5 Tips to Helping You Host Amazing Private Events Successfully

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Are you planning to host a big corporate event or a banging party for one of your employees? Don’t rush into it! Planning private events involves more than booking a venue and some entertainment over the phone.

Don’t fret if it’s your first time organizing something like this. We’ve got your back. Simply follow these five pro tips below to guarantee you’ll host your party or event like a seasoned pro:

1. Stick to a Budget

Before you do anything, finalize your budget. You should expect to spend 20% more than planned but that should be the upper limit. This budget will determine the restrictions for your venue, equipment, the total number of guests, catering, and the special guest speakers you can afford. 

Of course, you can lower the amount of work by hiring a professional crew to manage and host a private event for you. 

2. Find the Right Venue

If you hire someone to organize the event for you, they may already have a few venues listed for you. However, if you didn’t go down that route you’ll need to scout for venues by yourself.

When scouting, keep in mind the total number of guests coming. You’ll need a venue large enough to accommodate this total. 

The venue needs to be big enough but it should also reflect the theme and mood you want to exhibit during the event. If you want to host a private business conference, then you’ll need a venue that oozes with modernism. If you want to host a dinner party for the employees, then a classical formal dinner theme might get the job done.

3. Floor Logistics and Security

Keep in mind that it’s not simply about fitting everyone in. You need space for food catering, emergency exit routes, and to give people space while going around the floor. 

If your private event is a small trade show for special VIP guests, you’ll need to plan where all the stalls go and which businesses get each stall. 

Don’t forget to plan out security routes and restricted areas. With the rise of gun violence, you’ll want to guarantee a strong security plan in case someone brings a weapon. This security plan can also help in case of a fire, earthquake, or other emergencies.

4. Food, Food, Food

The best private events, whether formal or not, have the best food. People will likely forget about the speaker, the color of the curtains, or the layout of the tables but they will never forget about the food. Let them leave happy and will full stomachs. 

Again, hiring a professional team to organize the event for you is a smart idea. They might already have connections with a few professional catering services. 

If you’re hunting for catering services by yourself, it should boil back down to your budget. Look for the best option for the amount you can afford. Of course, make sure to taste-test their food and read reviews or speak with previous clients.

5. Have a Plan B

Every event has a few issues. They can go from minor day-to-day inconveniences like some of the guests arriving too early or major complications like the catering service not fulfilling their end of the bargain. 

No matter what you do, some of these issues might occur. With that in mind, always have a plan B, especially for the biggest concerns. Have a solution for the food, for security emergencies, and options when equipment breaks down or guest speakers don’t arrive.

Host the Best Private Events!

Become the talk of the town by hosting the best private events! Whether it’s for corporate purposes or others, these five tips can help guarantee your event goes by without a hitch — and if anything does happen, you’re ready for it.

But why stop here? We’ve got tons of other guides for you to check out. Feel free to read more of our articles today and discover all the tips and tricks you need!

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