5 of the Healthiest Hell’s Kitchen Restaurants

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Do you want to enjoy delicious food that also happens to be healthy? Although dining out can quickly cause you to pack on the calories, if you do so in moderation it’s no problem. You should be able to enjoy yourself because these restaurants are more than just about the food–they’re also about the experience and memories you create with friends and loved ones. 

Read on to learn our top five picks for the healthiest and best Hell’s Kitchen restaurants! 

1. Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare

If you feel like truly splurging, this three Michelin-starred restaurant should be one you highly consider visiting. It’s both a place to fill your belly as well as to garner a one of a kind experience through the cooking genius of Chef Cesar Ramirez.

The cuisine here is Japanese-inspired that’s cooked with the French technique. The dishes change depending on the season so that you’re only enjoying the freshest ingredients possible. You’ll find the menu features predominantly delicate fish and shellfish, with a few meat courses and a variety of desserts. 

Chef’s Table is located at 431 West 37th St. The average testing menu costs about $400. This is a fine dining experience where formal business attire is required–all gentlemen need to wear suit jackets. 

Since the restaurant only seats 18 guests and demand is high, the average reservation length is up to six weeks or more. You’ll enjoy up to 24 courses that also includes, soups, cheeses, and desserts. 

2. Taladwat

If you’re looking for a restaurant that’s a lot more casual and you love Thai food, then Taladwat needs to be the next stop on your list. Taladwat serves up delicious Thai food that’s inspired by Thailand’s bright, beautiful cultural festivals. 

Guests experience a “community pot luck” dinner that immerses them in Thailand’s rich cultural heritage through delicious smells and tastes. This is a great restaurant to come to with a group of friends because they’re known for their $22 “pick n’ mix” menu option.

You and your group can choose delicious options such as basil beef paired with stir-fried Japanese pumpkin, or some shrimp tom yum soup with pad prik khing pork. There are also vegetarian and vegan options so that everyone leaves happy. 

Even better, the food is usually ready in 30 minutes or less, so if you’re on a schedule you can still enjoy a laidback, delicious meal at Taladwat.

Taladwat is the creation of David Bank of Pure Thai Cookhouse and Brian Ghaw of Feast.  

3. Sushi of Gari 46

Founded in November 2006 by Masatoshi “Gari” Sugio, Sushi of Gari 46 was created as a natural progression after he created original sushi sauces and toppings. While he was working as a Sushi Chef in NYC, he noticed that many clients slathered their sushi in soy sauce to the point that they were smothering out all the other flavors. 

He tried teaching clients how to eat sushi properly so they could taste all the delicate flavor profiles of the different ingredients, but not with a lot of success. He decided instead to create his sauce that was placed on sushi during the prep stage so that customers didn’t feel the need to overuse soy sauce. 

Sushi of Gari features traditional sushi with delightful twists. Here are a few of the hits: 

Hirame Truffle

A blow-torched fluke is topped with a poached quail’s egg. This is paired with truffle oil and sweet onion sauce. 

Maguro Tofu Rayu

This features lean bluefin tuna. It’s topped with a creamy tofu puree and on top of that is sesame chili oil. 

Tai Salad

Featuring Japanese red snapper, the sushi is also topped with baby greens, roasted pine nuts, and lotus root. It’s drizzled with a touch of wasabi olive oil. 

4. Guantanamera

Want to hear amazing live music while enjoying a Cubano at the same time? Then you need to mark Guantanamera as your next stop. The Guantanamera website characterizes the restaurant as an escape from Midtown Manhattan to “chic Old Havana.” 

Opened on July 4, 2005, Guantanamera prides itself on providing the genuine Cuban experience as well as serving up delicious Cuban food. You can enjoy complimentary hand-rolled cigars on Friday and Saturday while listening to live Cuban music at the same time. The restaurant itself also features decor that takes you back into Old Havana with exposed brick, flickering candles, and hand-painted murals.

Because this ambiance is the essence of Guantanamera, you’ll want to make sure you come here for dinner with a date or a small group of friends.

5. Kashkaval Garden

This Mediterranean small plates restaurant has almost the opposite atmosphere as Guantanamera. It has a relaxed, quieter atmosphere that’s great for dates or an intimate outing with a small group of friends or family. Since 2004, this restaurant has offered a delicious variety of good wines, cocktails, and Mediterranean-inspired food. 

It’s most well-known for its delicious fondue and skewers that also have a vegan option. The fondue comes in three different varieties: 

  • Kashkaval Fondue – Bulgarian kashkaval cheese and sheep’s milk cheese
  • Truffle Fondue – Gruyere with truffle peelings and oil
  • Classic Fondue – Pungent raclette cheese and nutty gruyere 

Many reviews of Kashkaval state that the prices are average while the service is exemplary. People also love that they’re able to come with a friend and have a conversation without having to yell at each other. If you’re a food photographer this is a great place to snap a photo, and you can visit this website to learn how to market. 

Delicious and Healthy Hell’s Kitchen Restaurants

This list of healthy Hell’s Kitchen restaurants provides enough variety for everyone. Whether you have a low or high budget or you’re looking for a casual or fine dining experience, there’s something for everyone in Hell’s Kitchen. Even if you’re on a strict diet, it helps to know that each of these restaurants offers a dining experience that goes beyond the consumption of food. 

Want to learn about more great New York dining spots? Keep reading our blog! 

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