Finding the Strongest Kratom Strains on the Market

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Kratom…You’ve heard of it and maybe even tried it, but do you know what the strongest Kratom strain available to you is, or are you wasting your time with weak varieties? The fact is, over 15 million people are using Kratom in the United States alone; however, not everyone is as informed as they should be about Kratom. 

We are going to change that today! This simple guide will help you find the strongest Kratom strain on the market, so before purchasing another weak Kratom strain, read this article!

Understanding the Botanicals 

Before you rush out to find a strong Kratom strain, you must understand what Kratom is and how it works! Kratom is 100% all-natural. It is made from the leaves of a Southeastern tropical evergreen tree known as Mitragyna Speciosa. 

Kratom has grown wildly in countries like Thailand and Bali for years; however, recently, the love for Kratom in the West has created a large market for Kratom to be cultivated in Southeast Asia. Kratom growers grow the trees and then pick and cure the leaves to be sold to wholesalers. 

What makes Kratom so unique is a magic ingredient known as alkaloids. Kratom contains over forty different alkaloids, and two of those alkaloids, Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine, are not found anywhere in nature other than within the Kratom plant. 

Kratom Potency Variables 

When it comes to finding a strong Kratom strain, the first step is to understand the alkaloids. Each variety of Kratom contains alkaloids; however, certain veins and strains have higher concentrations of Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine, the two alkaloids responsible for most of Kratom’s effects. 

 Other factors such as quality, purity, manufacturing, etc., also play a role in the strength of Kratom. With that being said, in terms of finding the strongest Kratom strain, it largely depends on what effects you are looking to experience. Certain varieties of Kratom might have stronger sedating effects, while others might have stronger energizing effects. 

Let’s take a look at some of the strongest Kratom strains on the market! 

Strongest Kratom Strain For Pain

When searching for a Kratom strain that can aid in relieving your pain, most people agree that Red Vein Kratom varieties are the best option. Red Vein Kratom has a sedating and pain-relieving effect on users that differs from Green and White Vein Kratom. 

Red Vein Kratom from either Bali or Borneo are known to be the strongest Kratom varieties for treating pain; however, Maeng Da Kratom of any color can help alleviate pain as well. Red Vein Kratom is a powerful variety of Kratom, so it should always be used cautiously in the beginning until you find the perfect dose. 

Strongest Kratom Strain For Energy 

One of Kratom’s best-known effects is the ability to energize users. Kratom is related to the coffee plant, so depending on the strain, a person can experience high energy and stamina levels after using Kratom. As far as the strongest Kratom strain for energy is concerned, users generally agree that White and Green Vein Kratom are the strongest for energy. 

In terms of green vs white Kratom, it depends more on the user; however, some strains are regarded as the best. Maeng Da and Bali Kratom strains have high alkaloid content and produce high energy effects for users. Additionally, Green and White varieties of Thai and Malay Kratom are known to have euphoric and energizing effects. 

Strongest Kratom Strain For Opioid-Tolerant People 

Over 46,000 people die each year in the United States from Opioid-related overdoses; however, Kratom proponents are trying to change that number by introducing people to Kratom as a means to end addiction. Kratom has a unique opioid-like effect, when taken in higher doses, without the addictiveness.

Red strains are usually recommended for opioid-tolerant people. Red Thai, Red Borneo, Red Maeng Da, and White Bali are powerful strains that, when taken in larger doses, can be beneficial to those with opioid tolerance.

Keep in mind that Kratom can cause severe negative side effects if misused, including nausea, dizziness, and seizure. It is recommended that users start with one gram and then increase their dose from there.

A moderate dose is considered five grams, whereas an extremely high dose is considered between ten and fifteen grams. Taking more than these amounts could cause adverse effects and be harmful to the user. 

Other Things to Note 

As we said earlier, Kratom is 100% all-natural. Your Kratom supplement should never contain anything other than pure Kratom; however, if you don’t purchase your Kratom from a reputable source, you risk buying a contaminated product. Buying Kratom from a company that does third-party lab testing on their Kratom is the best way to ensure things like purity, potency, and safety. 

Lab-tested Kratom is tested for harmful adulterants like binders, fillers, mold, and synthetic material. These adulterants affect your Kratom’s strength and pose a risk to your safety, so always buy your Kratom from a trusted Kratom purveyor. 

Also, keep in mind that everyone responds differently to Kratom. Some users might find that a strain is strong for others but it doesn’t do the trick for their needs. It helps to keep a journal of your Kratom uses in the beginning to keep track of the Kratom you are trying and the effects!

Choosing the Strongest Kratom Strain

As you can see, finding the strongest Kratom strain depends on what you are looking for in your Kratom. There is a strain for every ailment, so keep this guide close when searching for your next Kratom variety, and you will be sure to find the perfect fit! 

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