11 TikTok Marketing Tips You Need to Know

TikTok is an app now available in 141 countries and 75 languages, making it an extremely popular video platform.

Distinguishing itself from other picture and text-based apps, it’s unique, and that’s why many people have gravitated towards it.

Some people use it for personal entertainment, and others are trying to build a brand on there. It’s a very possible thing to do if you’re willing to put in the work and learn about TikTok.

After all, this app isn’t the same as Instagram and Facebook, and other social media platforms you may have more experience with.

Here’s how to work on your TikTok marketing, and make yourself the most successful you can be. 

1. Use Trending Audio

Every now and again, a new audio file will become popular on TikTok. These become memes as the audio goes viral, and many people make their own videos to go with the audio.

Make sure you have a look at what’s recently popular and which audio videos are getting a lot of likes. The reason for this is that when people click on the audio file to use it, videos will populate that have also used that file.

It’s another way for people to access your profile, and users will often stumble on it accidentally.

If you can find a way to make your videos fit with the current trending audio, it’s a great way to get TikTok likes. 

2. Check Out Duets

Duets are where people can react to a TikTok video and post their own addition to it, either as a side-by-side or as a reaction at the end of the previous video.

Doing this can pull attention onto your videos, if you’re reacting to someone that’s popular.

It’s important to understand what works though. Being mean and making fun of people on duets isn’t likely to get you the attention you want.

Instead, add your own humor to the situation or hype people up. That way, people are much more likely to want to engage with you on the platform. 

3. Buy Followers and Likes

Followers and likes can be hard to come by sometimes, especially for those just starting out. That’s why some companies have made it possible to buy followers

Becoming a social media influencer means building credibility from the bottom, and that’s not always easy. By buying a few followers, you can give the appearance of being slightly established and bring more people into the fold as a result.

It is, however, important not to overdo this. If you suddenly jump from ten followers to ten thousand overnight, people are going to realize they’ve been bought and it can shatter the illusion.

Trickle in those followers slowly, however, and this tactic can really work. 

4. Utilize Hashtags

One thing TikTok has in common with other social media platforms in the world of digital marketing is that it uses hashtags.

You can’t add as many hashtags as other platforms, such as Instagram, but they still help. Check out what the most popular hashtags are and use them.

Many people will use irrelevant hashtags as long as it promotes their video, but this is a double-edged sword. People looking for funny cat videos will not be amused when your beauty video is in the middle of their animal experience, and it might not draw genuine, good engagement. 

Instead, you may end up just annoying people. Choose the hashtags wisely!

5. Pay Attention to Video Quality

TikTok videos are recorded on phones, so there’s only so far you can take the camera quality. However, if you can afford a nice phone and are serious about your social media marketing, buy one.

You can also make the video quality better by using nice lighting. You can use natural light, which works just fine, or you can purchase a ring light if you film most of your videos at night.

This will make the world of difference to the appearance of your videos, and draw more people in. 

6. Find a Niche

Although it’s fine to vary your content a little, you should pick a niche. Whether it’s pets, beauty, or something else entirely, pick something that suits you and is relevant to what you want to do. 

Consider your demographic too. TikTok has generally skewed towards a younger crowd — however, recent research has suggested that its users are getting older on average

As people start to engage with you, try and gauge whether they’re on the younger or older side. This might help direct your content and give you an idea of what works and what doesn’t. 

You also shouldn’t force it. Make sure the niche is something you’re genuinely interested in. People will be able to tell.

7. Reply to Comments

Replying to comments can be huge in encouraging engagement. If people are commenting on your posts and never hearing anything in reply, they might be discouraged from interacting with you and unfollow.

If you’re an established social media influencer who’s posting all of the latest TikTok trends, you might be faced with thousands of comments and can only reply to a few.

While this is fine — and many TikTok users hope to get there one day — reply to comments while you can, if you’re a smaller influencer. It will really help.

Even if you do become huge, you can still take the time to reply to a few every day. Even that will encourage people to comment, as they’ll be hoping for a reply from their favorite. 

If there’s a day or two where you don’t have time to reply to comments, just hitting that heart button can make a big difference. Let people know they’re seen. 

8. Engage With Others

As well as replying to your own comments, you should engage with others as much as possible. Look at other videos that are similar to the ones you make.

Hitting the like button and leaving comments can draw attention to your profile too, whether it’s from the profile themselves or others watching them who are browsing for similar accounts.

On TikTok, it’s important to put yourself out there. You can do everything right on your own profile but if you stay in your own corner and never venture out, people might never see your profile at all. 

9. Be Genuine

While engaging with others and networking are key to anything in the social media world, TikTok is no different from the other platforms in that you should be genuine.

If you make friends on the platform and drop them when your follower count surpasses yours, people are going to realize that you aren’t being sincere while making friends.

It’s fine to promote other accounts in exchange for the same and help each other grow. However, if you’re using people for TikTok purposes and ready to drop them whenever you don’t need them anymore, word will spread. Rightfully so! 

10. Be Consistent

You should be consistent with your content. People will often take an unannounced month-long break from social media and return to find that their followers are gone! People are fickle.

Try to stay consistent with content and if you do need to take a break, let people know you’ll be back. Otherwise, if you disappear, they might think you’re gone for good or just see no point in following you if you aren’t putting out content.

While this may not necessarily be fair or welcome, it’s the nature of social media. You want to remind people that you’re still around and ready to entertain. 

11. Don’t Spam

At the same time, try not to spam people.

Posting twenty TikTok videos a day is likely too much, and it may also mean that they’re not the best quality! Instead, focus on the stuff you know is really good.

Quality over quantity.

If you do this, people will know they can always expect good content from you rather than sorting through the hits or misses.

Besides, then you know that anyone new visiting your profile and clicking on random videos isn’t going to hit the bad ones and decide it isn’t worth following you at all. 

This Is All Important For TikTok Marketing

In some ways, TikTok marketing is a different beast from other social media. It’s more focused on video, which means audio is important, and even just the interface can be difficult to get used to.

In other ways, it’s the same. You have to engage with people and utilize hashtags to get anywhere, just like you would on other social media. 

If you follow these tips, however, you’ll be able to build your TikTok in no time. Just remember — above all else, be genuine and create great content.

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