8 Clothing Accessories for Women to Try in The Spring

As the seasons change, so do your accessories. Although you might feel tempted to continuing wearing your favorite black sweater from winter into the spring, it just won’t work. When springtime is here, it’s time to put away all of your dark winter clothing accessories and break out all of your fun and colorful items!

The different seasons give us a chance to explore various styles hidden within us. Even if you’re not a huge fashionista, you can still put together some amazing spring wardrobes from what you already have in your closet! Open your closet doors and take a look around.

Let the flowers and your style bloom this spring and continue reading below. Here’s everything you need to know about complimenting your style with these amazing springtime accessories for this spring! 

1. Over-Sized Soft Bags

When it comes to finding the right bag to match your outfit, there’s a large selection to choose from. Do you go with the small hand clutch? Do you rock the backpack purse?

This spring, it’s time to throw an over-sized soft bag over your shoulder! These bags are ideal for any type of trip or errand run. You can throw just about anything inside of them without the worry of not having enough room. 

Headed to the beach or park this spring? Toss all of your beach or park items right inside your over-sized soft bag. Because these bags are soft, they’ll adapt to the shape of whatever you place inside of them. 

For spring, consider choosing a bag with a light color. A light-colored woven straw one is perfect for spring!

2. Colorful Sunglasses 

The first thing you might think about when choosing the right sunglasses for this spring is most likely the shape of the glasses. There have been plenty of sunglass shapes that have come and gone. Do you choose aviator glasses?

Do you style in over-sized sunglasses? The answer is either! This spring, it doesn’t matter what shape your glasses are.

What really matters is the color. To find the right pair of sunglasses this spring, you need to focus on finding your favorite colors! Purple, olive green, yellow, and bright red are just a few wonderful colors to choose from that’ll compliment any spring style.

3. Large And In Charge Hoops

Hoops have been a wardrobe staple for quite some time now. They’re a timeless jewelry piece, so you can never go wrong with wearing them. This spring, however, it’s time to take your hoops to the next level. 

Big, large hoops are taking over. Not only do you want to rock hoops with large centers, but you also want to rock hoops that are thick as well. Find them in a variety of styles. 

Whether you select a gold pair, a silver pair, solid metal, or hoops with rhinestones, they’ll look great with everything!

4. Bulky Sneakers

If you’re not already familiar with them, bulky sneakers have been taking over the fashion world for a little while now. Spring isn’t only for color heels or flats. Every now and then, you need to give your feet a break.

Place them into comfy bulky sneakers to find foot pain relief while keeping your fashion sense. These sneakers come with lots of curves and arch support. You can also find them in a variety of patterns and colors. 

There are even some metallic ones! 

5. Beaded Necklaces 

Beaded necklaces with multiple colors are a springtime favorite. They work well when layered on top of floral patterns and other spring attire. They’re also the perfect accessory to wear to the beach or park. 

You can find beaded necklaces with several different colors on it. Or, you can find some that focus on one color pattern. For example, a dark purple beaded necklace with small sections of a lighter purple separated by gold accents would be a great choice!

6. Initial Pendants 

Initial pendants are elegant and simple yet they’re super stylish for the spring. When finding the right initial pendant for spring, choose a metal that has more of an organic look. Something that’s textured rather than something with a smooth finish.

You can even find some pendants with a metal that’s half-finished and half textured. These are unique and will look great with anything. Rock your first name initial, your last name initial, or an initial of a loved one. 

7. Ball Studs And Necklace

Ball stud earrings with a ball beaded necklace are the perfect accessory combination. Gold is a good choice of metal for easter, but sterling silver necklaces also work well! Classic round ball studs are modern and will match well with any outfit you decide to wear.

When you match your stud earrings with a necklace with ball studs of the same size, it’ll complete your entire look.

8. Patterned Scarfs 

Depending on where you live, it might still be a bit cold during the spring. It could also be quite hot during the spring. Either way, a nice thin scarf will look lovely. 

Keeping the material thin will prevent the scarf from being too heavy or hot for the spring. A thin scarf with a beautiful colorful pattern on it will be perfect for spring! Choose floral patterns and other designs as long as it’s bright and colorful it’ll work!

Finding The Best Clothing Accessories For Spring Starts Here!

If you’re on the hunt for the best clothing accessories for spring, then you’ve landed in the right place. Use these helpful tips listed above to put together the perfect springtime wardrobe!

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