4 Tips to Find the Right Snorkel Mask for You

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Are you starting to get into the popular hobbies of snorkeling and scuba diving?

Exploring the colorful world that exists below the waves may help you find happiness. And you certainly aren’t alone. There are over 6 million scuba divers and 20 million snorkelers in the world.

While you may have rented your mask the first few times you dove or snorkeled, you may want to consider investing in your own snorkel mask if you want to pursue this as a hobby.

Cheap or ill-fitting masks can ruin your experience by leaking or fogging while you’re underwater. Nobody wants to have to resurface every few minutes to drain their mask or try to defog it. Finding the right snorkel mask can eliminate the need for this so you can just enjoy the ocean.

Do you want to know what to look for? Keep reading to discover 4 tips to find the right snorkel mask for you.

Make Sure It’s Comfortable

When looking for your new snorkel mask, it’s important that it feels comfortable. If a mask is rubbing your skin weird or feels uncomfortable in any way, don’t get it.

The feeling won’t go away over time, and being underwater won’t make it feel any better. Instead, take your time to find a mask that feels comfortable. The best snorkels and masks make you forget you’re even wearing it while snorkeling.

Make Sure It Fits Right

Fit is extremely important in any water snorkel mask. If it doesn’t fit properly, then you’re risking the chance that it’ll leak or fall off easier underwater.

Finding out how to fit a snorkel mask is easy – it only takes 3 steps.

First, look up and get all your hair out of the way. Snorkel masks stay on your face by using suction. Having a few stray hairs stuck in your mask can break that suction.

Next, put the mask on your face, but don’t place the strap around your head. Since snorkel masks use suction, the strap is just an extra safety measure in case the mask doesn’t fit properly or if something accidentally knocks it off your face. But, you’ll want to test the mask’s suction against your face when trying it on.

Finally, breath in and hold your breath. Face forward again and make sure the mask stays tightly against your face.

Make Sure It’s High Quality

While many masks look exactly the same, there are different materials and features that can make one mask better than the other.

You’ll want to look for a thick scuba mask skirt that’s made from silicone. Rubber skirts will crack sooner, and once it starts to crack the suction will break causing your mask to leak.

The best snorkel mask you can find will also have a no fog lens. While there are plenty of ways to defog your lens, it’s much easier and more convenient to opt for a specially designed lens.

Now you don’t have to go with the most expensive brands you find. Just make sure that it’s high quality and has the features you want.

Make Sure the Lens Is Wide Enough

When you go underwater, you’ll want to soak up all the beautiful views. This means that you’ll want a nice, wide lens.

When you try a potential mask on, be sure to look in your peripherals. You may notice that some masks are slightly narrower than others. If you get tunnel vision when looking in your peripherals, keep shopping until you find one with a wider lens.

A full face snorkel mask UK is also a great option to really expand your range of view.

How to Find the Best Snorkel Mask

When you decide to purchase your own snorkel mask, be sure to find the right one.

The last thing you want to do is spend money on a mask that hurts or doesn’t fit right. Instead, look for a mask that’s comfortable, fits correctly, is high quality, and has a wide lens.

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