What Are the Most Common Types of Car Accidents?

Auto accidents are hard to avoid. Even if you are a safe driver sooner or later you may find yourself involved in an accident. 

Certain types of car accidents are worse than others. This article will break down the common types of car accidents and tell you what you need to know about each. 

Head-on Collisions

Avoiding accidents such as a head-on collision can be difficult. Oftentimes they can happen within the blink of an eye. A head-on collision is when the front of your car collides with the front of another vehicle in opposite directions. 

This type of collision is often fatal. You can avoid getting into a car accident such as a head-on collision by following all traffic laws, traffic signals, and road signs. Also, be aware of roadway conditions and try to stay in your lane to avoid head-on collisions. 

Single Vehicle Accident

A single-vehicle accident is auto accidents that involve one vehicle. With these car accident types, the driver of the vehicle is not always at fault. 

When drivers react and swerve to avoid something in the road – perhaps an animal or a stopped vehicle – the driver could collide with a tree, pole, or guardrail. Many times the weather often plays a huge factor in single-vehicle accidents. Ice, rain, or strong winds can make it difficult to maneuver your vehicle. 

To avoid these accidents, slow down. When you turn a corner or swerve it is easier to correct your vehicle from a lower speed. 

Side Impact Collision

Side impact collisions can also be the same as T bone accidents or they could simply be a sideswipe from another vehicle. One vehicle is usually hit in the front of another vehicle in this type of accident. 

Most often these accidents occur at intersections. Side impact car accident causes are usually people who run a red light or merge into oncoming traffic without looking. The result of these accidents can be horrific. 

Usually, there are red-light cameras or witnesses at the scene that can help tell the police what happened but sometimes that isn’t always the case. 

Side impact car accident causes

To avoid side-impact collision look both ways before going through an intersection whether you have the green light or not. Use caution and slow down as you get near intersections so you can look in all directions to observe what is going on. 

Vehicle Rollover

Cars, trucks, and SUVs can all flip onto their side, land on their roof, or tumble off the roadway. When they do this is called a vehicle rollover. Sometimes the passenger’s stay in the vehicle and other times they can be ejected from the vehicle.

These accidents are high risk for fatalities, especially if the passengers are ejected from the vehicle. Be cautious when driving around curves and always follow the speed limits. Also, wear your safety belt because in a vehicle rollover people who stay inside the vehicle have a higher survival rate

There Are Many Types of Car Accidents

There are many different types of car accidents. Each of these types of car accidents mentioned above can be avoided. Use this article as a guide to help you drive safely and avoid accidents on the roadways. 

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