10 Reasons to Invest in a Herb Vaporizer

Did you know that 12% of the United States population are now regular cannabis users? As more states continue to legalize marijuana, both recreationally and medically, we can only expect this number to increase.

Whether you’re a new user, or an experienced one, you might be wondering what the best method of ingesting marijuana is.

While personal preference certainly plays a factor, the reality is that herb vaporizers come with more benefits than traditional methods. But, why exactly should you invest in a dried herb vaporizer?

In this vaporizer guide, we’ll go over the ten benefits that come with owning this new type of technology. Let’s get started!

1. It Makes the Herb Tastes Better

When you burn cannabis by smoking it, you do get some of the flavors. However, you also get the sharp, often unpleasant, taste of smoke. That doesn’t happen when you heat the herb with a vaporizer.

Instead, you get a more subtle taste that allows you to appreciate the flavor profile of the specific strain that you’re enjoying.

This is thanks to the fact that you’re gently heating the terpenes in the dry herbs instead of scorching them.

2. It’s Portable

Most herb vaporizers conveniently fit into your pocket. This makes them incredibly easy to transport when you’re on the go.

On top of that, you can pack the chamber with herb before you leave. So, you don’t need to worry about carrying both your piece and the cannabis separately.

3. It’s Less Smelly Than Smoking

If you live in an apartment or similar enclosed space with others, then you might be self-conscious of smoking. After all, smoking cannabis leaves an undeniably strong scent that bothers many people.

While herb vaporizers don’t completely get rid of the smell, it’s much more mild than smoking. That way, you don’t have to feel bad about stinking up the building.

4. It’s Better For Your Lungs

Bad news for people who prefer smoking their cannabis: it’s not great for you. One study found that often there were more toxins found in marijuana cigarettes than there are in tobacco cigarettes.

Luckily, using a dry herb vaporizer is a bit of a cleaner method than smoking cannabis. By heating your cannabis flower, you get the things that you want to get out of the product.

This includes things like terpenes (for flavor), as well cannabinoids like CBD and THC. And, since it’s not being smoked, it leaves out harmful elements like carbon monoxide and benzene.

This makes inhaling a dry herb vaporizer much easier on your lungs than joints or your other preferred smoking method.

5. You Don’t Need to Worry About Lighters

There’s nothing worse than getting ready to smoke and realizing that you forgot the lighter. Luckily, with herb vaporizers, you never need to worry about finding a fire source for your cannabis again.

Instead, you just need to make sure that it’s properly charged at night. Plus, you’ll save a lot of money on lighters in the future.

6. You Use Less Herb

One problem with traditional smoking is it immediately combusts your flower. While this gets the job done in terms of providing a high, it isn’t the most efficient way to consume cannabis.

As such, you aren’t getting the biggest bang for your buck from your supply. This isn’t true for herb vaporizers. These products work by using a convection heating system to heat the herb.

The system heats the cannabis by circulating warm air around it instead of lighting it on fire. This means that you can draw out each pack until it’s spent.

If you’re curious about how this convection system in a herb vaporizer works, then you can learn more information here.

7. More Environmentally Friendly Than Vape Cartridges

Herb vaporizers are much better for the planet than other types of vaporizers. Oil pen vaporizers use concentrate instead of dry herbs to create vapor.

But, as soon as you finish the concentrate, you need to throw away the cartridge. This creates garbage that you just don’t need to worry about with a dry herb vape. Instead, you just empty the chamber of the spent herb.

8. It’s Easier to Clean

When you smoke cannabis, it leaves behind a thick, gooey, black residue known as resin. If you smoke out of a bowl or bong, then this gross substance makes your pieces excruciating to clean.

Often you will need specialized cleaners and salt to even make a dent in it.

While a herb vaporizer can benefit from a cleaning, it doesn’t produce resin. As such, you need to clean it much less frequently.

9. It’s Discreet

The less distinct smell isn’t the only thing that makes an herb vaporizer more discreet. Vaping with the product also produces significantly fewer clouds than a joint or similar smokable product.

As we mentioned before, it’s also small enough to slide into your pocket. As such, it’s good for remaining undetected in potentially crowded places.

10. No Secondhand Smoke

Smoking cannabis around non-smokers can be difficult mainly due to the secondhand smoke factor. Some people might be worried about getting high from secondhand smoke.

Others might worry about having their lungs damaged. Luckily, these non-smokers don’t need to worry about herb vaporizers because there’s very little smoke produced by them.

However, they will be able to smell it if they’re in the same room.

Enjoy Learning About the Benefits of an Herb Vaporizer? Keep Exploring

We hope this article helped you decide to invest in a herb vaporizer. As you can see, numerous herb benefits come with the device.

So, whether you want to be more eco-friendly, or just want a safer way to enjoy cannabis, there’s plenty of reasons to purchase one.

Did you enjoy this article? If the answer is yes, then you’re in the right place. Keep reading to find more topics that you’re sure to love.


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