Endless Sun and Fun: The Best Islands in the Bahamas to Visit in 2021

The Caribbean Islands, or the Bahamas as they’re sometimes called, have continuously captured the imagination of the world for nearly a century. For as long as explorers have been exploring, they’ve loved the sandy beaches of the Bahamas. Still, we can’t all be explorers, so we made a shortlist of the best islands in the Bahamas.

Let us help you plan your next Bahamas vacation. 

The Abacos

To start, we have the Abacos.

This stretch of islands is a smaller archipelago that shoots off of the main islands in the Bahamas. We recommend making tracks for “Little Abaco.” Don’t let the name fool you! Little Abaco is considered the mainland in its Archipelago. 

You’ll be able to find enough creature comforts there to rock your world. 

Abaco is excellent for nature lovers who want to get further away from civilization. The islands are filled with tropical animals living in no less than four national parks. 


If you’re a fan of mystery and wonder, we recommend Eleuthera. Why? Well, this island is home to an underwater sinkhole that even stumped legendary explorer Jacques Cousteau in 1971.

On top of stunning natural mysteries, this island is a compact collection of cities and unexplored wonderlands. 

Even though the island stretches more than 112 miles long, it’s thin. Only wide enough for a road and a couple of buildings. Look here if you’re wondering where to stay.

So, if this island is so small, why should people come? 

Well, in short, Eleuthra has some of the most pristine beaches in the whole island chain. Eleuthra is excellent but passed over precisely because it is small. If you want a beach mostly to yourself, come here. 

New Providence Island (Nassau)

Our first two recommendations have been for people who want to get away from it all. In contrast, this recommendation is all about being close to the action. 

If you want to experience the rich Bahamas culture, then swing by the capital, Nassau

You’ll find many people, plenty of beaches, great shops, endless bars, and some pretty nifty souvenirs. Then, if you’re feeling like a big spender, you can book a room in Baha Mar, a gated resort reserved for the most exclusive brands and prestigious guests. 

Finally, Nassau has the largest airport in the Bahamas. So, traveling to the Bahamas is easy as pie. 

Paradise Island

Our last recommendation is Paradise Island, the perfect island for families. 

We recognize that not everyone is trying to let loose or party on their spring break. Families need time away as well. So, we’ve recommended the resort capital of the Bahamas for any large families. 

We know resorts aren’t the best. However, they have the most accessible amenities, walking paths, beaches, and anything else you could want. 

Dealing with a fussy baby or rambunctious toddlers? You’re going to want to be as close to your room as possible, no matter what you’re doing. So, even though this location is busy, we think it’s an excellent choice. 

Ready For Your Vacation at the Best Islands in the Bahamas?

If you’re about to bust your door down to hop on a plane, we don’t blame you. The Bahamas are bursting at the seams with wildlife and adventure, all waiting for you to explore. 

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