5 Toolbox Essentials You Never Knew You Needed

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Did you go to set up new furniture or hang something in your new apartment and you realize you don’t have the right tool? Toolboxes where originally called tool chests and came about in the 20th century, thanks for manufacturers and marketing.

It’s important to have a toolbox for many reasons, whether you’re moving, buying new furniture you need to measure, or looking to redecorate or hang art. Keep reading and we will walk you through five toolbox essentials you never knew you needed.

5 Toolbox Essentials

You may or may not have a toolbox at home, but even so there might be some top tools you’re missing. Even if you aren’t moving into a new space or have any home improvements, it’s important to still have tools for any emergency situation.

We will guide you through the top five toolbox must haves.

1. Tape Measurer

Though this may seem like a common household item, having a professional tape measurer in your toolbox is key. Whether you’re ordering a new rug or coffee table, you need to see if it will fit in your space.

A tape measurer can come in handy for many occasions, and it’s always something you want to have on hand.

2. Flathead Screwdriver

If you order any furniture that needs to be put together, a tv stand, couch, desk, coffee table, and more, they come with a little screwdriver to put everything together. Get a flathead screwdriver for your toolbox.

This is the most essential screwdriver. If you want to take it a step further, you can get other screwdriver heads that you can switch out.

Check out this guide here.

3. Twist Ties

You want to make sure you have something that can bring things back together quickly. Twist ties are super helpful when it comes to tying something back together.

Twist ties are another key for your toolbox that will help as a quick things to bring something back together. Check out these great tie downs.

4. Pliers

Pliers are another must-have in your toolbox. They’re versatile and can help lock in place a wire, pipe, or other material so that you can move it, twist it, or take it apart.

They can help make any home project easier. If you get vice grip pliers, they allow for one-handed release and are a great addition to your toolbox.

5. Electric Drill

A cordless electric drill is an essential for your toolbox. Say goodbye to long cords, which makes using the drill a lot safer.

You want to get one that’s lightweight and has plenty power, around 12 volts. You can use this for any home improvement project, small fix, or for putting together furniture quickly.

Set Up Your Toolbox

Now that you know the toolbox essentials, you should get your toolbox set up for any situation.

Make sure you have the basics, and you will be ready to help set up any furniture or fix something that breaks.

Take a look at your toolbox to make sure you have the top five tools or check out our blog to read about the latest in human curiosities.

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