California Dreaming: The Do’s and Don’ts of Traveling to LA

Traveling to LA should mean enjoying all its varied sights and sounds. There’s the Getty Center and Grand Central Market, not to mention Beverly Hills and Hollywood to explore. 

But without careful planning, traveling to LA can turn into a nightmare. It’s a city that’s notorious for its bad traffic, which is difficult to navigate for locals and visitors alike.

Make the most of your trip by following our do’s and don’ts for traveling to LA.

Do: Plan Ahead

Traveling to LA can be pretty pricy depending on the season. But you’ll always be rewarded for a bit of forward planning. The most popular time for tourists to hit LA is from June to August.

This also coincides with the hottest time and highest levels of air pollution. If you don’t need to be there at that time, plan a trip to LA during the spring or autumn. Temperatures are still warm, and you’ll miss the crowds. 

Don’t: Rely on Public Transport

Unlike other cities like New York, Los Angeles does not have a great public transport network. There is a metro and bus system, but the fact is, LA is huge.

It’s spread out over 500 square miles. That means that in LA, car is still king. 

There are cab and car services available if you would prefer not to get behind the wheel yourself.

Do: Use a Car Service

Check out a guide to LAX and you’ll see that LAX offers many transport options. But if you’re heading into the city, a car service is the hassle-free way to get you to where you need to be fast.

No worries about busting out Google Maps and negotiating the traffic. Xecutive Shuttle car service will get you to your hotel or appointment fast and with no fuss. You won’t find them on an LAX guide because their executive service offers a curbside pickup. 

Don’t: Jaywalk in LA

One of the best tips for traveling to LA is to avoid a heavy jaywalking fine. Depending on which part of the country or the world you come from, jaywalking may be an unknown concept.

To avoid getting caught, make sure that you only cross at designated crossing points. You can get a fine of up to $250 if you’re caught crossing where you should not.

Do: Head Downtown

Here is where LA travel tips have had to be updated over the years. Time was when downtown LA was not worth a visit. That’s all changed, with the super-cool Walt Disney Concert Hall and The Broad Museum well worth a visit.

Don’t: Dress Down in LA

LA residents take style seriously. While you might not be wearing designer clothes from head to toe, make sure that you don’t dress down while touring the sites.

Nothing screams tourist like beachwear and flip-flops on Rodeo Drive.

Getting the Best Out of Traveling to LA

Traveling to LA should be something everyone does at some point in their lives. Not only is it the capital of the movie industry, but it’s also a melting pot of cultures. Follow our tips and enjoy a trip you’ll never forget.

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