5 Ways You Can Learn Finance From Home

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Whether we’ve ever had an interest in finances or not, it is a big part of our lives. When something dictates so many of your decisions and options, shouldn’t you learn more about it?

Studying finance sounds like an entire career choice, but it doesn’t have to be. There are many ways to learn finance right from your own home!

If delving further into the mysteries of money has you curious, we have the path for you. Discover how you can improve your financial literacy below. 

Your Path on How to Learn Finance From Home

With the internet, you have decades of information in hundreds of different formats. It can be daunting to even attempt to sort through it, so if you want to learn finance, where do you start?

There are 5 major ways you can get the most out of your financial journey and all of them from home. Let’s explore them!

1. Top Financial Books

There have been thousands of books written on finance of varying quality. There are a few ways to get books from your library for free. Which ones should you start with? 

The most well-known series, the For Dummies series, are great basic courses in almost any topic. Managing Your Money for Dummies and Budgeting for Dummies are two great starts to the series to get you learning financial basics.

The Richest Man in Babylon by George Samuel Clason is a great classic and still holds a lot of great financial tips even in the modern world.

Because finances always change, look for the most recent or updated books. The best sellers will often have several titles made in the last year or so. These will give you strong advice for the times, instead of outdated advice on older trends.

2. Online College Courses

For the big investment in your financial learning, look into taking a finance course at your local community college. Many of these courses are online.

This is the most involved suggestion on this list and will take a lot of time. It also can have the largest impact. You have guaranteed access to a financial professional and credit towards a degree if you decide to take this even further.

3. YouTube Finance Channels

YouTube has grown from a fun site to share silly videos into a massive monopoly of the video format. If you know where to look, there is a YouTube channel that has anything you can ask for.

The quality can range quite a bit, but often the number of subscribers and viewed videos will tell you what is worth watching

Often educational or financial platform will extend their services to YouTube. These are often an easy trust for good content, but may not always have the most personable execution.

VIP Financial Education and Financial Education, not related, are two of the biggest financial YouTube channels out there from two ends of the professional spectrum.

4. Network With the Experts

In the end, direct talk with financial experts is the most impactful way to get the financial information you need. While many of these experts may have books or courses or channels, those may not cover all the information you need.

Getting in touch with these experts may be hard. Many might not have the time for questions, but with polite persistence, you might be able to get a few questions over email or at least a direction to a better source.

5. Financial News and Trends

Having the basics of finance is good, but the financial world is ever-changing. As such, the best way to improve your financial knowledge is to read up on all the news and trends in the world at large.

A good news site often has an entire section dedicated to financial news. Make sure to get multiple sources so you can ensure you have the right information. 

Studying trends is a great way to see how finances adapt and change, something a static book or course may miss. 

Testing Your Knowledge

Now that you have many ways to learn finance and study its secrets, you might be eager to delve into the next step. After some learning, let’s look into ways to test your new knowledge.

1. Diving Into Real Estate

Real estate is an intense market. Despite dealing with other locations, though, a lot of it can be remote work. What you need to know are the realtors you will deal with and the ways to finance your endeavors.

Using your new financial skills, you can figure out where best to place your investment. This will help determine the realtors you may consider working with.

For the investment aspects, your financial knowledge can give you many opportunities to find investments. For a great initial boost to your investments, you can consider hard money lenders

2. Trying the Stock Market

The stock market is a great way to test your newfound financial knowledge! Many courses and books focus on the concepts of the stock market as the basics of finance, so you’ll feel right at home.

The best thing about the stock market is you can start at pretty much any size or scale. Buying small stocks and watching them change bit by bit can be a fun experiment. 

This is also a great reason to keep up on the news and trends of finances, as major impacts around the world can shift the stock market. You might even be able to sniff out a big change coming, which is a great skill in the stock market.

3. Make Your Own Finance Education Material

Now that you’ve delved through hundreds of different teaching materials, from best-selling books to big courses, you might want to try your hand at producing some of your own!

You should start out basic, but feel free to expand as you see comfortable. Self-publishing is quick and easy, though it takes a lot of work to be a success. 

You can also take in the struggles you had with some materials and use that to your advantage. Making a book that teaches better than your predecessors is a great way to make your mark!

Continuing Your Education

Whether you aim to learn finance or discover more about history or science, there is so much information available these days. We’ve only scratched the surface! 

If you are looking for more information on a massive variety of topics, you have come to the right place. After a glimpse into the world of finance, you can consider looking into marketing or language. Check out our other articles today to find out!

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