5 Tips For Planning a Family Vacation You’ll Never Forget

Studies show that 100 million Americans vacationed with their families in 2019. Whether you’re embarking in spring or summer, vacation is the best time to reconnect with the family, relax, and create memories.

With so many other families looking to take trips, it’s essential to start early when planning a family vacation. We’ve put together five easy vacation planning tips. By following this guide, you can create the trip of your dreams and please the whole family.

1. Get The Whole Family Involved

Get your whole family involved in planning, including kids and grandparents. Researching and planning together means you’re more likely to please everyone.

Involving the family could mean asking your teenagers to research activities. Find out what they want to do and make sure it’s included in the plan. For kids and grandparents, put together a list of things they might enjoy and ask them to choose their favorites. 

2. Choose a Location for Everyone to Enjoy

It isn’t enough to ask everyone to research activities. You should also consider the entire gang when choosing a location for your trip.

Heading to a resort might be great for adults, but young children will need more activities to keep them satisfied.

Before you plan a family vacation, create a list of the locations that work with your budget. From there, outline the activities that are available and see which locations have the most options for your whole family.

3. Nail Down Accommodations and Travel

Your accommodations and travel bookings should be a top priority. Stick with your budget, but make sure you choose efficient travel options and comfortable accommodations.

If you can, book as much travel in advance. Know how you’re getting around town and who’s picking you up from the airport. You’ll spend less time waiting around and more time enjoying your trip.

4. Create Your Schedule Ahead of Time

Create a loose schedule to accommodate everyone’s schedules and preferences.

The best way to create a schedule is to base it around your budget and travel research. For instance, you can look up the best days to visit Disney to understand when there will be fewer crowds and a better experience.

Organize your schedule by high-priority and low-priority activities. You might not be able to do everything, but you can make sure you see or do most of the high-priority activities.

5. Accept Changes and Go With the Flow

Patience is essential in understanding how to plan a family vacation. While having a plan helps your trip go smoothly, it doesn’t guarantee against hiccups.

Throughout your trip, things can happen out of your control: Weather, sickness, and cancellations. Instead of letting these obstacles ruin your trip, accept the changes, and go with the flow. Choosing to stress less will help you have a great trip no matter what.

Planning a Family Vacation Creates Less Stress

Planning a family vacation helps prevent stress and ensures a fun trip for everyone. By using a family vacation planner, you can take it one step at a time so it isn’t overwhelming.

Planning will help you stick with a budget, keep your kids happy, and make the most out of your hard-earned free time.

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