10 Must-Have Tools Every New Homeowner Needs to Keep on Hand

You bought a new home – yay! But oh wait, you’re now responsible for taking care of a new home – yikes.

Don’t worry, you got this!

New home ownership comes with a mixture of excitement and anxiety. It’s a big accomplishment and an even bigger commitment. But when you have the right tools in your pocket, that responsibility becomes so much easier.

Let’s look at 10 new home essentials every homeowner needs to keep on hand.

Fire Extinguisher

Let’s face it, sometimes dinner can get away from us. And in those moments your flambe becomes a flam-don’t, the last thing you want is your house going up in smoke.

One of the biggest must haves for new home buyers is a fire extinguisher. It’s preferred to have one on each floor of your house, including the basement and attic.

And when you go shopping for one, study the labels carefully. The U.S. Fire Administration guide will tell you which type of fire the extinguisher is for. A cooking oil fire extinguisher is great for the kitchen, whereas a wood and paper one can go up by the bedrooms.

Ladder (And a Step Stool!)

Whether your kid landed his frisbee on the roof or you need to clean out the gutters, a ladder will come in very handy for those high jobs.

When purchasing a ladder, consider how high you’ll need to go. In a new house, you’ll need to reach the roof. But if you own a condo, you may only need to reach the highest point in the ceiling.

And for those smaller, closer to ground jobs, a step ladder eliminates you from having to bring out the big ladder… or climb up on those kitchen counters.

Tool Box

This one may be cheating a bit, because it’s a lot of little tools all rolled up into one. But keeping a stocked tool box is one of those essential items for new home buyers.

Some of the tools you’ll need are:

  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver set
  • Power Drill
  • Measuring tape
  • Crescent wrench
  • Utility knife
  • Pliers
  • Stud finder
  • Level

Having these tools in your toolbox are the basics you’ll need to get you through any number of repairs and odd jobs around the house.

Adding a pair of good, quality work gloves is a great idea as well. They’ll protect your hands from dirt and any safety hazards you come across. Click here to learn what features you should look for.

Heavy Duty Flashlight

Maybe you used a cheap flashlight at your first apartment to have hand shadow competitions with your friends. But in a new home, you’ll find a good, quality flashlight is a bit more usual than that.

From checking out that noise in the crawl space to repairing a leak underneath a dark sink. They’re one of many household jobs a flashlight will save the day.

And consider getting a handlamp as well. Many jobs will be easier using two hands instead of one.

Emergency Kit

If a natural disaster were to happen, would you be ready? What if you find yourself in the middle of an extended power outage?

One of the essential items for a new home is an emergency preparedness kit. These kits take care of you and your family if the unexpected should ever happen.

Experts recommend you keep supplies of water, food, batteries, first aid, flashlights, and a battery-powered radio in the kit. It’s also a good idea to keep extras of everyday things such as medications, diapers, extra clothes, and other things you’ll need to get through an extended disaster.

Wet-Dry Vac

In a perfect world, toilets will never overflow. Spills will never happen. And roof leaks don’t exist.

But we know better than that. That’s why a wet-dry vac is a must for new home buyers.

Look for a shop vac that can handle any number of wet, messy jobs. From paint spills, water, and all those small stones that end up in the garage.

It will make cleaning up seem like a piece of cake. And the biggest perk of all, it will quickly suck up any mess that can cause more damage the longer it stays on the floor.

Duct Tape

Duct tape fixes everything, right? Well, maybe not. But it comes darn close.

Its versatility makes it ideal for about any job around the house. It can make temporary repairs to a leaky pipe or punctured hose. Repair cracks in storage containers or trash bins.

Have something heavy you need to hang, and nothing quite holds the job in place? Duct tape to the rescue. With its cloth design and rubber-based adhesive, it’s strong enough to tackle any job you throw its way.


A plunger is not something you normally give a second thought to… until you need one. A backed-up toilet or clogged drain is a real headache. And no matter how new your home is, it could happen at any time.

Storing a plunger in the bathroom, and even a small one under the kitchen sink, keeps the tool within easy reach. Especially in those panicky situations when the toilet starts to overflow.

Electrical Extension Cord

We all know the disappointment of wanting to plug something up, only to be far from any available outlet. And this is when electrical extension cords become your new best friend.

But don’t pick up just any old cord. Make sure it’s equipped to handle the voltage and electric current your appliance needs.

Light duty cords are perfect for household lamps and alarm clocks. Medium duty is for personal electronics and televisions. And for those kitchen appliances and large power tools, go for a heavy duty cord.

Assorted Hardware

Making your new home feel like home is one of the first things you’ll do when you move in. And having an assortment of hardware will make the job so much easier.

Nails to hang picture frames. Screws for those new home improvement projects. Even an assortment of hex keys come in handy when putting together new pieces of furniture.

New Home Essentials Make Home Ownership a Breeze

Be proud of your new home, you’ve earned it! And when you have the new home essentials you need to keep the place running smoothly, you’ll be able to enjoy it that much more.

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