10 Natural Skin Care Treatments Everyone Should Be Using in 2019

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Your skin is the largest organ of your body. So, while we’re all preoccupied with finding natural ways to protect things like our heart and liver, why do we sometimes forget our skin? 

Some of us even go lounge on the beach and don’t even bother with a little sunscreen! 

Your skin is in direct contact with everything around it and, therefore, is more prone to blemishes, dryness, irritation, and more. Not to mention the toll it takes from aging alone. 

But with a million and a half over-the-counter options to treat your skin, sometimes you need some more natural remedies. Here, we’ll take a look at 11 of the most natural skin care treatments you can apply today! 

1. Rub Aloe Vera

If you’ve ever spent a day at the beach and came out looking like a lobster, you might have rubbed aloe vera on your burns. This natural ingredient for skin helps reduce inflammation and soothe dry skin. 

The Mediterranean- and African-based plant has been used for skin remedies for a very long time, and modern science has a lot of evidence to back that up. One of the neat things about aloe vera is that you can get this straight from the plant. 

Have one growing in your back yard? Go snap off a piece, cut it in half, and squeeze the gel out, which is the part you want to rub into your skin. If not, many stores have the gel form of this plant bottled in the pharmacy section. 

2. Take Probiotics

Probiotics may be considered “over the counter,” but they are a natural supplement to our body’s functions that have grown in popularity. 

Probiotics assist your gut health, though. Preliminary studies have linked the “good bacteria” in probiotics to help support our immunity system and provide relief for issues like irritable bowel syndrome. 

While that may not be directly related to your skin, a boosted immune system can help fight bacteria, fungi, and more that can negatively affect your skin. 

3. Use Raw Honey

Maybe you’re like the wonderful people at The Heart Beat with many questions burning in your heart. Maybe you’d like to know what the best natural ingredients for the skin you already have in your cupboard. 

Look no further than honey. 

But don’t go looking for any honey. It’s important you get raw honey (bonus points for supporting local businesses!) because it is unprocessed and retains all of its nutrients. 

Honey contains vitamins and enzymes that are nourishing for the skin and is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. All in all, the product you may tend to use for your morning tea happens to be excellent for dry and sensitive skin as well! 

It might seem odd, but you can apply this stuff straight to the skin. It might be a good idea to warm it up and be sure to rinse off afterward.

Smelling sweet is just a nice bonus. 

4. Exfoliate with Coffee Grounds

In a list of things from your cupboard that happens to be natural face care treatments, take a second look at your coffee. 

Obviously, coffee contains caffeine, and caffeine happens to help with puffy skin. You may notice that ointments for puffy eyes tend to have caffeine as a primary ingredient. 

A natural alternative would be to mix coffee grounds with a body scrub and apply rigorously for excellent exfoliation. 

5. Almond Oil

Almond oil smells nice and happens to be very versatile. 

Since the oil is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, it is a great application for acne, dry skin, and rashes. The fact that it mixes well with essential oils makes it that much more interesting to play around with. 

Feel free to apply this with a clean cotton pad. 

6. Tea Tree Oil

Speaking of essential oils, tea tree is a very popular one, and there’s a good reason why. 

Tea tree oil is also anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and happens to be a great antiseptic as well. It’s important to use tea tree oil that contains at least 10 percent terpenin, which is its main antiseptic property. 

This oil is great for rashes, acne, psoriasis, and a dry scalp (hence why it’s often used in shampoos and conditioners). It’s important to mix this with a carrier oil, though (about 10 percent tea tree oil and 90 percent carrier oil). 

7. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a natural ingredient for skin care that is antibacterial and can help unclog pores that are prone to acne. Apply generously with a cotton pad and prepare for some lingering smell. 

You might want to cover up this one with your favorite fragrance. 

8. Shea Butter

If you’ve ever bought an off-the-counter moisturizer or hand soap, it’s very likely it bragged about having shea butter as an ingredient. That’s because it’s an excellent moisturizer for dry skin that comes from the nut of an African tree

It’s been used for hundreds of years for nourishing skin and it mixes very well with your favorite essential oils. 

9. Chug Water

Well, don’t chug water constantly, but make sure you drink enough. As we’ve said, your skin is an organ, and like every other organ in your body, it’s made up mostly of water. 

Without proper hydration, your skin cells won’t do their job properly and it can lead to dry, flaky, wrinkling, and sagging skin. 

10. Full Night’s Rest

People often say you need to get your “beauty rest” and it’s really not just a cliche saying. Your body performs many necessary functions during REM sleep, and if you’re not getting proper sleep, your skin suffers. 

So if you’re looking for skin care home remedies, look no further than your bed. 

Giving Your Skin the Natural Royal Treatment

For obvious reasons, we’re all concerned with the health and wellness of our skin. not only is it a large part of our body, but it’s the first thing anyone sees of us. 

But with a tidal wave of chemical-infused skincare products vying for our attention, some of us need something a little more natural. Hopefully, you find some natural skin care treatments for you to try at home right now. 

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