5 Great Things to Do For Your Dog’s Birthday

dogs birthday

Are you obsessed with your dog? And why wouldn’t you be? Dogs are the best pet you can ask for – loyal, cuddly, and sometimes downright silly!

If you’re a dedicated pet parent, you probably have your pooch’s birthday memorized. Just like with any other loved one, they deserve a special day to celebrate their birthday.

Who says a dog’s birthday can be just as fun as a human’s? That’s right, you can still give your canine companion the day of their dreams complete with good food, fun activities, and lots of friends!

Do you want to know how? Keep reading to discover 5 great things to do for your dog’s birthday.

1. Bake a Cake

No birthday would be complete without a cake – and that goes for your dog’s birthday as well. Of course, they can’t exactly eat a regular sheet cake from your local grocery store. You’ll want to make sure you go to a special doggie bakery or follow a dog-safe cake recipe to ensure they enjoy their cake and don’t get sick later.

2. Wrap Their Gift

Have you ever gone to a birthday party without presents? Us either. So, don’t forget to hit the pet store for the perfect gift. If you know what your dog likes, you may be able to do this alone. But if you have a picky dog, consider taking them to the store with you and letting them choose their very own gift.

Once you get home, wrap their gift in birthday wrapping paper. They’ll have a blast opening their gift, and it adds an extra level of surprise, whether they chose the gift themselves or not. Most importantly, it’ll show your dog you love them.

3. Take them on an Adventure

Does your dog love walks and experiencing new things? Consider going on an adventure for your dog’s birthday. Depending on where you live, you may visit a local hiking trail, go to a different dog park, see Lake Tahoe, or even hit the beach. Your pooch will have a blast trying something different!

4. Set Up a Pool

If your dog’s birthday falls in the heat of summer, there’s no better way to cool off than with a puppy birthday pool party! You can purchase a baby pool and let them roll around in the water to their heart’s content. If you’re not sure they’d like splashing around in a pool, you could also let them play in a yard sprinkler.

5. Invite Their Friends

Does your dog have a lot of friends? Why not make this a real puppy birthday party and invite all their friends to join in the fun?

You can turn your dog’s birthday cake into cupcakes, so everyone can have a taste, and bust out all the toys for the neighborhood dogs to play with. You can even take your dog to a pet grooming service beforehand, so they look all pretty and pampered for their party.

That’s How to Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday!

If you’re the parent of a wonderful dog, you’ll want to give them a birthday they’ll never forget. Just follow these tips to ensure your dog’s birthday is the best day of their life.

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