3 Benefits of Carrying Pepper Spray

Self defense concept. Young woman was attacked by man in balaclava and is using pepper spray.

Worldwide, 29 million people receive rabies vaccinations.

The vaccinations take multiple injections, and it’s incredibly painful. However, the pain is well worth it since contracting rabies is almost certainly a death sentence.

If a wild animal charged you, would you have a way of defending yourself? Even if you had a gun, it could be difficult to line up your shot. Also, what if there are people around? The best solution would be to carry mace with you at all times.

Why else should you consider using pepper spray as a self defense tool? Read on to find out!

1. Instant Self Defense for Women

First, carrying mace gives you the advantage of having a weapon that doesn’t require a license. When you conceal a knife or firearm you have to get special concealed weapons to permit. Certain levels of pepper spray, like the ones at TBOTECH, are legal to carry without obtaining any license or permit at all!

Not to mention, small cans of mace are incredibly easy to carry around. Unlike a heavy firearm or cumbersome knife. In the future, you may decide that getting a concealed weapons permit is the right move for you. However, when you need an immediate self-defense option, mace is the way to go.

2. Pepper Spray Is Easy to Use

On top of being able to obtain and transport, pepper spray is also easy to use. You won’t need hours of training to understand how to effectively use mace to defend yourself.

However, you should take the time to familiarize yourself with the can of spray you’re going to carry around. You don’t want to wait to look at the can, until the moment that you need to use it.

Train by frequently picking up your can of mace and holding it in your hand. Point it in the direction you would if you were targeting an attacker. Put your hand near the trigger, but not on it, and mimic spraying in a z-like motion. Think about what your eyes are doing, and your mouth.

Did you remember to turn your head away, and close your mouth? The spray is going to be in your close vicinity when you use it, so you’ll want to minimize the amount you inhale. Practicing, without “firing” the spray will help prepare you if you need to use it.

3. Non-Lethal Self Defense Option

Can you imagine what it would be like to have someone’s death on your conscience? Even if they were in the wrong, you’d have to live with that person’s face in your mind for the rest of your life.

Thankfully, mace offers us a non-lethal defense option. After dousing the attacker, you can distance yourself from the situation, and let the police handle everything else.

Don’t Wait to Be Safe

It’s clear to see that carrying pepper spray is a wise choice for anyone who wants to stay safe. Whether it’s a person or an animal trying to attack you, you’ll have an instant weapon to defend yourself.

As you disarm the threat, you can get to safety and call for help. Go ahead and start looking at different types of mace, and consider which style would be most convenient for you. For more tips like these, explore the rest of our site.

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