10 Fun and Unique Ideas Night out You Need to Try

Don’t like going out much? You’re not alone: Millennials are driving the homebody trend, although anyone at any age can succumb to curling up on the couch with their pets instead of enjoying a night on the town.

Maybe part of the problem is it’s easy to get bored doing the same activities such as dining out and seeing a movie. Why not shake things up a bit and try one of these more unusual activities? Here are ten unique ideas for a fun night out you should try at least once.

1. Break Out Of An Escape Room

Test your wits at solving a mystery or evading a serial killer by booking an escape room adventure for you and your friends. This trend started in Japan and has been taking over the rest of the world in recent years, giving people an opportunity to put down their mobile phones and interact with others with one goal: getting out of the room in time.

With themes that range from child-friendly to chilling, you’re sure to find an escape room that’s appropriate for your family or group of friends.

2. Learn To Paint

Bring your own wine (if allowed), some snacks, your friends and let your creativity flow at a paint bar. In an hour or two, you’ll have your very own piece of artwork that you can say you made yourself. An instructor will provide step-by-step directions (as well as all supplies.)

Paint bar slots have to be reserved in advance and offer several subjects to choose from, usually including still life and landscapes.

3. Strap On Some Roller Skates

Back in the ’70s and ’80s, roller skating rinks were all the rage. Many of them have shuttered their doors, so if there’s still a place to put on skates near you, why not take advantage of it before it’s gone? Go old school and rent the four-wheeled sneaker skates with the toe stoppers, and thank us later.

If you’re lucky, you may find a rink that still has ’80s arcade games. With a disco ball and tunes spinning, there’s no better way to have some retro fun—and burn calories at the same time.

4. Tour a Beer Brewery Or Winery

The rise of craft beer in recent decades means there’s probably a brewery within driving distance of your home. Many of these breweries offer tours and the chance to sip some of their latest brews. This is a fun way to learn about the beer making process, and hang out afterward to enjoy food and live music if the facility offers it.

Likewise, your local winery may feature tours as well as entertainment, tastings, and special events that pair food from a local restaurant with their wine selection.

5. Throw an Axe

Axe-throwing is the new league sport, with many facilities popping up across the U.S. Although it may sound medieval and downright dangerous, these axe-throwing facilities will show you how to safely handle and toss a hatchet towards a bullseye target. It’s surprisingly good exercise, competitive, and a great way to let out your stress after a long work week.

6. Get Hypnotized

Hypnosis is not just for people who want to quit smoking or overcome a phobia. Some hypnotists also perform shows that entertain and fascinate their audiences.

Many of these shows include audience participation and comedy while some may lean towards more adult content. Some hypnotists are also mentalists or can perform magic tricks as well. You can read more here about what to expect at a hypnosis show.

7. Hop Aboard a Party Bus

Book a party bus or limo for a fun night out with your friends, and you may never want to get out. These vehicles are decked out with all kinds of exciting features such as plush seating, high end audio-visual systems, LED lights, and even full bars. Many people ride in them on the way to a nightclub or special event, but you can rent one just to drive you and your crew around the city for a few hours.

8. Try Your Luck At a Casino

There’s something about visiting a casino at night that can make anyone feel like a high roller. Why not try you luck at the slots or tables, or just watch other patrons lose their shirts?

But casinos offer more than a chance to win quick cash. They’re equipped with bars, restaurants, nightclubs, shops, and live entertainment so even if you’re not the gambling type, you’re still likely to find some fun.

9. Play a (Non Gambling) Table Game

Visit a billiards hall, bowling alley, or restaurant that features table games for a friendly round of tabletop tennis or pool with your friends. Bowling complexes usually feature a variety of games including bocce ball and foosball to entertain adults and kids alike.

10. Attend a Trivia Night

Trivia nights have become a popular way for bars and restaurants to attract more patrons. Get a group of your best information-retaining friends together and try your luck at a prize. Some trivia nights revolve around a theme, such as the ’80s decade or pop culture.

Even if your team loses, you’ll walk away a little more knowledgeable than when you arrived. Drinking may or may not affect your final score.

Make Your Next Social Event a Fun Night Out

What are you waiting for? It’s time to get off the sofa and try one of these ten unique ideas for a fun night out.

For more great ideas on having more fun when you go out, read our archive of sports and hobbies posts.

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