5 Reasons to Become a Coin Collector During the Pandemic

2020 is not only the year of the pandemic. It’s also the year of “pandemic hobbies.” The lockdowns gave people the time they didn’t normally have and starting a hobby was a logical, smart way to use that time. 

How many internet searches were there for “how to start a hobby”? People wanted to make the best use of their time and keep their minds occupied during a tough year. 

So…on the upside, the pandemic brought out creativity and gave people the opportunity to indulge in a hobby or two. Keep reading to learn 5 reasons why you should consider becoming a coin collector for one of your hobbies during quarantine. 

1. Gives You Control Over Something

Has Covid-19 given you a feeling of uneasiness? There is no way to control it. We can only sit back and see the consequences of it. When you have a collection of items, you are in control. 

You decide which coins to buy or sell. You decide which ones are valuable to you. You decide how much you want to spend on certain coins. You decide how you want to keep or display them. 

2. It’s a History Lesson 

If you don’t know how to collect coins, the process of learning and discovering rare coins is a lesson in history. Coins tell a story on a little piece of round metal. 

The coins themselves may have a history that you’ll learn as you study each individual coin. Each new coin in your collection is an opportunity to learn something new. 

3. Not a Lot of Money to Start

Are you wondering how to start a coin collection? Will it cost you a lot of time and money to begin? The answer is no. There’s no special equipment, no expensive membership, no physical exertion, and no big starter kit. 

You can look through the spare change you have lying around and may come across some interesting coins like a wheat penny or silver coin to get started. Coins don’t have to be expensive to be interesting. 

4. Build Relationships 

Coin collectors are known as numismatics and can almost be considered their own special club. It’s easy to connect with other numismatics online and share your finds and stories. 

When life gets back to normal, you can find a local group to join. 

5. Make Money 

As you get into the hobby more, you’ll learn how to recognize rare coins, where to find them for a bargain, and how to sell them to make some money. 

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Will You Become the Next Coin Collector? 

Now that you know the reasons to become a coin collector, does it sound like something that will keep your interest? It will certainly help you pass the time away. There is much you can research and learn and you may even make some money. 

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