Life’s Big Decisions: When Should You Get Life Insurance?

One of life’s ultimate responsibilities is deciding it’s time to buy life insurance. Sure, considering life insurance is depressing, it is after all your own mortality. Yet, getting life insurance is also responsible.

Life insurance helps to assure those who rely on you that they will be taken care of when you no longer can do it. The insurance also covers all debts from within your estate

Are you wondering when should you get life insurance? Read on to learn about some things that should make you consider getting life insurance. 

Do You Have Dependents?

If you have children or dependents who rely on your income for care, you need to get insurance right away. Who would provide the finances they need to survive if you were not alive anymore?

Consider your income, age, and financial needs for the future when selecting insurance. 

There is term insurance. There is also whole life insurance which allows you to invest through life insurance too. You can even use it to plan for future expenses like college. 

If you opt for a whole life, why not also consider paid up additions which increases the value of your policy and borrowing power later.

Buried in Debt?

Debt is something you never want to leave behind for your heirs, whether it’s children, spouse, or parents. 

As you grow older and take on debt like unsecured student loans, car, or mortgage, your estate becomes responsible for those debts should you die. 

As you collect more debt as an adult, it’s the right time to also think about how it would be paid off should you die.

Life insurance not only takes care of the living after you are gone, but also the responsibilities you leave behind.

Don’t Forget About Bills

As you enter your career and your wages grow, often so do your responsibilities. Many households rely on two incomes to pay the bills and stay afloat.

If something were to happen to one of you as wage earners, could the other survive on one income?

You would never want to leave your spouse with debt and responsibilities they couldn’t afford without you. 

One question your life insurance agent will consider is your income and what it would take for the other person to survive if you were unable to contribute.

The Longer You Wait, the Pricier It Gets

As you are making your way in life, often life insurance seems unnecessary at a younger age. Maybe you don’t have much debt or you don’t have dependents. Maybe you don’t make much money and don’t want to spend the small amount you have on life insurance premiums. 

The truth is that the longer you wait the more expensive it becomes. The more risks you bring to the table, the more expensive your life insurance will be. 

Get it at a younger age, while it’s affordable and easy to obtain.

Deciding When Should You Get Life Insurance

When should you get life insurance? You should get it as soon as you have any kind of adult responsibilities you don’t want to leave to someone else to take care of.

Get the protection of life insurance, so you are assured your loved ones are taken care of even after you are gone. 

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