5 Online Casino Laws You Need to Know Before You Start Gambling

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Can’t swing that trip to Vegas this year, especially with Coronavirus around? 

Check out the wave of online casinos ever-increasing on the web. Gambling online is exploding as a legit form of play around the world.

But before you sign up for any online gambling site, take some time to become familiar with online casino laws. Regulations vary greatly from country to country, and also from state to state.  

Here are 5 online casino laws you need to consider before you start gambling.

Is Online Gambling Legal?

From the Federal point of view, online gambling is legal if your place your bets on a casino website based outside the United States. 

Currently, however, only 15 states have legalized online betting, and not all these states include all types of gaming.

A few more states are considering legalizing some online games as they dip their toe into this pool of potential revenues.

Be familiar with the laws in your state and municipality. For example, in Florida, online gambling is technically not permitted, but there are many online casino sites, based outside the U.S., that will accept Florida players and their money. 

Enforcement of Online Gambling Laws 

There are some gambling laws from the past still in place, such as the Interstate Wire Act, which makes it illegal to place bets using a wire transfer. 

Yet, even the FBI has stated that it does not use this law to prosecute individuals online but only larger-scale gambling operations.

Other such laws, like the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, were attempts to stop online betting, but are used today to combat larger entities that do business with illegal gambling operations, such as credit card companies. Individuals are seldom prosecuted under this law.  

Minimum Age for Online Gambling

As gambling laws relax throughout the United States, the minimum age requirement for online gambling has been lowered in many states, from 21 to 18. Once again, minimum age laws vary from state to state. 

For example, in New Jersey, the state considered the national leader in online gambling, the minimum gambling age is still 21.

Legit online casinos will post minimum age requirements on their sites. 

Which Online Sites are Legitimate?

Do some research before signing up for any online gambling site, and make sure any online reviews you read are up-to-date, as fly-by-night sites are common and shut down often leaving you with no recourse to recoup your investments.

Check out review sites that rate online casinos by location, since the laws for online gambling vary around the world.

Other Forms of Legal Gambling Online

Here are some other ways to gamble legally:

  • Online daily fantasy sports leagues are considered games of sport, thus NOT gambling.
  • Several states have permitted the sale of lottery tickets online.
  • Online bingo for cash is illegal, but many free bingo game sites will offer cash prizes.

Be a Savvy Online Player

As you can see, casino laws vary and change quickly, so make sure to read up on your intended site in your particular location before you gamble online. And remember to gamble safely and responsibly!

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