3 Vape Pen Tricks for Beginners

If there’s been a major trend of the past few years, it’s probably vaping. Vaping has become extremely popular across a wide variety of people. You might have even picked up the habit yourself.

If you’re looking for a few cool new things to do with your vape, trying out a few new vape pen tricks might be enough to keep you entertained. Even if you’ve never pulled off a smoke trick before, it’s not too late to try!

Read on and we’ll walk you through some excellent tricks made for beginners and novices.

1. The Ghost

If there’s a classic smoke trick out there, it’s probably the Ghost. This one pre-dates the vape and probably was popular back as early as cigars were being passed around.

It’s popular because it isn’t too difficult to do. You’ll blow out a cloud of vapor and suck it rapidly back into your mouth. Release and take it back.

Pulling it off can be easy enough. Simply exhale the vapor from your mouth in the form of a ball. That’s a short exhale, one quick burst. Once the smoke is hanging in front of you, quickly suck it all back in.

There should be some residue or a ‘ghost’ left in the air where the ball was just hanging. That’s the trick! Not too difficult at all, making it one of the best vape tricks for beginners. 

2. The Dragon

Another easy trick to manage without much experience is the Dragon. This is a very cool one that can be fun to pull out in groups or at parties.

The basis of the trick is that you will let vapor out in four separate streams, imitating the smoke that emanates from a dragon’s nostrils in popular lore.

Once you have a good amount of vapor from your vape pen, you’ll simply need to exhale forcefully through your nose. You can let a little out of the corners of your mouth to relieve pressure, but you’ll want to make sure the central part of your mouth stays shut.

It might take a little getting used to, but once you feel comfortable doing the trick it’s easy to pull off. It’s fun to do it with different flavors and colors of vapor — you can view more here about different vape pods to consider. 

3. Blowing an O

This is another smoke trick that is basically as old as time. It’s a bit more difficult than the Ghost or the Dragon but still is in the realm of possibility for a beginner.

The tricky part is getting your mouth into the proper shape. Your tongue should be flat at the bottom of your mouth, out of the way of the vapor that’s going to leave your mouth.

Your lips should be in the perfect O shape that you’re attempting. You can look in the mirror and practice and see if you can get your lips to look the way you want your vapor circle to look. 

Once you’re set-up, you’ll need to push the vapor out of your mouth with your throat with a mini-cough. 

Vape Pen Tricks for Beginners

If you’re looking to learn some new vape pen tricks to learn, look no further than the above trio of cool tricks. These should be enough to get started.

Need more vaping tips and tricks? Keep scrolling our blog for more.

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