5 Great Things to Do in Costa Rica With Kids

Of the almost 2 million tourists Costa Rica welcomes each year, the majority are from the US.

It’s clear to see that Americans have a love affair with this charming tropical destination, but what about American children?

Kids are amazing – but challenging – travel companions. With attention spans shorter than the average airport shuttle, it can be hard to keep them entertained.

But as luck would have it, there is no shortage of amazing things to do in Costa Rica with kids. Whether they’re intrepid adventurers or animal-lovers, you’ll find something for everyone in this Central-American paradise.

1. Check out the Flora and Fauna

For most kids, getting to see a bunch of exotic animals in their natural habitat is a dream. In this sense, Costa Rica just might be a dream vacation destination.

There are so many different wildlife sanctuaries and preserves to choose between. From snoozy sloths in the Diamante Eco Adventure Park to Ocelots and Tapirs in Rescate Wildlife Rescue Center, there are tons of ways to get to know the native creatures.

2. Make a Splash

Costa Rica is a hotspot for thermal hot springs. These naturally heated outdoor pools are something fun your child will likely have never experienced before. 

If sitting still in a tub of water doesn’t sound like your kid’s idea of a good time, don’t worry. Many of the hot spring resorts, Baldi Hot Springs, for example, cater to families with mini water park areas for the children and hot tubs and pool bars for the grown-ups.

3. Hang Out

Yes, vacations are for relaxing, but we’re not talking about that type of hanging. For a little more adventure, why not take the kids on a canopy tour of the rain forest?

There are many different locations, such as the Mistico Hanging Bridges or the Hanging Bridges of Monteverde, in which you can take the unique opportunity to see the world from a different angle and get in touch with nature.

4. Hit the Beach

Speaking of getting in touch with nature, no trip to Costa Rica would be complete without a trip to the beach. With 800 miles of coastline and over 300 beaches, you’ll never run out of areas to explore. 

With your kids you can swim, surf, paddleboard, snorkel or take sunset a trip out to sea. The opportunities are endless, and the beaches are undeniably beautiful.

5. Get Active

If you’re looking for a vacation destination to take your kids where they’ll be tuckered out and happy at the end of each evening, you could hardly ask for a better place than Costa Rica.

Aside from all of the amazing suggestions above, there are also a number of beautiful hikes, to volcanos, waterfalls or jungles, you can take as a family. If your tastes run a little more esoteric than that, one resort even offers an all-inclusive pickleball vacation for enthusiasts of the sport.

Things to do in Costa Rica With Kids

In truth, an article about things to do in Costa Rica with kids could be ten pages long. This is an amazingly family-friendly place that consistently makes it on to “Best Places to Vacation With Kids” lists. So, if you were wondering about whether this is a kid-friendly destination, wonder no more!

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