How to Sell Yourself to Others: Tips to Win Over Potential Colleagues, Clients, and Employers

Many times people say they don’t like to sell.

The truth is that even if we aren’t salespeople by profession, we are still always selling ourselves.

If you don’t learn how to sell yourself, it’s hard to get the job, the partner or whatever else it is that you want.

Instead of treating selling as a sickness and something you avoid like the plague, learn to embrace it and get good at it. Continue reading this article to learn more about self-marketing.

How to Sell Yourself 101

Before you get started, get the idea out of your mind that sales are slimy. Many people hold themselves back by this belief when in fact, sales is helpful and good.

Pay Attention

Most people are off in their own world when other people are talking. When you pay attention to what they are saying and listen actively, you’ll set yourself apart from other people.

Since people see that you care what they have to say, they are more likely to listen to you as well. You’ll build your influence through paying attention and people will genuinely like you.

Showcase Qualities People Care About

You’re going to need more than fancy business cards to make people want to “buy” you.

If you’re trying to land your first job, first date or some other engagement, you need to figure out what qualities this person cares about and showcase those qualities that you have.

Let’s say you notice they care about people that are on time. If you are always on time, you could mention this later throughout your conversation. You might even tell a funny story about it to drive the fact home.

Have Appropriate Body Language

When you’re speaking with someone, you need to have the right type of body language. If it is a romantic situation, you shouldn’t be too distant. If it is a business situation, you shouldn’t have flirty body language.

Sitting up straight, leaning in and nodding are all signs that you are engaged with the conversation. Using this type of body language makes people more apt to like you.

Choose Your Words Wisely

As you’re speaking, you have to think about not only what you’re saying but which words you use when you say it.

If the person you’re speaking to doesn’t have a large vocabulary but you’re saying things like stupendous and perturbed then you’re going to come off as a bit of a show-off or even a jerk.

On the other hand, if you’re talking to an educated professor and you’re using little words and breaking down simple things – they may get offended.

You should also keep in mind where people are from when you say certain things. What may be endearing to people from one area of the world may be offensive people in another part of the world.

Continue Your Education

Now that you know how to sell yourself, you’re far ahead of the competition. Many people are too afraid to sell themselves, but you’re ready to take on the world.

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