5 Reasons to Start Playing Golf in 2020

Golf is one of the most popular spectators’ sports worldwide and is a popular pastime for US citizens too. An estimated 107 million people headed out on the course during 2018.

Are you keen to find out what the big attraction is? Check out these reasons to start playing golf.

1. Playing Golf is Good Exercise

While it’s not a high-impact sport, golf is hardly a sedentary pastime. While playing, you’re always standing or walking. Controlling your swing enhances your core strength while improving flexibility and balance too.

Of course, you can hire a golf cart, but it’s pleasant to walk in the fresh air among the manicured greens. Be advised, a Bag of golf clubs is heavy, so you might want to hire a caddy or cart at first.

2. It’s a Challenging Game

Golf can be addictive and sparks a desire to do better every time.

The challenges revolve around judging distance and direction accurately, while coping with obstacles, wind, and the lie of the land. 

One of the main benefits of golf is that it’s easy to learn but impossible to master. That means you have no option but to keep trying if you want to improve. 

3. Golf Improves Focus and Mental Clarity

These never-ending attempts to do better help you learn discipline and enhance your ability to focus and think clearly.

When you play golf, it’s in isolated surroundings far from the worries of everyday life. This leaves your mind free to focus on nothing else but your game and does a great deal to relieve stress. 

4. It Can Be Good for Business

When you play golf with friends, you get to enjoy some good, clean, healthy fun as well as networking at the nineteenth hole. Yet, golf is also a great pastime for entertaining business associates.

That’s because you can discuss business in a relaxed, calm environment that’s free from formal restraints and interruptions.  Many a deal’s come to fruition over a round of golf. 

5. Anyone Can Play Golf

Pro golfers are some of the top-earning athletes in the world, but don’t let that fool you.  You don’t need to be a millionaire to play golf.

You can hire most of the things you need for golf and discount golf gear is pretty easy to find too.

There’s no doubt that it’s expensive to play at well-known courses and premier golf estates. Yet, you’ll find that smaller, local courses have affordable membership and green fees. 

Golf is accessible to most people on a local, low-key level. You don’t need to be of a particular physical stature or ability to enjoy the game.

Anyone can learn, and with a few lessons from your friends or a local pro, you’ll soon improve. 

Take a Swing at Golf

Would you like to give golf a bash?

The best way to learn how to play golf is on a trip to your local driving range or by booking a lesson at a golf academy. 

Keep reading our blog for more tips about playing golf as well as the latest news from the world of ladies’ golf.  

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