5 Reasons Why Smiling Is Important for Your Mental Health

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Americans have a reputation for being an incredibly smiley bunch.  Flashing our pearly whites seems to come naturally.

But smiling is more than just expressing friendliness. It also contains some health benefits. So if you’ve been nervous about smiling, don’t be! Here are some reasons why smiling is important. 

Five Facts About Smiling

Smiling is seems like a small act, but the power of a smile can have a ripple effect, both for you, and the recipient. 

If you’re unsure, here are five reasons why you need to practice smiling!

1. Good For Your Brain

In our brains, there are chemicals called neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters are described as messengers and send messages throughout our bodies.

When we smile, we trigger certain neurotransmitters that make us feel happy: dopamine, serotonin, and other endorphins. So when you smile, you actually can make yourself feel happy.

2. Confidence

A face that’s downcast shows that we might be unapproachable or have low self-esteem. Contrary, when you’re smiling, you exhibit a much more confident attitude, even if you don’t necessarily feel very confident! 

The next time you’re unsure about something or feeling awkward in a situation, smiling can help!

3. Lower Your Stress Level

Close to 80 percent of people carry stress. They worry about a variety of things including family, job responsibilities, finances, and more. For some people, exercising or even therapy can help alleviate some stress. 

However, smiling can ward off stress. The endorphins that are released when you smile, can combat stress. So, smile, don’t stress!

4. Attractive

Want to look more attractive? Try smiling! 

Along with confidence, smiling is a way to communicate that you have a friendly and warm personality. It allows people to come near to you without feeling threatened or nervous. 

5. Longer Life

Along with a good diet, exercise, and taking your vitamins, smiling may contribute to a longer life. Laughing and smiling can reduce your heart rate and even lower your blood pressure. 

A Better Smile?

Despite all the smiling benefits, many people are still hesitant to showcase their smiles. What are some reasons why?

Many people feel embarrassed by the state of their smiles. Perhaps they have crooked, missing, or discolored teeth. If this is you, here are some ways you can improve your smile and possibly your life.

Try teeth whitening! Teething whitening can be accomplished with over-the-counter products or even by a professional. 

Missing or crooked teeth can put a huge damper on your ability to smile, so consider having some orthodontic work done, like with the orthodontists at Sherwood Dental. There are a variety of treatment plans and approaches to make sure you get the smile you’re looking for. 

Don’t forget to practice good dental hygiene at home. This includes brushing twice a day, flossing, rinsing with mouthwash, and even scheduling regular trips to the dentist. Dentists can catch any underlying problems that could contaminate your smile. 

Why Smiling Is Important: For Your Health

These are just a few reasons why smiling is important. If you find yourself in a grumpy mood, smiling could be the dose of medicine you need. 

Are you the curious type? Learn more health benefits on our page today!



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