30-year old and since 2002 she has shown her talent to the world. She’s eye-catching and stunning in a unique way which can’t be described in words. This blonde sportswoman is not only beautiful but also very brave and courageous as she managed herself after his father passed away. With this grief, she moved on and now is an inspiration to us.

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