3 of the Most Wonderful Jobs Working with Babies (For Aspiring Doulas, Doctors, and More)

Careers working with babies can be some of the most rewarding work there is. Pregnant women and new moms have a lot on their mind, from feeding to stretch marks to adjusting to a lack of sleep. They rely on trusted professionals to guide them through those early months and years. 

If you love being around babies, you may be surprised to realize how many career options are available to you. There are so many jobs that value people who have baby skills because that’s something that can’t be taught. 

New and expecting parents are especially grateful to have someone that they can trust to help them with their babies. At a time when there are so many new things happening, they need some relief. 

If you’re interested to learn more about jobs that work with babies, read on. Below we’re sharing three of the best jobs working with babies. 

1. A Postpartum Doula

One of the most important jobs that involve babies is the job of a postpartum doula. The use of birth doulas has been on the rise, but many are unaware of what a postpartum doula is. 

Postpartum doulas work with families after the baby has been born. They provide emotional support, answer questions, and help guide new mothers and fathers through the confusion of new parenthood. 

Birth doulas become attune to the baby’s needs and help new parents feel confident. It’s one of the most rewarding jobs working with babies because it benefits the entire family. 

2. A Critical Care Ultrasound Technician 

Critical care ultrasound technicians work with families during what can be a very difficult time. Of all the jobs that deal with babies, this can be one of the most difficult ones. If an expectant mother is in a critical care situation, the health of her baby is threatened as well. 

In order to work as a critical care ultrasound technician, you need to have a great deal of empathy and patience. You’ll be treating people at a vulnerable time. Critical care ultrasound courses will teach you the technical skills you need. The rest is up to you. 

3. A Nanny 

Of all the jobs that work with babies, working as a nanny is the best opportunity to truly bond with a child from the earliest months. As more and more parents go back to work after having children, the role of the trusted outside caregiver has become more important than ever. 

Parents are seeking nannies who can form a lasting bond with their child. That means teaching them, caring for them, and watching them grow. If you want to feel like you are a part of a family, caring for the baby alongside the parents than a job as a nanny could be right for you. 

Want to Know More About Jobs Working with Babies? 

Jobs working with babies aren’t for everyone. You have to be incredibly caring and have a great deal of patience. But if you do love being around babies, now may be the perfect time to turn that into a career. 

For more information on working with babies, please browse the articles on our blog. 

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