Expert Photography Tips for Taking Better Photos

Whether it’s a gorgeous snapshot of a new baby or one of the 95 million photos shared to Instagram every day, people love photos.

Anyone with a smartphone knows there’s more to capturing the perfect photo than saying cheese.

Expert photography takes the right patience, skills, and technology. For those looking to enhance their photography techniques, we’ve got the tips and tricks you’re looking for.

Keep reading to learn how to take better pictures.

Try Working in Thirds

If you want photos that catch people’s attention, use the Rule of Thirds. 

When you take a photo, imagine four lines running across the landscape, two vertical and two horizontal. The lines should create nine squares. 

When you snap the photo, ensure the focal point is in the center square. This creates a perfectly composed photograph that is guaranteed to wow onlookers.

Find the Perfect Lighting

Any photographer, amateur or professional, knows great lighting can transform a photo. Many travel photographers chase the light to ensure their photos shine and sparkle like no other.

When snapping photos, pay attention to the lighting. If you’re planning a photoshoot, pick a time that guarantees elevated illumination.

Many photographers agree the best time to take outdoor photos is a few hours after sunrise, or a few hours before sunset. 

Natural light creates the most mesmerizing photos, but you don’t have to be outside. Turn off all of the lights in your home, and position yourself close to where the sun shines through. Gentle sunlight gives photos a radiant soft glow.

Focus on Reactions

Experienced photographers know that some of the best pictures from special events are of guests having a great time.

One of the most effective professional photography tips is to not zoom in on the action, but rather the reactions. The expressions of friends, relatives, and loved ones are moments worth capturing.

When something is going on, always have your camera at the ready. Instead of focusing on the action, capture photos of the crowd.

Professional wedding photographers, like Emmelina Stork, focus on snapping shots of guests reacting to a hilarious wedding toast, or capturing the expressions of wedding guests as the bride walks down the aisle.

Go Neutral

Simple backgrounds are the best for portraits. If you can, choose a plain background without crazy colors or patterns.

White, gray, and black are most photographers’ go-to backdrop colors. Gray is a top favorite because its softness gives more attention to the subject and doesn’t wash out physical features.

Neutral backgrounds allow you to control the focal point of the photos. With a soft backdrop, the eyes will immediately go to the photo’s subject.

Stop Shaking the Camera

If you don’t hold your camera correctly, it can shake and create blurry photos.

When taking photos, use both hands. One hand should be around the camera’s body, and the other should hold the lens. Keep your camera close for extra support.

Be sure to also set your shutter speed for your lens’ focal length. The focal length (mm) should always equal the minimum shutter speed (in seconds). Slow shutter speed creates unintentional camera movement that creates blurry photos.

To ensure clear and pristine photos, try to use a tripod whenever possible.

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By using the correct forms and techniques, you create mesmerizing and graphic photography. 

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