4 Game Changing Technological Innovations That You’ve Never Heard About (Until Now!)

Did you know as much as 90% of the world’s technical data has emerged within the last few years? Therefore, it’s hardly surprising to hear we’re living in an era full of exciting and inspiring technological innovations.

If the latest tech interests you, keep reading to find out more.

1. Agricultural Drones

Just as the title suggests, these are drones utilized by farmers. They’re specially formulated to provide high-quality images. These give the data they need to treat crops in the best way possible.

More specifically, these drones are incredibly useful for handling the following issues:

  • Irrigation treatment,
  • Soil variation,
  • Distressed plants,

These drones provide a more affordable option to farmers who need digital imaging. Previously they’d have to use images taken from an aircraft- which is costly in both time and money.

Advances in GPS technology, digital radios, and MEMS sensors have paved the way for this innovation, and have enabled farmers to improve their yields.

2. Brain Mapping

Recent advances in brain mapping have given neuroscientists better insight into brain function.

A team based at the Human Brain Project have created an impressive 3D atlas of the brain, compiling thousands of cross-sections together. You can even see detailing as small as 20 micrometers- how awesome is that?!

If you’re specifically interested in medical-themed innovations, be sure to check out ITSI Biosciences to see what they’re getting up to.

3. Microscale 3D Printing

The applications of better 3D printing are exciting, to say the least! Up until recently, most 3D printers could only use plastic.

Thanks to researchers based at Harvard University, we’re now able to create complicated objects with a plethora of materials. These mainly generate pieces for machinery or aid electrical conductivity.

These advancements undoubtedly lay the foundations for future engineers to create an even greater array of functions for 3D printers to master. Eventually, scientists believe they’ll be able to finally create artificial organs!

4. Smart Solar and Wind Power

Advancements in artificial intelligence technology have made it far easier for us to determine how much power a wind turbine produces.

As a result of scientists predicting the power generated by both solar and wind turbines, they’ll continue to refine the integration of both wind and solar energy technology within central power grids.

This is key to making sustainable energy more accessible nation-wide. This will go a long way in tackling international environmental issues like global warming and acid rain.

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