This Is How to Clean a Beanie Baby the Right Way

Beanie Babies are some of the hottest collectibles and a few are worth thousands of dollars. It took the world by storm and people still have them in their home. Unless you’ve got your cute little Beanies in a jar or case, then they can get dirty and stained through the years.

It’s important to keep your Beanie Babies clean if you want them to retain value. How to clean a Beanie Baby, you ask? They’re not like other stuffed animals and must be cleaned a special way.

We’ll examine how you should clean your Beanie Baby, so it can bring joy for many years to come.

How to Clean a Beanie Baby: Protect the Tag

The main reason Beanie Babies need special cleaning is the tag. It’s the primary method of identification. Without it, the Beanie Baby value decreases.

Cleaning a Beanie baby starts by protecting the tag.

It’s best to wrap the tag in cellophane or plastic wrap to keep it from getting wet. You need to wash the Beanie Baby by hand and should not place it in a washing machine. The wrap should cover all of the tag and be closed, so no water can get inside.

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Washing Your Beanie Baby

Cleaning a valuable Beanie Baby is easy. If your Beanie Baby only has small stains that are easy to get out, then start with a damp cloth and gently wipe the stains until they’re gone. Once that’s complete, use a dry cloth to gently dry the damp areas.

Do not place the Beanie Baby under a stream of water or use soap for light stains. It causes the Beanie Baby to be wet for a longer time and increases the chance of ruining the tag.

Once the Beanie Baby is completely dry, then take the plastic wrap off the tag. This should keep the tag from being wet or dampened by the cleaning.

Cleaning a Heavily Stained Beanie Baby

If your Beanie Baby has a troublesome stain that isn’t cleaned by the method above, then it’s time to bring out the big guns. Wrap the tag as before.

In a spray bottle, place a small amount of liquid soap and fill it with water. Shake the bottle to make sure the soap dissolves. Rub the stain and let the cleaning solution remove the stain.

Take a damp cloth and rub the formerly stained area to remove the cleaning solution. Once all the cleaning solution is gone, go over the area with a dry cloth.

It will take several hours for the Beanie Baby to dry, so wait to take off the plastic wrap around the take.

Keep Your Beanie Babies Safe

This tutorial explained how to clean a Beanie Baby, so it retains its value and looks great. You don’t have to clean the Beanie Baby often, but these tips should keep them from being damaged.

If you want to learn more about Beanie Babies, then please explore our site.

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